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Happy Thomas Crapper Day! Toilet Paper Party

Jan 27, 2012

As part of our Thomas Crapper Day celebration, we paid our favorite blogger Carissa Rogers in Charmin Ultra Strong to submit a post about her latest toilet paper adventure. Happy Thomas Crapper Day to all the toilet paper aficionados and plumbers who celebrate with us. See our giveaway for a chance to win a case of toilet paper as part of our celebration!

Interested in blogging for ? Contact for details. We pay in toilet paper!

Turning Forty And Forgetful | Surprise B-Day Toilet Paper Party!

I have a group of fantastic girlfriends in my tiny town. We get together as often as we can… pretty much any excuse will do. We play ‘old lady basketball’ once a week, and let’s just say: we’re a hoot on the court!  We meet for book club monthly, okay.. it’s more like magazine-club, but we bring food that’s heavy on the calories, and yummy on the tummy.

We’ve been known to toilet paper a grandma on National Toilet Paper day. And one time, we donned black clothing, fake moustaches and panty-hosed our heads in order to ‘abduct’ one of our friends off to her ‘baby shower’.

So it should come as no surprise that we needed a heckuva great idea when one of the ‘sister wives’ (shhh don’t tell our husbands we named ourselves) was turning 40.

A few months back this friend, I shall call her Amy-is-Amazing-but-forgets-a-lot, forgot to stock up on toilet paper. And at the same time she had taken in a family of abandoned quail baby birds (see? How amazing is that?). The gang kept stopping in to visit the birdies and play with them.. and enterprising Miss ‘forgets-a-lot’ gently suggested everyone bring her a roll when they came to visit the birdies!

And so…

We took it upon ourselves to create a ‘Forty & Forgetful’ themed surprise birthday party for her. Everyone was assigned to bring one roll of TP for the honored guest, as well as a ‘slightly’ inappropriate gift for the soon to be ‘old lady’… You know: reading glasses, stool softener, denture cream.

Everyone came thru with flying colors. The best gift by far was a print out of ‘how-to duct tape your boobs’, along with several different packs of duct tape in sparkly girly colors (1 for every occasion)!

Toilet Paper & Diet Mountain Dew Cake!

And since Diet Mountain Dew is her current drink of choice.. we made a special cake JUST for her out of Toilet Paper and DMD.  (Thanks goes to April for MAKING the cake!)

What everyone did not know is that I had a separate plan with an alternate-theme for the party. I figure every forty year old woman needs to hear from those who will NEVER forget her. I called this part the Forty & NEVER Forget theme.

I emailed, Facebook’ed and wrangled up several friends of hers from way back in her ‘college’ days. Asking them to send me a letter about how and why they could NEVER forget her. The surprise letters provided a meaningful  moment to a very silly party. We ended with her mother reading her own ‘Never Forget’ letter.

Wait, no… that wasn’t the end, because it was time to celebrate by eating Thai Food, since the whole thing was held at birthday girl’s favorite Thai restaurant!

Don’t you wish you were part of our goodncrazy girlfriend mom-group?!


In a former life, Carissa Rogers was a molecular biologist. In her current life she is the chief researcher of blogging karma, parenting dos (and some don’ts) and for spice she pretends to be a photographer…a mom of all trades. Connect with her on Twitter and check out her website

Thomas Crapper Day Toilet Paper Giveaways!

Jan 23, 2012

We’ve extended our Thomas Crapper Day celebration to all week long this year! Orders over $100 will be entered to win a case of toilet paper. 5 Chances to Win- a daily winner will be chosen from orders 1/23- 1/27. You may also enter this giveaway by commenting below, telling us what your favorite brand of toilet paper is & why!* We have toilet paper, paper towels, bathroom and janitorial supplies, as well as safety supplies and more!

As always, thanks for being our customer. We hope that you will join us in our celebration of Thomas Crapper! While he is not the inventor of the toilet, he was a great plumber and helped bring about modern sanitation methods.

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Odd Products For Your Bathroom

Jan 20, 2012

Looking for a novelty bathroom product?  Well look no further – any of these are a must have for your bathroom, or will at least give you a good laugh.

1) Fuzzy Toilet

Be the King of the Castle on this royal throne (don’t forget your knight!) – if you’re looking for maximum comfort while doing your business I can’t imagine anything better. 

I would not want to be the person who has to clean this toilet however.  This product is proudly featured at






2) Urinal Screen Game

On one hand this way of advertising could potentially be seen by a lot of people – if you don’t mind the name of your company or product being  micturated upon…  yes this is an actual product you can buy for a urinal with a custom message put in, courtesy of





3) Sign: How to Use the Toilet

Last but not least, my personal favorite is a picture of a bathroom sign that was taken by a couple vacationing in Asia.  I’m sure I would fall over if I tried to perch like the picture in the bottom left corner.  This picture courtesy of

Hand Soap & Sanitizer Sale! Stock Up for Flu Season

Jan 16, 2012

Stock up on hand soap and sanitizer! This week- products for hand washing and hand hygiene are on sale! Keep germs at bay with frequent hand washing.

We have products for the home such as Dial Foam Hand Soap in Pump Bottles. stocks many products for handwashing in  commercial bathrooms, such as the Gojo Foam Soap Starter Kit. Get both a dispenser and refill bottle for economical hand washing. This foam soap bottle has more than 1,700 uses per refill, so you won’t need to worry about constant maintenance!

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Freedom Camper in New Zealand Discovered by Matching Toilet Paper Roll

Jan 12, 2012

Don't leave your toilet paper behind in the beautiful New Zealand wilderness!

A freedom camper in New Zealand left behind tell tale toilet paper when illegally going to the bathroom in the wilderness.  Freedom camping, camping outside of campgrounds with bathroom facilities, in New Zealand has been prohibited in certain areas because of a growing human waste and litter problem.

The camper denied that she had gone to the bathroom, but the toilet paper on the ground matched the roll of tissue hanging out the back of her van. An officer confronted the offending camper.

Thames Coromandel District Council spokesperson Craig Birkett told the Waikato Times, “The officer said, ‘You can’t really deny it now can you?’ And she said, `Well, I guess not’.”

While freedom camping is not prohibited everywhere in New Zealand, there are certain areas of restriction. All illegal campers staying overnight in prohibited locations now could be fined $200.

Moral of this story: Don’t leave your toilet paper behind! endorses the responsible disposal of toilet paper.

Up to $50 Back with Windex Rebates

Jan 9, 2012

Windex rebates available for the new year! Buy select Windex products and receive $10 back per case, for up to $50 back in rebates! See rebate form for details.

Windex is the brand America trusts for cleaning windows and glass. Choose from a variety of different sizes to fit your cleaning needs. Order today for fast shipping in 2-3 days to your facility from!

Giants & Bears Toilet Paper Pranks

Jan 9, 2012

I thought I had seen it all, but then I stumbled across these custom toilet paper rolls sold on Etsy by devonryandesigns.

The seller makes these embroidered prank toilet paper rolls for any team, and wraps them in cellophane and the team color ribbon. What team would you get embroidered and who would you give it to?

We sell custom printed toilet paper at – one color print on 2-ply facial quality toilet paper. Great for parties and gags! You can design your own or we’ll design it for you. Contact us for a free quote today!

Here are some ideas for custom toilet paper: a personalized message to your intended recipient, a funny image to liven up your bathroom experience, or something like these sports team toilet paper rolls, to taunt your rival teams. A great gift or prank for April’s Fools Day!



Krystal Toilet Seat Covers Now By Boardwalk

Jan 6, 2012

Products KRY K1000, KRY K2500, KRY K5000 are now shipping Boardwalk brand toilet seat covers. The toilet seat covers are still the same product, just with a new label! Shopping lists won’t be affected, but please note that the packaging has changed. Disposable toilet seat covers are a great way to offer patrons sanitation in shared bathrooms. 100% biodegradeable and flushable for low maintenance. We also have toilet seat cover dispensers available for an attractive dispensing system.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding products or orders.

Contact Customer Service at 1-877-402-6537 or e-mail

Toilet Paper Sale- Buy in Bulk for the New Year

Jan 4, 2012

Resolve to buy toilet paper in bulk for the new year! Buying in bulk reduces risk of run out and saves you time and money! Order from ToiletPaperWorld for fast shipping in 2-3 days. Orders over $75 include free shipping! Check out our toilet paper sale to help you save even more this week only.


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