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Great Toilet Paper Costumes

Oct 28, 2009

In honor of Halloween, please enjoy these great toilet paper themed costumes!

Toilet Costume 1

Kid-friendly toilet bowl costume – a bowl of fun!

Toilet Costume 2

Not-so kid friendly toilet costume – this guy is just plain scary!

Rollhead Wig

Roll-head wig made from empty toilet paper rolls – cheap,creative way of making a great home-made wig!

Toilet Paper Mummy

Toilet paper mummy – whatever you do – make SURE you use good, strong toilet paper when constructing this costume! If it rains, toilet paper strength is sure to matter!

Toilet Paper Roll 1

NOT KID FRIENDLY – Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Costume. If every roll looked this good I’d have a lot easier time getting my husband to change the roll!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Wouldn’t it be great if you got toilet paper when trick or treating?

Northern Toilet Paper – Products We Love

Oct 27, 2009

Perhaps we have these ladies to thank for Northern Toilet Paper!

Perhaps we have these ladies to thank for Northern Toilet Paper!

Recommending toilet paper is something I don’t take lightly. When the office staff sits down to select our favorites, it often turns into a heated debate about plys, thickness vs. softness, absorbency vs strength and so on.  This time around, there was a lot less arguing and a lot more agreeing. The reason? We all knew Quilted Northern Toilet Paper offered the perfect balance of softness and strength. Here are some other reasons why we love Northern Toilet Paper:

    100% Biodegradable
    When we judge the environmental friendliness of any toilet tissue, the biodegradableness of the roll plays a huge impact and Northern passes with flying colors.

    Comfortable Thickness
    Not only is it Soft & Strong like its names suggests, but its comfortable thickness is another feature we couldn’t praise more.

    Toilet Paper with a Cause
    Since 2004, Northern Toilet Paper makers have donated over $500,000 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.  This honorable cause is the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors & activists to raise money for breast cancer research. Since its founding in 1982, the organization has raised over $1 billion to help wipe away breast cancer.

    To experience the wonders of Northern Toilet Paper yourself, visit for low, bulk prices, free shipping, & fast delivery.

    Bulk Toilet Paper

    Oct 21, 2009

    You can never have too much toilet paper!

    You can never have too much toilet paper!

    Why buy toilet paper in bulk? And why buy it online?

    While a simple concept in theory – the more you buy, the more you save – buying in bulk still receives a lot of skepticism. And in certain cases, many people’s skepticism’s are actually truths. Studies have show that buying perishable or consumable goods for families doesn’t actually save you money in the long run, for most families you  simply just consume more.

    But what about other, non-perisable, non-consumable goods? Will buying these items (such as toilet paper, cleaning products, etc.) save you money or convenience? In short, yes and yes. Here’s why:

    You don’t consume more toilet paper just because you have it

    Buying necessities in bulk (such as toilet paper) does save you money because its not something that if you have more of, you use more of. Its also not something you want to run out of and we know it doesn’t expire, so as long as you don’t have storage space dilemmas, it goes back to the simple principle of the more you buy, the more you save.

    You are not tempted to buy non-necessities when buying in bulk online
    Think about how many times you just need to stock up on toilet paper, but by the time you left the store, you had over $75 worth of goods in your cart. That’s one expensive roll of toilet paper at $75.  Whenever you add those ‘little extras’ into your cart, you’re spending money on products that you most likely don’t need. One of the many benefits of buying in bulk online is that your purchases become lean again – not only are you saving money by buying in bulk, but you’re also eliminating all those extras you don’t need.

    It saves you time and effort – Your two most invaluable resources
    When you are able to make your purchases or transactions online (think about how much you love online bill paying!) you get back to things you can’t put a price on – your time and your effort.  With one click of a button, all of those goods you can’t live without (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, soap, dish detergent, laundry detergent, etc.) can be shipped to you FOR FREE. Think of how convenient it would be to get everything you need for an entire year with just one order?!

    Nature’s Source & Other Green/Recycled Products on Sale This Week!

    Oct 19, 2009

    Q4 New Products SaleYou asked, we listened.  Thanks to everyone who had requested more green, recycled products and eco-friendly cleaners! We are pleased to announce will now add the following product lines to our list of Eco-Friendly Products:  (Select Items from each line are ON SALE this week, 10/19-10/25)

    Nature’s Source Cleaning Products
    The skeptics of the effectiveness of green cleaning products have finally met their match with Nature’s Source Cleaners.  These natural cleaners (made only from organic ingredients such as plant-based cleaners, purified water, lactic acid, and corn-based ethanol) are the first products to earn the GREEN Good Housekeeping Seal. This denotes Natures Source products as meeting the  traditional Good Housekeeping Seal standards, plus an additional set of Green requirements.  From the makers of Windex & Scrubbing Bubbles, Nature’s Source Product Line includes: Glass & Surface Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, & Bathroom Cleaner.

    Atlas Green Heritage Toilet Paper
    This line of recycled paper products bears the ultimate mark of eco-friendliness: The Green Seal.  All Green Seal products are made from 100% recycled paper, are chlorine free, and are biodegradable.  Plus, the use of Green Heritage products qualifies you for L.E.E.D. certification points!  Recycled Products include: 1 ply toilet paper, 2 ply toilet paper,  jumbo toilet paper, and super jumbo toilet paper

    Boardwalk Green Recycled Paper Products

    For those of us that would like to go green but may not have the financial resources necessary to do so, this new line of eco-friendly, natural  & recycled toilet paper and paper towels is the perfect solution. An environmentally conscious and economically smart choice, Boardwalk Green & Boardwalk Green PLUS (the premium line) offer a variety of 1 ply toilet paper, 2 ply toilet paper, jumbo bathroom tissue, multi fold paper towels, C Fold Paper Towels, S Fold paper towels, & hardwound paper towels.

    As always, thank you for your continued support of these green, natural, & biodegradable products and of  We are thrilled to have you as a customer.

    Who invented paper towels?

    Oct 19, 2009

    We can thank the Scott Paper Company for inventing "Towels You Don't Have to Wash"

    We can thank the Scott Paper Company for inventing "Towels You Don't Have to Wash"

    While it may seem like a rudimentary question, the answer is quite interesting.  Paper towels were invented thanks to a incorrect shipment, a school teacher’s unique approach to fighting her students’ colds, and a man full of innovative ideas.

    It all started when a delivery to the Scott Paper Company was incorrect – the paper shipment (a whole railroad car full of it!) was too thick to use for toilet paper. Arthur Scott, in charge of the company at the time, was faced with a serious dilemna – send the paper back or find an alternative use for it.

    Meanwhile, a teacher in the Philadelphia School District knew her students were exchanging unnecessary germs every time they went to get toilet paper to blow their nose. To help eliminate this problem, she started giving them soft paper so they wouldn’t have to keep touching the roller towel in the toilets.

    Scott had learned about this situation prior to the deliver of the too-thick paper and saw the defect paper as a chance to market a product similar to the teacher’s solution. He sold the paper as small, perforated towel-sized like sheets, calling them disposable paper towels. The product was such a success, Scott was soon selling his invention (renamed as the “Sani-Towel”, short for the Sanitary Towel) to restaurants, hotels, and railroad stations for their public bathrooms.

    Later, in 1931, Scott saw an expanded use for his Sani-Towel in the kitchen, so he officially introduced the world’s first “paper towels” – a sheet a perforated, soft paper, on a roll in sheets of 13” x 8”.

    And while we can’t imagine our life today without this essential household product, it surprisingly took a while before the generation popular took a liking to paper towels. People had a hard time grasping the concept of “Towels you don’t have to wash”.

    So there you have it – a railroad car, a school teacher, and a true innovator led to the invention of paper towels in 1931.

    Japanese Airline asks passengers to ‘go’ before flying

    Oct 6, 2009

    All Nippon AirwaysAs of October 1st, 2009 All Nippon Airways (ANA) hopes it’s planes will start flying with a little less weight.  During the month of  October the Japanese Airline is testing a program where staff members will ask and remind customers boarding to please relieve themselves before getting on board to fly.  Since empty bladders mean lighter passengers, the company hopes this effort will translate into lighter air crafts and less fuel usage.
    The program, while simple in theory, could have a tremendous effect on airline policies AND the environment if the testing this month shows the initiative has a measurable effect on how much fuel emission is being reduced.

    It will be interesting to see how this program goes for All Nippon. They aren’t doing anything crazy, such as taking  away the toilets, or charging passengers to use them, simply giving customers a simple reminder.  Plus, think about all the money they will start saving on toilet paper if no one is using their toilets…

    Win a Year’s Supply of Toilet Paper!

    Oct 5, 2009

    Scott's 130 birthdayIn the fall of 1879, Scott Paper Company was launched by two brothers, E. Irvin and Clarence Scott, in Philadelphia.  Since then, Scott has become a billion dollar brand with a long-standing history of common sense.  They have continually supplied us with innovative paper products – toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and much more!

    In honor of Scott’s 130th Birthday, is giving away A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF 2-PLY SCOTT TOILET PAPER! All you need to do is place your order as usual between 10/5 – 10/11 and you will automatically be entered into the drawing.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT – and thank you for 130 years of excellence and high quality products.

    ** Winner will receive 2 cases (160 rolls) of Scott 2-Ply Toilet Paper. Winner will be randomly selected by the IT department and winner will be notified on 10/12. **

    Project Hope North – Mini Soap Bars and Flip Flops for Soldiers

    Oct 1, 2009

    project hope northWhile our blog posts are normally about weird & wacky toilet paper news, this is one story we just couldn’t ignore.

    Recently, one of our customer service representatives received a phone call from a customer looking for small, hotel sized bars of soap to send to soldiers at a hospital in Iraq.  The gentleman, a veteran himself, received a letter from a soldier at a hospital there asking for his help to collect these small sized soap bars because the hospital’s supplies were low.

    Upon this request, the veteran founded Project Hope North and made it his mission to collect enough mini soap bars and flip flops until EVERY soldier has returned home safe.  (Regular soap bars are not efficient at the hospital because the soap must be discarded after use for health purposes).

    We would like to do as much as possible to help this outstanding cause. Please consider helping us help Project Hope North meet their goal of sending 100,000 bars of soaps to our wounded soldiers in Iraq.  Here’s what you can do to help:

    –    Small, Mini, Hotel Sized Bars of Soap (We’ve donated Dial Basics Mini Soap Bars)  For once, smaller is better because then more soldiers are able to receive soap bars.
    –    Flip Flops (Old Navy has them on sale this week for just $1.99)
    –    Monetary Donations – Any monetary donation is extremely appreciated.  So you have an idea of where your money will be spent, below is a breakdown of purchasing costs:
    o    1,0000 Bars of soap = $70 + $12 shipping to Iraq
    o    30 Flip flops = $60 + 18 shipping to Iraq

    All donations are tax deductable and can be shipped to:
    Project Hope North
    PO Box 428
    Forest Lake, MN

    For more information please contact Christ at (651) 464 – 7263.


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