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Are Air Hand Dryers Unsafe?

Apr 27, 2011

I recently visited a public restroom at a gas station, and was fine with the cleanliness and available supplies, until I was done washing my hands.

I was faced with this as my only hand drying option:

Place hands in dryer, it stated simply. That’s an awful idea, I thought to myself. Knowing that hand dryers leave bacteria on hands, I was shocked to see that I had no paper towel option for hand drying. Automatic air hand dryers are not safe usually because of lack of regular cleaning maintenance. This particular air hand dryer looked even more menacing because it was an enclosed space that the air was being pumped into and back up onto hands. Who knows what was on the surface of this hand drying cavern of doom!

So, I did what any informed person would do, I shook my hands as dry as possible and then wiped them on my clothes! I am not usually a germaphobe, considering I dared even to use a public restroom at all. But with air hand dryers leaving as much as 254% bacteria on hands, I figured I might as well not wash them at all and roll around on the floor instead.

What do you do when faced with no hand drying option except an automatic air hand dryer?

Marcal Recycled Paper Products Sale For Arbor Day

Apr 25, 2011

Save trees & save on Marcal Recycled Paper Products

In celebration of Arbor Day, this Friday April 29, we are putting Marcal Recycled Paper Products on sale!

There are recycled paper napkins, facial tissue, paper towels and toilet paper on sale this week. Sale  prices are valid until 5/2/11. Save trees and shop recycled paper products today!

Tale of the Pilfering Politician

Apr 20, 2011

Here at ToiletPaperWorld we love to hear the occasional odd stories involving our favorite product and share them.  This particular story comes to us all the way from Germany!  A big problem with public restrooms is that some people might try to steal whatever products are accessible and easy to carry, including toilet paper.  Many toilet paper and toilet paper dispenser manufacturers make products to prevent this very thing by building toilet paper dispensers that have secure locking mechanisms.  Just last week, a young politician in Northern Germany was caught red-handed stealing toilet paper from the town hall facility.

Apparently, the janitors became suspicious after they noticed 200 rolls had gone missing over a period of time.  The proactive property manager hid in a bathroom stall one evening, and caught the pilfering politician, 23 year old Frank-Michael John, with toilet paper rolls in his backpack and one in his hand. 

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be information available on why he is stealing toilet paper – is he a very low paid politician and couldn’t afford it?  Do we write this off as simple office antics?  Sadly, we may never have an answer to this puzzling piece of the pilfering politician.

Easter Egg Hunt for Discounts

Apr 18, 2011

Let the Easter Egg Hunt for Discounts Begin!

Discount Easter Egg

Look for these Easter Eggs on

This week we are featuring an Easter Egg Hunt for Discounts on

  1. Look for the Easter Egg in product descriptions on the site.
  2. Hints will be given on Twitter @toiletpaperking
  3. The products marked with an Easter Egg are discounted this week only, April 18-25!
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Be sure to Follow on Twitter all week for clues to the eggs!


Beating a Paper Folding Record with Toilet Paper

Apr 14, 2011

A Unique Use for Jumbo Toilet Paper

Most jumbo toilet paper rolls are used in commercial bathrooms or high traffic restrooms. But Dr. James Tanton had another use for these jumbo rolls of paper.

Dr. Tanton professes to prefer the small individually wrapped toilet tissue rolls for household use. But he was using the jumbo toilet paper rolls with his students at St. Mark’s School in Southborough, Massachusetts to try to beat a paper folding record set by Britney Gallivan in 2002. For the past 7 years, Dr. James Tanton had tried to beat Britney’s record of folding a sheet of paper in half 12 times.


Dr. James Tanton found by googling toilet paper supplies. Of all the online toilet paper suppliers he thought that the site name was dynamic. “Who can resist Toilet Paper World?”

Dr. Tanton described the site as easily navigable, and found the jumbo rolls of toilet paper easily. The biggest roll of toilet paper on is 4,000 feet long, although he would welcome a longer roll if it was manufactured.

Beating the Record

By taping together rolls of toilet paper, Dr. Tanton and the students finally achieved a 13,000 ft long sheet of toilet paper. On April 3, 2011 in the Infinite Corridor at MIT, they managed to fold the toilet paper that was more than 2 miles long. They created 13 unidirectional folds, beating Britney’s record. The only problem was that the folded paper would not stay folded by itself.

Why the Infinite Corridor?

The Infinite Corridor was the longest indoor space that the toilet paper would not be affected by outside forces. Wind especially was a major obstacle for working with such a light and floaty material. Even the indoor air conditioning had enough force to cause the toilet paper to move.

For the Record

Dr. Tanton says that next year they hope to have the actual freestanding entity, using 24,000 ft of paper, creating a stable 13 folds.

Though the Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t have a paper folding category yet, they just may after this! Next year, will donate the toilet paper supplies for the challenge. Good luck to Dr. James Tanton and the students at St. Mark’s!

Read about it in the Boston Globe


10 Ways to Save- Huge Discounts This Week Only

Apr 11, 2011

Tax Day is April 15, this Friday! We’ve slashed prices on these 10 products this week only. Prices valid until 4/18, so order now! Buy them for fast and free shipping in 2-3 business days.

10 Ways to Save

  1. Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Crisp Linen Scent, 12 Cans per Case
  2. Safety-Walk Cushion Mat, Black, 36″ x 60″
  3. Quasar Diamond Floor Finish Wax, 5 gallon cube
  4. Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser, Black Pearl

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March Madness Winners- Boardwalk 2-Ply

Apr 5, 2011

March Madness Winner Boardwalk 2-plyMarch Madness is over and Boardwalk 2 ply was the winner. Those who voted for Boardwalk 2 ply will receive their free cases of toilet paper within 10 business days.

All other participants will be receiving a “consolation” prize by mail. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Check back for our next interactive promotion, Monday April 18- an Easter Egg Hunt! Find the Easter Eggs hidden among the products and receive a discount on these items. Check the Twitter @Toiletpaperking for clues daily April 18-22.

Manufacturer Rebates for Pledge and OFF brand Products

Apr 4, 2011

Save up to $50 with two rebates from Diversey. Manufacturer RebatesRebates awarded by manufacturer. It’s easy to save with manufacturer rebates!

  1. Promotion dates- 4/1/2011- 6/30/2011
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Toilet Paper No Longer Offered in Government Restrooms!

Apr 1, 2011

The US government will no longer offer toilet paper in its public restrooms

It has been brought to the attention of ToiletPaperWorld that the United States government has formed a mandate stating that toilet paper will no longer be offered in public restrooms in government buildings throughout the country. Such an extreme measure has been taken in an effort to save money and avoid raising taxes or making budget cuts.


Congress suggests the public carry toilet tissue with them at all times in order to prevent uncomfortable situations or be otherwise inconvenienced. It is hoped that this effort will increase sales of toilet paper by the public and decrease government spending.

While much of the public is outraged by this message, Senator T.P. Caesar from Indiana states this measure is necessary. “We’ve cut the budget in so many areas, the only place left to implement money saving efforts is the bathroom. Many countries around the world do not supply toilet paper to restroom users, and we are simply following suit.”

As previously stated, consumers are not pleased. Iwanna Wipe of Arizona laments, “Having to carry a roll of toilet paper around in my purse is ridiculous. The government has gone too far this time. Pretty soon they’ll be charging us to use the bathroom!”

“Not a bad idea,” says Senator Caesar when we run the idea by him.

Sounds like a serious bathroom problem, or maybe a great April Fools’ Day joke 😉


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