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Easy Spring Arts and Crafts Ideas

Mar 31, 2010

Celebrate Spring with a fun craft project! These ideas for arts and craft projects can be made with a few household items.

3-D Animal Toilet Paper Roll SculpturesPaper Towel Roll Craft Chick

Print out these free templates of a bunny or a chick, or make your own. All you need to build them is a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, scissors, glue, paper, and crayons. A fun and creative way to recycle all those old toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls.

Easter Tie Dye Paper Art

If you celebrate Easter by coloring eggs, use the leftover egg dye to make tie-dye paper towel art! You can also use paper coffee filters for this project. Simply fold a paper towel or coffee filter and dip the edges into the different vibrant colors. Line the bottom of Easter baskets or centerpieces with these colorful crafts.

Novelty Toilet Paper – Funny Gift Ideas

Mar 23, 2010

Happy 1st "Paper" AnniversaryHere is a funny gift idea for your 1st wedding anniversary! Did you know that the first anniversary gift is traditionally a gift of paper, symbolizing the strength and connection of the interlaced threads that make it up.

Since no one uses stationery anymore in the age of e-mail, novelty toilet paper is a great personalized anniversary gift for your paper anniversary. Or if you’re feeling practical, you could just get them a case of toilet paper or recycled paper towels from Don’t forget the Kleenex for the tears that may ensue from your thoughtful gift.

What other funny gift ideas do you have for the paper anniversary?

Thanks to FlatOutFun for the funny toilet paper gift idea!

The Results of the Cottonelle Roll Poll are in!

Mar 19, 2010

Cottonelle Roll Over Toilet PaperFor those who have been following The Cottonelle Roll Poll, Team Roll Over has been announced the official winner! Cottonelle found that 72% of Americans prefer to roll OVER while only 28% of Americans roll under.

A related Cottonelle survey of 1,000 Americans, offered insight into toilet paper behavior. Some of the fun facts include:

  • Those who prefer hanging their toilet paper over are more likely to have flipped the direction of the roll at a friend’s home. 27 percent of “overs” admitted to this shocking bathroom behavior!
  • Those who prefer to roll over also seem to be more observant and neurotic about their toilet paper roll direction. For instance:
    • “Overs” are most likely to notice the direction the toilet paper is hanging (74 percent)
    • “Overs” are more likely to be annoyed when the roll is the “wrong way”, under instead of over (24 percent)

Whether you prefer to roll over or under, get your Cottonelle toilet paper on today.

Toilet Paper Art

Mar 17, 2010

toilet paper artHi Toilet Paper Blog Readers!

My name is Molly, and I just started here at ToiletPaperWorld. I will be helping out with writing posts for the blog. I will try to find fun and interesting things for you to read. Feel free to contact me with questions, comments or ideas!

To start off, I wanted to share an example of toilet paper art I found online. See the original picture on Flickr. What ideas do you have for making art with toilet paper?

Thanks to atomicjeep for the image!

ConsumersReports.Org Tests Green Products

Mar 6, 2010

Consumer Reports says testers have found lots of green products are duds, but a few are worth trying. “When it comes to green cleaners and paper products, our testers have found that quality varies a lot,” said Lisa Lee Freeman of Shop Smart.

Take dishwasher detergents: “The best-performing ones usually have phosphates, which are bad for the environment,” said Freeman. But phosphate-free dishwasher detergents are not great cleaners. However, a few are worth trying, including ones from Biokleen, Ecover, and Method. Another plus, you don’t have to pay a premium for them.

Then there’s toilet paper; of the 16 products tested, most of the recycled toilet papers weren’t as tough or as soft as conventional ones.

“But we did find that recycled toilet paper broke down easily in our disintegration tests and that’s good for your septic systems and the environment,” said Freeman. Marcal Small Steps is a good green choice and it’s also less expensive than some big brand names, so it’ll save you some green at the store too.

(Marcal also makes Sunrise Toilet Paper, one of the top selling toilet paper products from

Thanks to KGO-TV for the article.


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