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The Dirty Truth About Taxing Toilet Tissue

Mar 30, 2011

How do you feel about your money going right down the toilet?

If you live in or are planning a visit to Omaha, Nebraska in the future, be prepared for your toilet tissue to come with something a little extra. We’re not talking extra softness or extra large sheets, but extra money out of your pocket in the form of taxes.

Currently, there is no tax on toilet tissue; however, Omaha mayor Jim Suttle proposed a 10 cent tax on rolls of toilet paper in Washington last week hoping to raise funds for the city’s $1.7 billion sewer project. Suttle got the idea from an Oregon politician who proposed the tax in 2009, but the motion failed in the House.

How fitting, a tax on toilet paper to pay for a sewage project.

All joking aside, toilet paper could be an excellent item to tax simply because it doesn’t discriminate like a cigarette tax does; everyone uses toilet paper. However, Suttle states that a tax on toilet paper is just an idea, and he is open to others as to how to pay for the sewer project.

What do you think about taxing personal care items such as toilet tissue?

Bathing Soap: The Big Bath Debate

Mar 29, 2011

Deciding which brand of bathing soap to use can be a challenge

So you’re not into the body wash fad and you have no idea what a loofah is. You’re a traditional bather and you like a conventional bar soap. It’s okay, you’re not alone, and fortunately, ToiletPaperWorld has a wide selection of bar soaps available. We’ve included a review of some of the most popular bathing soap so you can pick your favorite and lather up!

Camay Soap– Camay is a timeless pink soap with a light, floral fragrance that has been charming customers since 1926. Ideal for use in the bathtub or at the sink, the curved soap is easy to grip making hand washing simple. Camay soap lathers great and leaves behind no filmy residue. If you’re looking for a classic, feminine, scented soap that will leave your skin soft and fresh, Camay soap is the choice for you.

Dove Soap – Dove’s claim to fame is that it contains ¼ moisturizers, producing skin that is soft and moisturized with repeated and regular use. Highly recommended by dermatologists, you are ensured this soap with be gentle on your skin. With a light, mild scent, this bar soap is perfect if you have dry, easily-irritated skin.

Ivory Soap – Ivory soap is unscented and contains no moisturizers, making certain your skin is left squeaky clean.  Because of its simple, unaltered formula, this soap is very pure and ideal for use on oily skin. Ivory is very gentle, and can even be used for hand washing delicate clothing. When interested in a classic bar soap without scents or lotions, Ivory is the perfect choice.

Dial Soap – Dial is an economical choice when it comes to hand or body soap. Its simple formula is perfect for use after a sweaty workout or for when you are looking to get extra clean. Available in an antibacterial, deodorant formula, this bar soap is a great choice when you want to ensure you are killing all germs and bacteria while protecting against body odor. This product can be slightly drying, so it is ideal for use with oily skin or for when you are fresh from exercising.

Irish Spring Soap – Irish Spring’s infamous characteristic is its strong, fresh scent. While invigorating the senses, this soap also works hard to clean and deodorize skin and is ideal for use for normal to oily skin. When looking for a bar soap that is economical, deodorizing, and leaves behind an attractive fragrance, look no further than Irish Spring.

When looking for bathing soap of any brand, look no further than, where you can buy your favorite brand in bulk at great prices to ensure you’ll almost never run out!

Unique Uses for Coffee Filters

Mar 25, 2011

Apparently, coffee filters can do a lot more than make a refreshing pot of coffee.  I recently happened to catch a small segment on different uses for coffee filters, and out of curiosity found several more that are worth sharing.  Here are some great, practical uses you might never have thought of for coffee filters:

 – Potted Plants: Place them in the bottom of small planter pots.  The dirt will not fall through the small hole at the bottom and make a mess, but the water can still drain through.

 – Funnel Liquids: Use them as a funnel to pour oil into your car, or liquid from one container to another.

 – Dusters: Great for dusting off screens or glass; they won’t leave lint behind like paper towel.

 – Covering Microwave Leftovers: Cover up leftovers in the microwave with coffee filters to prevent them from making a mess.

 – Soaking Up Greasy Foods:  These work wonderfully for soaking the grease off of bacon, French fries, or anything greasy that you might cook up.

 – Protect Items From Scratches: Can be used to store or stack dishes so they don’t chip on each other, or used to wrap Christmas ornaments for storage.

 – Snacking: Use as a disposable snack bowl to avoid dirty dishes.

 – Prevent Rusting: Place in your cast iron skillet to soak up any moisture that may accumulate and avoid rusting over time.

 – Make Tea Bags: Make tea bags for loose tea by pouring tea into it and tying it up with some string.

 -Deodorizer: Fill a coffee filter with baking soda and tie the top with string or a twist tie.  Place it into a closet, locker, your car, etc. as a deodorizer.

 There you have it, 10 great uses for coffee filters!  Have any more suggestions for using them?  Please share them in the comments section.  Buy coffee filters in bulk cheap and you’ll save money by replacing paper towels and other household items!

Tips for Washing Linens: Use Natural Laundry Detergent

Mar 23, 2011

Using green laundry detergent from brands such as Seventh Generation or Clorox GreenWorks may help prolong the life of your linens. Natural laundry detergents are more environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and made from all-natural, plant-derived ingredients. They are gentle enough so they won’t irritate sensitive skin, but strong enough to lift out stains.

Check out the article below for more tips for washing laundry from the Holland Sentinel. Though they are specifically referring to sheets and towels, these tips can be applied to any type of laundry.

We use sheets and towels daily, but given proper care, they can last for years. And while prolonging the life of the items we own isn’t as obviously green as, say, recycling, this practice helps conserve resources and save money.

The life expectancy of your linens depends on how much use they get, says Linda Cobb, who offers cleaning advice under the name The Queen of Clean.

Putting sheets right back on the bed will cause them to wear out a little faster, says Cobb, but the tradeoff is saving time with folding, particularly those tedious fitted sheets. A few other simple steps can help prolong the life of these household staples.

1. Use the right product

Your choice of detergent certainly matters for laundry items, but also the environment.

“Harsh detergents and bleaches break down fabric fibers,” says Cobb, who personally recommends the Vaska line. She recommends using “quality, safe, natural laundry products” to extend the life of linens.

2. Read the label

Check labels and wash sheets and towels at the recommended water temperature; some items call for a gentle wash cycle or should not be bleached. Most Americans also use too much detergent, according to the Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science, especially as washers become more efficient and detergents more concentrated. Excess suds can re-deposit soiling matter on your laundry.

3. Don’t let soiling build up

Unlike blue jeans, which benefit from fewer washes, going too long between launderings for sheets and towels causes dark discoloration to build up that won’t necessarily wash out. Cobb recommends pre-treating any spots so stains don’t set in.

4. Thoroughly dry items before putting them away

Still-damp sheets and towels can harbor bacteria and mold, according to the American Cleaning Institute, formerly the Soap and Detergent Association. This is also true of damp linens stuffed in a hamper, or towels that don’t dry out fully between uses.

5. Line dry when possible

That fuzzy buildup in your dryer’s lint tray is made up of fibers that used to be part of your sheets and towels. This is normal for newly purchased items, says Cobb. But each trip to the dryer eats away, ever so slightly, at your linens. If weather and local ordinances permit, hang out your linens to dry and cut down on both energy use and wear and tear. If you do use the dryer, be sure to clean out the lint trap after every use.

Did you know?

Concentrated versions of laundry detergent and fabric softener use 15 to 50 percent less material than traditional packaging, according to the American Cleaning Institute.

If you happen to be buying new linens, Egyptian cotton is known for having a long lifespan. Organic cotton and cotton-bamboo blends are generally grown using sustainable methods.

Spring Cleaning Sale

Mar 21, 2011

It’s only the second day of Spring and it’s already snowing again. Going to ignore the weather and celebrate Spring with a cleaning supplies sale! Everything you need to get ready for Spring on sale this week at Start Shopping for Spring Cleaning Supplies for fast shipping in 2-3 days and discounted prices.

Top Toilet Paper from Good Housekeeping

Mar 17, 2011

With the multitude of toilet paper brands and styles available, it can be difficult to make a decision on what to purchase.  Luckily, our friends at Good Housekeeping Magazine ran a battery of tests on 22 different brands and compared the top performers for 1-ply, 2-ply, and 3-ply toilet paper on everything from strength to dissolvability.  Below are the results – based on your own preferences this information can help you make a guided decision.

 One Ply Toilet Tissue –

Cottonelle Aloe & E:  This is a gentle, strong one-ply tissue with a lotion-like coating some prefer.  The downsides were it was slower to dissolve then other tissues and some people did not prefer the lotion-like coating.

 Scott 1000: Surprisingly strong even when wet for a 1-ply tissue, and dissolves easily.  The downside is although it is as strong as some 2-ply tissues, it is not as absorbent.

 Two Ply Toilet Tissue –

Charmin Ultra Soft: This toilet paper was deemed the softest tissue in the test, and it is also absorbent and strong.  The con to this toilet paper is in case you have fussy plumbing, it did not breakdown as quickly as other toilet papers.

 Target Up & UP:  This toilet tissue tested super soft and quickly dissolving, as well as having good absorbency.  The downside however is it was thinner than some other two-ply toilet paper brands.

 Seventh Generation: This environmentally friendly toilet paper had a fast dissolving time, however it scored low for softness, and wasn’t too impressive for absorbency.

 Scott Naturals: This two-ply bathroom tissue dissolves well and tested among the better performers for softness.  The downside is the sheets are a bit thin, and did not test very high for strength.

 Three Ply Toilet Tissue

WhiteCloud Ultra: This 3-ply toilet tissue was absorbent, strong, and dissolved quickly, and a value at about 80% of the price of comparable three-ply toilet paper.  The cons to this tissue though were it is not as strong as others when wet, and it had mediocre softness scores.

 So there you have it – each tissue has strengths and weaknesses.  Dissolvability, strength, and softness are the leading factors for toilet paper selection.  Depending on which quality you find most important, among all of the above toilet paper brands there is bound to be one that suits your needs!

Five Must Have Items in Your Bathroom

Mar 15, 2011

A sparkling clean, well-functioning bathroom starts with 5 essential products!

Wondering what ToiletPaperWorld’s five must-have items for a complete, well-functioning bathroom are? Shopping on a budget and looking for the most essential items? Look no further as we outline the five products you need most in your bathroom.

1)      Bathroom Cleaners – Whether you prefer items from trusted brands from Clorox, Arm & Hammer, or Scrubbing Bubbles, you need a good bathroom cleaner to help keep your bathroom clean. All purpose bathroom cleaners are the ideal choice if you are looking for a tile cleaner, grout cleaner, shower cleaner, and toilet cleaner in one. Try an eco-friendly cleaner if you are looking to be environmentally conscious. A good bathroom cleaner is essential for keeping your home lavatory spotless and its most sanitary.

2)      Paper Hand Towels – Paper hand towels are ideal for use when looking for a disposable, more sanitary alternative to traditional cloth hand towels. Paper hand towels are ideal for hand drying purposes or for use as cleaning cloths.

3)      Bathing Soap – A bathroom wouldn’t be a bathing room without a good bar soap! Try Camay soap, Dial soap, or Dove soap in your shower or bathtub to keep your skin soft and moisturized without compromising cleanliness.

4)      Bath Mat – Afraid of slipping in your bathtub or shower? Invest in a good bath mat! Complete with suction cups on the bottom to ensure it will stay in place, water will drain away easily.

5)      Toilet Brush – Imagine what cleaning a toilet would be like without a toilet brush? You probably don’t want to.  A good toilet bowl brush combined with the use of a toilet bowl cleaner or all purpose bathroom cleaner will help make sure your toilet and fixtures will remain clean and sparkling.

The use of these five products is guaranteed to keep your bathroom in its best working order! We have bathroom cleaning products as well as other bathroom essentials at ToiletPaperWorld!

March Madness of Toilet Paper

Mar 14, 2011

March Madness of Toilet Paper

Which Toilet Paper will have the highest sales during March Madness?

If the Toilet Paper YOU vote for wins, you will receive a free case of that product!

Vote Now to win a FREE CASE of Toilet Paper!

Contest Rules & Regulations: Winning product is based on number of cases sold, not monetary value. Only valid within the continental United States. We cannot ship to PO Boxes. Contest runs from March 14th- April 4th. Limit 100 cases of free product. One entry per household.

The March Madness bathroom tissues are on sale now at Take advantage of the low prices and stock up today!

Dial Hand Soap – Everything You Need to Know

Mar 11, 2011

While browsing through Dial Hand Soap trying to decide which product to buy it became obvious that there is more to it than simply choosing a scent you like.  There are antibacterial, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, foaming soaps, and ‘kitchen use’ soaps – to name a few.  But what do all of these mean, why might someone want foaming soap over standard liquid soap?  What is the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial?  Continue reading to discover the soapy scoop!

Foaming Hand Soap – Dial Foaming Soap quickly gives your hands a rich lather compared to regular liquid hand soap.  The secret to foaming hand soap is that most dispensers have two chambers: one with air and one with the soap.  The soap foams up as it is dispensed because the air and soap are released through the same small spout – instantly making the soap foamy.  Some people prefer the foam soap because liquid soap is easy to accidentally rinse down the drain before getting a good lather.

 Antimicrobial Soap – Soap that is advertised as antimicrobial will kill micro-organisms that are typically found on the skin.  However, strictly speaking anti-microbial soap might eliminate some common bacteria, but does not have as broad of a range against bacteria as an antibacterial soap.

 Antibacterial Soap – Antibacterial soap on the other hand, is both antimicrobial and antibacterial.  Antibacterial soap is generally more powerful than a soap that is advertised only as antimicrobial.  A Dial antibacterial soap may help prevent germs from spreading, including the flu virus.

 Hypoallergenic – Hypoallergenic hand soaps are gentler on skin and lack harsher ingredients that other soaps may contain.  In general, hypoallergenic soaps avoid fragrances and coloring which can irritate sensitive skin, and use natural oils that soothe skin.  Dial Soap for Sensitive Skin has a formula that combines the power of an antibacterial soap with the gentleness of a hypoallergenic soap.

 Kitchen Use – You might occasionally see the word “Kitchen” in a soap product’s description or name.  Soaps advertised for use in kitchens  like Dial Complete Kitchen Antibacterial Foaming Soap generally have stronger antibacterial qualities that are aimed at killing E-coli and salmonella, more commonly found in kitchens, in addition to common bacteria.

 Dial hand soap carries a wide variety of hand soaps for any handwashing needs you may have.  Being informed about the different types of handsoaps hopefully will allow you to make more fitted decisions when making a purchase.

5 Uses You’ve Never Thought of For Glad Trash Bags

Mar 8, 2011

Making Crafts with "Plarn" : Yarn Made out of Glad Trash Bags

It’s common knowledge that Glad Trash Bags are one of the premier garbage bags on the market. Available in a variety of sizes, densities, grades, and gauges, has the ideal trash bag to meet all your needs, ranging from kitchen use to bagging leaves or shrubs. You already know that Glad Trash Bags are the go-to product for cleaning up a variety of messes, but what are some of the uses for the ever versatile Glad Garbage Bag that you’ve never thought of? Read on.

Emergency Poncho – You’re at a football game, having a picnic with a loved one, or on a hike when unexpectedly you’re caught in a sudden rain shower. Pack an extra rolled up Glad trash can liner into your purse, picnic basket, or fanny pack (it won’t take up much room) and have an emergency poncho ready to keep you dry during even the heaviest of downpours.

Crafts– Making crafts out of plastic garbage bags has become so popular, there is even a term for “yarn” made out of plastic trash bags: plarn! Glad trash bags are the perfect material for making plarn; simply cut the bags into thin strips and the plarn is ready for use to crochet and knit with to create hats, purses, and even clothing! Plarn made from Glad garbage bags is guaranteed to be strong and sturdy, just like the trash bags themselves.

Windshield Cover – Glad liners for trash cans also make great windshield covers for snowy or frosty days or nights. Simply cut open a Glad garbage bag, tuck it into either door on your car, and hold it down with your windshield wipers and you will have a protective covering for your car’s windshield. Stop wasting your time clearing snow off your windshield or waiting for it to defrost with great covers made from Glad trash bags!

Waterproof stuffing for outdoor furniture – How many times have you had an outdoor pillow or seat cushion ruined by the rain because it has been soaked completely through? Eliminate this problem by replacing stuffing with Glad garbage bags which will repel moisture and help preserve your outdoor furniture!

Tent Floor – Use Glad trash bags as a flooring material for outdoor tents on camping trips. Keep out moisture, dirt, and insects and ensure a happy, clean camping trip by sealing out the elements and providing an extra layer of insulation.

Glad liners for trash bins are the perfect product for their traditional use, however, with a little imagination, they can be perfect for lots of other uses as well!


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