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Man angry over guilty verdict floods courthouse toilet in range

Sep 25, 2009

Flooded BathroomAfter being upset about loosing his traffic case this week, a very upset Evertt Jackson, 26, took his anger to the men’s bathroom and flooded the Bucks County District Court bathroom.

The defendant, who was just ordered to pay over $200 in fines after being found guilty of disregarding traffic control devices, went into the Nockamixon Township PA lavority and showed his disapproval of the verdict by shoving a roll of toilet paper and several paper towels down the toilet.  Mr. Jackson then flushed the toilet and left the courtroom as the toilet overflowed.

Now in addition to the traffic violation, Mr. Jackson’s record will soon include charges of institutional vandalism.  I’d hate to see how he protests this one!

Portable Toilet Paper Dispenser

Sep 21, 2009

portable toilet paper dispenser

With the flu, cold and H1N1 season getting into full swing, this product might be helpful for us all!   Put some Kleenex Cottonelle toilet paper on this thing we met your nose will appreciate it.  (Then you just have to bear the head ache from wearing this contraption on your head! )

Haunted Toilet Paper Holder

Sep 16, 2009

haunted toilet paper holderGhosts, goblins, and haunted noises from your toilet paper holder? If you purchase the Haunted Toilet Paper Holder from your bathroom guests will get to experience howling, screaming, and moaning sounds when they pull on the toilet paper roll.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to see the looks on their faces when this happens for the first time!  For just under $7, this is well worth the investment to keep in stock in the joke closet.

Who invented the toilet?

Sep 14, 2009

Who invented one of the most useful devices known to mankind?

Who invented one of the most useful devices known to mankind?

While Thomas Crapper is commonly given credit for inventing the first flushing toilet in the late 1800s, the first version can actually be traced back to 1596.  At this time, a British nobleman, Sir John Harrington, first engineered and invented a valve that could release water from the water closet (WC) when pulled.  Sir Harrington, who was also the godson of Queen Elizabeth I, recommended pulling the valve (“flushing” the toilet) once a day for sanitary purposes.

So if Thomas Crapper didn’t invent the toilet, why is he given credit?

Three centuries after Sir Harrington’s invention, Crapper had a successful career in the plumbing industry and did earn nine patents for plumbing products in England.  Unfortunately, none of those nine patents granted between 1861-1904 were for the flushing toilet.

While he did not invent the toilet, Crapper still has a close connection to the first patent for the toilet.  Albert Gilblin, an employee of Crapper, holds the 1819 British Patent for a “Silent Valveless Water Waste Preventer”.  This device was a system which allowed a toilet to flush effectively.  Crapper later purchased the rights for this patent from his employee and marketed the device.

So even though he didn’t invent the crapper himself, we still owe a big thank you to Crapper for helping bring the product to the masses and also to the Chinese for inventing toilet paper in 50 B.C.

FREE Reusable Shopping bag with all orders this week!

Sep 10, 2009

Free Reusable Shopping BagIts no secret we love toilet paper here at  We live, breath, and dream about at night.  Whether its 1-ply or 2-ply, Charmin or Cottonelle, it’s constantly on our minds.

But if we had to pick another love, the runner up would have to be the green and eco-friendly products category.  And according to our sales numbers – so do you.  Therefore, in appreciation for your continuous commitment to preserving the environment, will be giving away FREE reusable shopping bags with all orders placed before Friday, 9/11 at 5 pm.    Traditional plastic bags account for approxiametely 12 million barrels of oil and 14 million trees wasted each year in production, so please remember to bring these handy bags with you on your next shopping excursion.

Why we love reusable shopping bags:

–    They can hold more than plastic bags
–    They are A LOT sturdier than plastics bags  = No messy bag-break cleanups
–    You can carry more at once

We hope you enjoy your FREE reusable green bag and use them often!  Please remember to place your order by Friday, 9/11 at 5 pm to be eligible for this offer.

* Bags ship separately from order; Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery
** Bags are truly FREE – the shipping & handling is on us!

Harvard grad students may be smart, but still need someone to hold their hands when it comes to going to the bathroom

Sep 8, 2009

harvard-etiquetteA high GRE score doesn’t equate to high levels of common sense – or at least that’s how administrators at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences feel.  Upon arriving for school this week, grad students at the school who reside on campus were presented with the usual garb of campus gear – school IDs, housing rules, safety precautions, fire exit locations – and a guide to proper bathroom etiquette.  In case they weren’t smart enough to figure it out themselves, students at one of America’s most highly respected and prestigious universities were actually presented a pamphlet of appropriate and inappropriate actions for toilets, urinals, sinks, and showers.

The checklist included rules such as:
–   Don’t leave bodily fluids on the toilet seat
–    Don’t stand on the toilet seat
–    Don’t collect or store urine and then dispose of it later in the bathroom or shower
–    Don’t urinate, defecate, or excavate the naval cavity in the shower
–    Don’t urinate, defecate, vomit, or wash feet in the sink
–    Urinate in the urinal with the proper aim
–    It’s OK to smile at yourself in the mirror

Well I’m glad someone is teaching our Ivy League students not to stand on the toilet seat! That’s been a real issue bothering me for awhile now.  If you are interested in educating yourself like a true Harvard student, click here to read the full list of bathroom rules.


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