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Hot Summer Sale – New Liquid Tide & Grill Cleaners

Jul 25, 2011

Save on laundry detergent and grill cleaners at! This week, save on new liquid Tide laundry detergents to get out grass stains and keep your white pants sparkling white! Hurry, sale ends August 1. Take advantage of these low prices today!


  1. Treat stains immediately.
  2. Wash white clothing after one or two wears. Only use chlorine bleach on 100% cotton items.
  3. Use a cold water detergent to save on energy.
  4. Rinse bathing suits in cold water after every use. Wash on gentle cycle after 5-10 wears in a lingerie mesh bag.

8000 lb Rolls of Toilet Paper in the Idaho River

Jul 25, 2011

The Missoulian reported that 8000 lb rolls of toilet paper were dumped into the Idaho River after a tractor trailer crash. Now that’s a jumbo toilet paper roll!

8 rolls of unprocessed toilet paper, each weighing 8000 lbs each were tossed from the truck. When waterlogged, they are estimated to weight 30,000 lbs each. While two rolls were removed, there are 6 rolls still remaining in the river. The disintegrating toilet paper does not pose an environmental threat to the fish, but is more of an aesthetic problem, according to authorities.

It’s Get to Know Your Customers Day!

Jul 21, 2011

Today is Get To Know Your Customers Day! To celebrate, we’re asking, what’s your favorite vacation spot?

Post your answer on Facebook and receive a free travel toiletries kit! Includes individually wrapped soaps, small shampoo and body lotion.

These toiletries are safe for carry-ons when you travel by plane. Take them on your next vacation so you can freshen up wherever you may be spending your leisure time!

Thank you for being our customer from the staff at Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to getting to know you!

Charmin Lady Paper Towel Holder & History

Jul 19, 2011

Debby, from Georgia,recently submitted this picture of a paper towel dispenser with the Charmin Lady on it, asking what type of folded paper towel would fit in. Paper towels? Yes, paper towels were once part of the Charmin family of products! P&G eventually discontinued all the other Charmin products, including napkins and facial tissue.

The Charmin Lady was the original icon for the Charmin brand. The silhouette of the woman’s head was from a cameo pin. I found this ad on the Thirsty in Suburbia blog from circa 1952, which still had the Charmin Lady on the packaging.

At the time, toilet paper was being marketed to women, enticing them with feminine advertising. By avoiding the topic of the actual use of toilet paper, the Charmin Lady ad campaign succeeded in a time when competitors were marketing toilet paper as a medicinal product. The Charmin branding eventually evolved to include babies, the well-known Mr. Whipple, and the Charmin bears.

We recommended that Debby use Signature C-Fold Hand Towels in the holder. Thanks for submitting your photo!

Readers, let us know if you have any questions or submissions! We love to hear from you!

$25 Back When You Buy Wholesale Ziploc Bags

Jul 12, 2011

Buy Ziploc bags 7/1/2011- 9/30/2011 and get money back, up to $25 savings! Ziploc bags are Kosher certified, great for commercial foodservice use.

Buy Ziploc bags for a handy food storage solution. Ziploc bags can be frozen, microwaved, and refrigerated. Resealable plastic bags store in self-dispensing color coded boxes. Buy wholesale Ziploc bags and food service supplies at low bulk prices from for fast delivery in 2-3 days.

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Toilet Paper vs. The Bidet: Bathroom Facts

Jul 7, 2011

I’m sure just about everyone knows what a bidet is, however I have never used one, and neither has anyone that I know.  Using toilet paper is simply ingrained in our society – we can’t picture using something else.  With all of the talk lately however about eco-friendly products and being more environmentally conscious, the bidet warrants a bit of discussion. 

I’ll be honest – the only experience I have had with a bidet is seeing one in the scene of the Crocodile Dundee movie, where he is in the hotel in New York trying to figure out what it is.  Personally, the thought of using one would make me cringe a bit, and I imagine the majority of Americans feel the same way.  However, in European, Asian, and Latin American countries where the bidet is common, they probably feel the same way about toilet paper.

Advantages of a bidet:

Less irritating than toilet paper.

More hygienic than toilet paper.

Reduces toilet paper usage greatly:  America uses approximately 26 billion rolls of toilet paper per year – about 23.6 rolls per person.  Roughly 10 million trees have to be pulped to accommodate this much toilet paper.  Bidets being the norm would greatly reduce these numbers.  Even if everyone began using recycled toilet paper the amount of natural resources needed would be greatly reduced.

Saves water:  You might think a bidet would cause more water consumption, but you likely won’t have to ever flush twice due to large amounts of toilet paper, and if bidets were used more they would cut down on the amount of water needed for the process of creating toilet paper itself.  Each year alone almost 470 billion gallons of water are used to create toilet paper.

Save yourself money:  Depending on the size of your family (and the model of bidet you get) a bidet could pay for itself after about 1 year with the amount of money you would save by using substantially less toilet paper. 

Bidets certainly do have advantages.  What are your thoughts on them?  Post your opinion in the comments section!


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