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National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Jun 24, 2011

Asker smiling for the camera on the left, while Angel is anxious to get back to work on the right

It’s that time of year where we get to bring our favorite four-legged friends into work and show our pooch compadres how much we care about them.  If you are lucky enough for your company to participate, having a dog around the workplace really brings camaraderie to the office that you just don’t have without them.  Of course, it’s always nice to have carpet cleaner and extra paper towel around just in case…  Our local canine celebrities, Asker and Angel pictured on the right, always bring a smile to everyone’s face here at ToiletPaperWorld. 

 Take Your Dog to Work Day was first held in the United States on June 24, 1999 and was created by Pet Sitters International.  Its purpose is to show what great companions dogs can make and to encourage adoption from local shelters, rescue groups, and humane societies.  Personally, I’ve always had a dog or two that came from the local humane society, and they made great pets. 

 In celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day follow us on Twitter to see great pics of adorable doggies every hour today!

Free Sample & Hotel Amenities Sale: Prepare For Summer Vacation Rentals

Jun 20, 2011

White Marble Guest Amenities

Provide guests individually wrapped soaps for a personal touch at your vacation rental.

From Maine to Cape Cod to Colorado, the season for summer vacation rentals is coming into full swing. We have White Marble Hotel Soaps, Shampoos and Lotion on sale this week at Provide guests with individually wrapped soaps and shampoos for their convenience.

Not sure if you want to buy? Request a free sample, while supplies last. Be sure to include your shipping address. Sample includes 1 Dial Basics Complexion Soap, 1 Dial Deodorant Soap, 1 White Marble Hand & Body Lotion, and 1 White Marble Shampoo.

All of these products are safe for carry-on travel on airplanes. Place bottles with liquids in a quart sized clear plastic ziplock bag for easy x-raying in security clearance areas.

Stock up on small soaps for your patrons today!

Preparing your seasonal rental or guest house can be a formidable task; contractors may be needed to repair electrical, plumbing, or structural issues that can arise while the building is not occupied for a period of time.

While these are indeed necessary preparations, don’t forget about the final cosmetic touches that will really wow your guests.  Providing the right amenities and services can make the difference between a good experience and an unforgettable one that will keep your guests returning year after year.

Tips for preparing your summer vacation rentals for a successful season:

Bathroom Amenities: Stocking small soaps, lotion, and shampoo will be an added convenience that the renter will not have to worry about. Show visitors that you have taken the time to tend to all the details of the renter’s experience.  It is also recommended to have 4 to 6 bath towels and beach towels, a wastebasket, soap dish, washcloths, and facial tissues for the bathroom.

Professional Cleaning: If expense is a concern, the cost of this can be negated or reduced by having the guest pay an exit cleaning fee, typically between 100 to 150 dollars.  It is typically recommended to use a professional cleaning service to ensure the property is spotless.

Communication and Entertainment: Expanded Cable TV packages with movie channels are a nice touch, as well as wireless High Speed Internet and Nationwide calling.  While not a necessity, if there is room in your budget for these services it adds an upscale touch.

Bedrooms: If furnishing the rental, remember to include two nightstands in the master bedroom, an alarm clock, two to four pillows, a few extra sets of sheets and an extra mattress pad.  It is easy to forget about these items that your guest will expect to have available.

Seasonal renters will be expecting that everything is provided in order to have a great experience.  Make sure each room is supplied with everything the renter will need; paying attention to the small details will make your guests want to return year after year.

Eye Protection – Keeping Your Eyes Safe From Harm

Jun 9, 2011

President Obama setting the right example by wearing safety glasses.

Eye injuries are extremely common in the United States; each year 2.5 million eye injuries occur, with 50,000 of them leading to partial or full vision loss.  The unfortunate fact about these injuries is that roughly 90% of them could have been prevented by wearing eye protection.  There is a common misperception that eye injuries happen “somewhere else”, in industrial environments or sport accidents, while the truth is nearly half of eye injuries happen at home.

 So what is the top cause of eye injury?  The American Society of Ocular Trauma (ASOT) tracks eye injuries annually and ranks projectiles as the number 1 cause of injury.  Wearing ANSII rated safety glasses can prevent nearly all of these types of accidents from happening.  So during what home activities should you wear safety glasses?

 – Using a sledgehammer: Last week I was working with my father and he almost took an eye out while removing concrete.  Anytime you are using a sledgehammer while remodeling or working outside, there is a chance that the impact will cause a small piece of the object you are hitting to become airborne.  Always wear safety glasses to prevent an eye injury from this kind of projectile.

 – Woodworking and using power tools: While cutting or working with wood it is important to wear safety glasses.  Saw dust or small wood fragments can irritate or hit the eye, and safety glasses can easily prevent this type of injury.

 – Working under a car or pipes:  Anytime you have to look up at what you are working on, you should wear safety glasses.  It is very easy for dirt or debris to fall down into your eye causing an injury that could be prevented by safety goggles.

 – Mowing the Lawn: This may not seem like an activity to wear glasses on, but you never know when you might run over a piece of debris that can create a projectile.

 Interestingly, most people believe fireworks are a common cause of eye injuries.  In reality, less than 1 percent of eye injuries are caused by fireworks.

 Only half of people surveyed by ASOT reported that they wore safety glasses while doing home or yard maintenance tasks.  Do your eyes a favor, be safe, and get yourself a good pair of safety glasses.

 For more reading about eye injuries, you can visit the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Review Us on Facebook- Tell Us What You Think!

Jun 7, 2011

Tell Us What You Think for a Free Canister of Wipes!

Review us on Facebook and tell us what you think of our service. How do you like our products, our website, our customer service? Do you use our shopping list feature? What could we do better?

For your feedback, we will send you a free sample canister of Green Works Wipes*, a natural eco-friendly cleaning wipe that is biodegradable. Use these pre-moistened wipes to clean grease, grime and dust in your home or office.

Thank you for your participation and for shopping at . We look forward to improving based upon your comments!

*While supplies last.

Toilet Paper Mom Types, What Type Are You?

Jun 2, 2011

It takes all types of moms to keep a large family bathroom going.
And by going… I mean clean, usable and stocked.

I’m talking about Toilet Paper here folks. I’m talking about the dreaded fear of ALL moms everywhere.

The fear of RUNNING OUT OF TOILET PAPER. (Queue the horror movie scream.)

While we all have the same fear, we are NOT all built with the same TP psyche. We go about our toilet paper lives in many different means and modes.  I’ve been doing extensive mom TP research (Okay, I Facebooked a few friends) and I’ve come up with:

8 Toilet Paper Mom Types

  • There’s the TP Hoarder Mom — She stocks up on sales. She uses coupons. And currently she cannot fit the family wagon in the garage, because it’s filled to the rafters with cases of toilet paper.  This family will never run out of TP, however I’m not sure it’s possible to live on Quilted Northern alone?
  • Have you met the Celebrity TP Mom? — She insists on toilet paper with BLING. It must be embedded with diamond dust and imported. This mom is most often found in overpriced shopping malls or watching the Housewives of Orange County.
  • We all know the Forgetful TP Mom — You show up to her guest bathroom and realize there’s no TP in sight. After checking through multiple cupboards and drawers, you’re forced to dig through your purse and use a receipt. This mom has sticky notes stuck to her forehead and STILL forgets to buy more TP!
  • There’s the stealthy Double Agent TP Mom — She is stingy and deceptive. She tells the family the TP stocks are low- when in fact there are secret stashes in sealed off compartments and behind false double walls. And beware, the secret stocks are all implanted with micro-trackers. She WILL find you if you sneak one.
  • Do you know the Neurotic TP Mom? — She keeps a stash of flushable wipes in her purse. She must use her own TP and rarely uses public potties. She wipes 3 or 4 times (to be sure) and her whole family is on alert for signals that she might have a TP breakdown. They’ve taken to stashing extra rolls in trunks of family vehicles and at pre-appointed stops along the way to work and school.
  • The Whatever Works TP Mom — You name it, she’s used it. Burger King Napkins? Newspapers? Leaves? You know… whatever works!
  • The Recycle TP Mom — Eww… ‘Nuff Said.
  • Last but certainly not least, the TP Mom Sergeant — “Did you use more than 3 squares?!” She counts the rolls daily. Rewards come in the form of extra squares. And lest you think you’re brave enough to cross her on the TP issue, she WILL take your TP rations away for a week!

There you have it.

Which type are you?

I am somewhere between the TP Hoarder and the Double Agent TP Mom – even in financial lows, I still buy in bulk and I’m a Charmin Junkie, Double Rolls of course!

I better NEVER catch you wasting it!!

Full Disclosure: Toilet Paper World asked Carissa Rogers to write a guest post in exchange for TP, after they saw on that she is willing to Blog for Toilet Paper. And she just did.

In a former life, she was a molecular biologist. In her current life she is the chief researcher of blogging karma, parenting dos (and some don’ts) and for spice she pretends to be a photographer…a mom of all trades. Please find her on Twitter, she’s happy to talk mom TP types with you!


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