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March Madness of Soap

Mar 19, 2012

Can’t afford your own toilet paper? Now that’s Jerseylicious

Mar 16, 2012

Five days ago we at ToiletPaperWorld all waited with bated breath to see if the great state of New Jerseywould be able to resolve its budget.  Apparently, they had severe problems balancing their office supply budget and were dangerously close to running out of toilet paper.  This battle began back in November when a $42,000 order was not approved because it had $4,000 worth of cups, which was over the cup budget and ended up holding up the entire order.  Part of the hesitance to approve the whole order have been suspected occurrences of stolen toilet paper – for which Jumbo toilet rolls are a viable solution.

In a dramatic twist, PETA stepped in as the deadline was nearly up and offered to donate a six month supply of toilet paper which New Jersey has apparently accepted.

The caveat of this is the toilet paper will be printed with the message “Slaughterhouses are so filthy that more than half of all meat is contaminated with fecal bacteria. Wipe cruelty from your diet. Go vegan. PETA.”  On the bright side, I doubt anyone would steal this toilet paper unless they did so for novelty purposes.
Nothing against PETA, but I think I would be annoyed enough by toilet paper propaganda to bring my own toilet paper into work from home.  Read the full story at Fox News.

Windsoft Paper Towel & Bath Tissue Weekend Clearance

Mar 8, 2012

Check out the Windsoft Sale this weekend at! Huge Savings on toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissue. Plus – don’t forget to change your clocks on Sunday for Daylight Savings Time!

Funny Bathroom Signs For Fairy Tales, Jedis and X-men

Mar 6, 2012

We posted funny bathroom signs for men and women, but here are some more funny restroom signs for fairy tales like Red Riding Hood and other fictional characters.

Thanks to the Super Punch Blog for finding this fairy tale sign!

This bathroom sign wasn’t originally made for X-men, but sometimes you have to work with what you have. Thanks to urlybits for this funny restroom sign!

Similarly, this sign is for Jedies only. Thanks to lolcaption for this bathroom sign!


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