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Toilet Paper King, Kenn Fischburg Guest on The Lean Nation

Jul 29, 2010

The Toilet Paper King is at it again!

Kenn Fischburg, President of will be a guest on The Lean Nation radio show today from 4-5pm on 790 AM Talk and Business, hosted by Karl Wadensten.

You can listen to Kenn’s appearance live on 790 AM (Citadel Broadcasting, ABC Affiliate) in Providence, RI. The show is also globally available via a live audio stream at . Listeners are encouraged to call in and voice their opinions and ask questions. The call-in number is toll-free at 888-345-0790.

The Lean Nation features real world examples and actionable advice from local and national business leaders on how to reinvent yourself into a lean operation in business and in life. The show’s host, Karl Wadensten, is the president of VIBCO, a RI manufacturing company. VIBCO has created a Lean Revolution, using lean methodologies, and they are now a high-performing business culture and understands the power of Lean Thinking.

If you can’t tune in live, the podcast will be available after the show. is a subsidiary of Consumers Interstate Corporation of Norwich, CT, established in 1947, so we know our business. We have expertise and long term stability in the field of distribution. You can count on us to offer the best products at the best prices.

See other media appearances and coverage.

No Toilet Paper? NJ toilet paper companies donate rolls to Newark city employees

Jul 28, 2010

What would you do if you had no toilet paper, at work?

Last week Newark Mayor Cory Booker announced budget cut backs on many things, including toilet paper for city employees! Two toilet paper companies based out of New Jersey, Marcal Manufacturing and, have stepped up to donate toilet paper rolls.

This Thursday, Marcal Manufacturing will pull up in front of City Hall in a tractor trailer and hand out 50,000 rolls of recycled toilet paper! The city employees must only present their city IDs to receive a free roll of bath tissue.

In an interview with, Mark Polish, the head of said, “Isn’t it someone’s right to have toilet paper at work?” His company will set up a donation button on its online site. Customers will be able to to donate Santa Clause toilet paper to city employees with a click of the mouse. Polish said the paper will also help Newark have a clean, happy Christmas in July.

Has the economy affected your toilet paper budget?

Toilet Paper Tuesday Sale

Jul 27, 2010

Toilet Paper Tuesday

Huge sale on toilet paper*!  Save up to 20% off our top brands like Charmin, Angel Soft & Cottonelle! Order today and get FREE SHIPPING over $75!

*Sale prices are final and include member discount. Prices valid today (7/27) only. Sign in to save 5% off regularly priced merchandise.

Funny Men and Women Restroom Signs

Jul 22, 2010

Have you ever had to go to the bathroom and weren’t sure which one was the ladies’ room and which was the men’s? Here are some funny bathroom signs for both men’s and women’s restrooms. You should not have any trouble determining which bathroom to go to!

Double Savings this week on Oust and Ziploc Bags

Jul 19, 2010

Save Twice with Sale Prices and Manufacturer RebatesSave twice with manufacturer rebates and sale on Ziploc bags and Oust disinfectant and air sanitizer!

See details and eligible discounted products.

Plastic Ziploc storage and freezer bags are great for storing food, locking the freshness in. Use them for portion control, preparing quick lunches or snacks, and more!

Here are some tips and ideas for using  resealable Ziploc storage bags:

      1. Wash and slice fresh fruit or vegetables and store in individual Ziploc bags for quick snacks on the go.
      2. Use Ziploc bags to store and sort cosmetics or toiletries for traveling.
      3. Store matches in Ziploc bags to protect them from moisture (great for camping or outdoor storage).
      4. Make ice packs by filling freezer bags with water and storing. Use them for bruises or sprains, or pack them in lunches and picnics to keep food cold.

      What other tips for using Ziploc storage bags do you have?

      The case for recycled toilet paper

      Jul 16, 2010

      Did you know that at least 400,000 trees would be saved if EVERY home in the U.S. replaced just one roll of toilet paper made from virgin pulp with one roll of toilet paper made from recycled paper? That can’t be much to ask, right?

      Soft toilet paper is made from trees that are cut down, which also affects the forests and the entire surrounding environment and ecosystem. Using recycled toilet paper decreases the need for cutting down trees for this everyday household product.

      Not all recycled toilet paper is made equal though, see the EPA guidelines for recycled toilet paper.

      Check out the selection of recycled toilet paper at and start saving trees today!

      Save with Generic Brand Clear Garbage Bags

      Jul 12, 2010

      New Line of Clear Garbage Bags Save on the new generic line of Garbage Bags at!

      These clear garbage bags are high quality trash can liners with a star seal bottom. An economical choice for your garbage collection at home or in the workplace.

      These trash can liners come in a variety of thicknesses and capacities, they can handle cleaning up messes of all sizes!

      Buy the new line of clear garbage bags and save today!

      Good Restroom Hygiene- Provide Hand Sanitizer

      Jul 9, 2010

      Public restrooms might be dirty places, but there are many ways to stay clean when using the bathroom. Previously, we recommended using paper towels versus air hand dryers to spread less bacteria onto hands. Touchless dispensers also cut down on the spread of germs.

      Check out this video stating how to properly place hand sanitizers in restrooms. The more that others use hand sanitizers, the less germ will spread. It is better to have hand sanitizer readily available for patrons and employees, reminding them to use them and encouraging better hygiene. offers a variety of hand sanitizer dispenser systems for your business or workplace. Buy them to start promoting hygiene in your restrooms and bathrooms today!

      Recycled Toilet Go-Cart Art

      Jul 8, 2010

      Recycled Toilet Go Cart So far I’ve seen toilet paper art and recycled toilet paper roll art. But this is the first time that I’ve seen any recycled toilet art!

      This toilet go cart actually runs! It tops out at 35 mph. There are six toilet paper roll dispensers as well, a nice touch to the bathroom theme. Dave, the man who made this go-cart, also uses miniature cars for custom USB drives.

      Recycling is a big theme here at, so we give a big two thumbs up for this recycled toilet vehicle.

      Thanks to Inhabit for the photo!

      MCI in Moist Toilet Paper Wipes may cause allergic reaction

      Jul 1, 2010

      Are you using wet wipes or moist toilet paper instead of dry toilet paper?

      Last year we discussed on the blog whether flushable wipes were safe for flushing. Disposable wet wipes are in the news again, but this time for causing allergic reactions.

      Are wet wipes safe?Researchers from The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota published a report stating that painful rashes and other allergic reactions that four people suffered from were caused from a chemical called methylchloroisothiazolinone or MCI found in moist toilet paper. MCI is used as a preservative. People with rashes and reactions did not realize that the wet wipes were a part of the problem.

      Although not everyone is allergic to this chemical, about 3% of people do have adverse reactions, according to the Reuters article.

      Healthmad reported that “MCI, is well documented as an allergen in Europe. In fact, Europe restricted the use of MCI because of the increased sensitivity they were seeing.”

      So what should those who use moist toilet paper wipes do? Try using a dry product that does not contain the allergen. Or check the ingredient label for MCI.


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