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Funny Toilet Paper Butler Holder

Nov 28, 2011

This toilet paper holder is a classic addition to any bathroom! You can hold a roll visible to guests and then another one fits under his hat! A great conversation piece, especially for us in the toilet paper industry. You can’t go wrong with this stand-up funny toilet paper holder. get this toilet paper holder at

Cyber Monday Savings at

Nov 28, 2011

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No Shortage of Toilet Paper Scandals

Nov 28, 2011

There seems to be no shortage of scandals involving toilet paper.

Three people from Florida are facing up to two decades in prison for their alleged involvement in a $1 million toilet paper scam. Employees from a septic tank company, FBK products, called elderly customers selling unnecessary products including toilet paper, detergent, and soap.

From the Miami Herald,

More than a dozen customers were told they needed special toilet paper to avoid ruining their septic tanks because the federal government changed regulations on toilet paper. The federal government does not regulate septic tank products. will never try to get you to buy toilet paper for false reasons! Scott brand toilet paper is made to be safe to use with septic systems. Just don’t use huge globs of toilet paper for a single flush to prevent back ups.
See our post on septic safe toilet paper for more tips on preventing overflow!

10% OFF for Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Nov 23, 2011

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Man Runs Out of Toilet Paper, Proceeds to Trash Hotel

Nov 18, 2011

When running out of toilet paper in a hotel room do you A)call the front desk and politely ask for more B) improvise, or C) cause $2,090 in a fit of rage?  Because the answer is always C, we get an entertaining story to share. 

In a bizarre story of a hotel trashing, a man apparently became enraged after running out of toilet paper.

 After discovering his room was out of toilet paper, Derek MacDonald went into a vacant room next door to clog the toilet and cause water damage to the room, then went back to his own room and smashed it up.  Damage was done to both carpets, the ceiling in his room, as well as the lighting in the bathroom and the blow dryer. 

 On the bright side, he was probably able to clean himself up when he finally got to the police station, providing they too were not out of toilet paper.

 Click here to read the full article.

Toilet Paper Tuesday on America Recycles Day

Nov 15, 2011

Save up to 20% today for Toilet Paper Tuesday, our America Recycles Day edition. Save on top brands of recycled toilet paper like Angel Soft, Scott, Cottonelle!

All the toilet papers on sale contain recycled fiber. These bathroom tissues all meet or exceed the EPA requirement for post consumer recycled content: 20%. Help conserve trees and resources by buying recycled toilet paper.  Order today and get FREE SHIPPING for orders over $75!

It’s a great idea to buy toilet paper in bulk for the holiday season. Don’t worry about guests needing toilet paper or running out during a party. Stock up now and buy a case or two of toilet paper.


Cute Puppies, Bad Behavior – Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Mess

Nov 14, 2011

After two weeks of training our new puppy (Laylee, pictured on the right) I’ve come to find that like her daddy, she too is a fan of toilet paper and paper towel.  We’re in the process of house training her, and while progress is being made she’ll still have an occasional accident.

I’ve noticed while trying to clean it up with paper towel she likes to “help”.  She goes crazy for the paper towel, trying to eat it, play tug of war with it, or just make a general mess of it if given the chance.

 Apparently I am not alone, there seems to be something about toilet paper or paper towel rolls that make them an ideal play thing for naughty dogs, as demonstrated below by Buster.


11% OFF Sale for 11/11/11

Nov 11, 2011

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Hedgehog stuck in a toilet paper roll

Nov 7, 2011

This cute hedgehog stuck in a toilet paper roll makes my day. Hope that you enjoy this funny clip by amandablaize.

Windsoft Weekend Sale – Wholesale Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Facial Tissues

Nov 3, 2011

Wholesale paper towels, toilet paper in bulk cases, and facial tissues now on sale at! Come shop our Windsoft Weekend Sale, in honor of Daylight Saving Time. Save on cheap paper hand towels and bathroom tissue rolls.

Don’t forget to turn your clock back an hour before you go to sleep on Saturday night! Wake up Sunday at your normal time and get an extra hour of sleep!I’m looking forward to more sleep, and perhaps waking up to more daylight. The downside is driving home in the dark.

Another safety tip, change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors when we turn back the clocks. It’s a good way to remember to do it every year. For more safety tips for maintaining your smoke alarms check out this article.



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