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National Coffee Day Thursday September 29

Sep 26, 2011

Solo Coffee Cup Giveaway has ended – check back on Thursday September 29 for more giveaways!

National Coffee Day is Thursday September 29. To celebrate, we’re giving away Free Solo Hot Cups to our customers! For freebies on National Coffee Day check out Grab Your Freebies on the Squidoo page all about National Coffee Day.

This week, we have coffee, cups & lids, and accessories on sale at Check out Solo Cups for a great selection of sizes and designs. Disposable paper cups are great for serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other hot beverages. Provide cup lids to prevent spilling and sloshing! Stock up now for the upcoming cool weather.

*Sale Prices are valid until 10/3/11. Sale prices are final and include member discount. Sign In to save 5% off all other regularly priced products.

Creative Toilet Paper Storage Becomes Toilet Paper Art

Sep 23, 2011

Sometimes people make very creative pieces of art out of simple materials.  Toilet paper art is no exception – from toilet paper dresses to other fantastic toilet paper art, people have done some remarkable things with toilet paper. 

 Even how you store your toilet paper can be art – all of you Space Invaders fans should appreciate this, I certainly did!

I wish I had the room in my bathroom to make an homage such as this to a great game, this really brings me back to all of the time I spent in front of the Atari as a kid.  I for one would like to see some more video-game-inspired toilet paper art.

For those of you not familiar, this is an older game that was on a system most kids today probably haven’t heard of, or you would have even had to go to an arcade and pump quarters into the machine to play it…. ah the good ol’ days.

Thanks and credit to for this great toilet paper storage art image.

Dermabrand Soap Changing to Boardwalk Brand, DER to BWK

Sep 21, 2011

Please be advised: During the coming weeks, we are transitioning the Dermabrand Soap to the Boardwalk brand. The soap formula remains exactly the same, just the name & packaging will change. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with this replacement.

In the meantime, as we run through our stock, if you order the Dermabrand soap, you may receive the new Boardwalk item instead. After October 1st, Dermabrand products will no longer be available for purchase and will be fully replaced by the Boardwalk products.

The Boardwalk Hand Soap is a mild cleansing lotion. An economical alternative to expensive bar and lotion soaps and ineffective abrasive powders. This liquid hand soap cleans thoroughly, and produces abundant lather in hard or soft water.

Available in pink, white and antibacterial formulas.

Please note the following replacement products so that you can order the correct items:

Boardwalk Replacement Products
DER 410 : BWK 410 Pink Lotion Soap, Four 1-Gal Bottles
DER 420 : BWK 420 White Lotion Soap, Four 1-Gal Bottles
DER 430 : BWK 430 Antibacterial Lotion Soap, Four 1-Gal Bottles
DER 8100 : BWK 8100 Pink Lotion Soap, (12) 800-ml Refills
DER 8200 : BWK 8200 Antibacterial Lotion Soap, (12) 800-ml Refills

Contact Customer Service if you have questions: 1-877-402-6537.

Thank you for shopping with!

Toilet Paper Loses to Canned Goods – Funny Guest Post From Adulting Blog

Sep 21, 2011

Kelly Williams Brown recently posted a funny infographic on her about how you always need toilet paper, so you might as well buy in bulk. We featured it in our post, Proof that Buying Toilet Paper in Bulk is Better.
We loved how her use of visuals make her hilarious points even more funny, so  we asked her to guest post on our blog! Kelly writes the Adulting blog, which chronicles the step-by-step process of becoming an adult (Step One: Make your fricken bed.)

Toilet Paper Faceoff

After I posted about the ongoing necessity of toilet paper on my blog, it got me thinking about life’s other durable goods and how they stack up. There was but one way to settle this, and that is an NCAA March Madness™-style bracket. I do not have time to think up 64 things, so it was a relatively small tournament. But still! These you-may-as-well-buy-a-bunch-because-you-will-eventually-use-them goods waged a fierce battle for my heart and mind.

Round One: No. 1 seeded Toilet paper easily knocked eighth-seed Staples out of the contention, because no one goes out in a snowstorm for staples. In the round’s only upset, Dish Soap (7) edged out Lightbulbs (2), because it’s better to be in the dark than have food poisoning from improperly cleaned dishes.

Canned goods (full team title: Pinto Beans and Other Canned Goods That Can Be Eaten After The Apocalypse) beat Chapstick (6). Even though having dry lips is really and truly awful, it does not compare to having no food, even if it’s just humble Pinto Beans. Fourth-seed Underwear ultimately prevailed over Q-Tips (5), mainly because I know it’s laundry time when I run out of underwear, whereas Q-Tips have no such pull on my actions.

SEMI-FINALS: Toilet Paper knocked out Dish Soap based on the fact that I’ve never bought more than one thing of dish soap at a time, and that just seems weird, while Canned Goods earned a very slight victory over Underwear, on account of that whole eating-is-necessary thing.

CHAMPIONSHIP: Toilet paper and canned goods clashed mightily, and each held the lead (in my mind, where this tournament is happening) for good stretches. On an emotional level, I prefer toilet paper. But ultimately, the Red Cross doesn’t recommend you have toilet paper in your emergency kit, and no one ever has toilet paper drives (*editor’s note – ToiletPaperWorld recently donated to a toilet paper drive, featured on Daytime TV), or gives you $2 off admission to an event with donation of two toilet paper rolls. CANNED GOODS WIN!

Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes Sale

Sep 19, 2011

Today Only – Free Gift when you order Over $350! While supplies last, shipped separately from your order.

Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes are on sale for a limited time. Discounted sale prices are valid 9/19/2011 – 12/1/2011.

Check out new Purell Cottony Soft Sanitizing Wipes, for a better, more moisturizing hand sanitizing wipe. These thick, textured wipes contain a 62% ethyl alcohol formula that kills 99.99% of common germs. Using hand sanitizer wipes properly will kill the germs that may cause illness.

The pre-moistened wipe contains moisturizers, vitamins A, E and aloe to help maintain healthy, soft skin. Moisturized and clean hands are an important part of hand hygiene to prevent spreading disease.

Hand sanitizer wipes are individually wrapped and convenient for office workers, in restaurants, healthcare facilities like nursing homes and more. Buy them now from for fast delivery in 2-3 days.

Hurricane Irene Leaves Increased Mosquitoes

Sep 14, 2011

After Hurricane Irene, you may have noticed more mosquitoes. These creatures are sneaky, they will fly in the house with you and then bite you when you least expect it. Innocently checking e-mail and then a few sharp pains and I see an angry ninja mosquito, sucking me dry. has Mosquito and Insect Repellents available to help you get through this buggy season. Until temperatures drop, remember to use insect repellent to avoid getting eaten alive!

Try Sun Skeeter Towels– premoistened wipes with both insect repellent and sunscreen. This convenient towel combines the power of 20% DEET insect repellent with SPF 25 sunscreen for 2 in-1 outdoor protection. Specifically formulated for the outdoor professional, the greaseless formula leaves no residue. Try this effective solution against disease-carrying insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, biting flies, gnats and chiggers. EPA Registered. Buy Sun Skeeter Towels or choose from our full selection of insect repellents today from for fast delivery in 2-3 days!

Toilet Roll Covers – The Skinny on Naked Toilet Paper

Sep 9, 2011

You may have seen commercials lately by Cottonelle for Toilet Roll covers, with catchy slogans like “Respect the Roll” and “Toilet Paper that nice deserves respect”.  If you haven’t seen them, this product is an aesthetically pleasing cover to store an extra roll of toilet paper, so you don’t have “naked” toilet paper laying around in your bathroom. 

Personally, at first I did not get the usefulness of this product.  I store my extra toilet paper in the storage space under the bathroom sink, and just grab a new roll when I need one and put it on the dispenser roll.  I suppose if you just had one or two rolls extra at any given time, and stored them in view, this would be a nice product.  However, I do not know anyone that stores their toilet paper that way.

Don’t get me wrong – the roll covers look nice, but I can’t see myself using one.  How do you store your toilet paper, would you find this product helpful?  Come to find out some people make their own toilet roll covers, and they look fantastic – I’d love to have one of these for my bathroom decor.  Watch the video below to see roll covers for yourself! featured on Daytime TV with Southern Living

Sep 9, 2011

Check out featured on Daytime TV with Southern Living. donated toilet paper to a Tampa based food pantry called Help 2 Others.  To find out how you can help people in need, visit


Extra 5% Off for Labor Day

Sep 2, 2011

This Labor Day weekend, take 5% Off your order! No coupon code necessary. Simply add your items to the cart, and checkout, and you’ll see your savings! Members will still receive their discounted prices, so savings equal almost 10% off regular prices! Log-in and start shopping! Sale ends Tuesday September 6.


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