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Bulk Toilet Paper Buyers Beware of Arrest

Sep 25, 2012

A woman from Texas, 41 year old Tara Mauney, was recently arrested and faces jail time for allegedly helping middle school students buy toilet paper for a prank, (come on you know she did it).  The damage the middle school students caused amounted to almost $6000, including removing graffiti from the house written with permanent marker.

FoxNews reported that the woman was caught on surveillance tapes with a group of eight kids buying three 36-packs of toilet paper at Wal-mart. While we always encourage buying bulk toilet paper, we do not condone destructive toilet paper pranks at!

What type of woman brings eight kids to Wal-mart? Kind of hard to deny that the toilet paper was for a prank, but Mauney insists that she is innocent of any crime.

Mauney’s lawyer states,

I don’t think we’ve got a big enough prison in Texas if we’re gonna incarcerate everyone that bought toilet paper.


Check out the video for more details on the story:

Dallas News |

See below on how to toilet paper without getting arrested:

How to Toilet Paper A Co-Worker

How to Toilet Paper  a Co-Worker

Indoor Toilet Paper Prank

Indoor Toilet Paper Prank

National Coffee Day Coaster Giveaway

Sep 24, 2012

What kind of cup do you use to drink your coffee? A paper cup? Maybe foam? Or are you eco-friendly and drink out of a reusable mug? Comment below for a chance to win a coaster. Extra points for e-mailing a picture of you drinking your coffee to 5 answers will be selected to win!

Also check out our coffee cup and hot cups & lids sale at! Buy paper and foam hot cups for drinking your coffee or tea for fast delivery in 2-3 days.

Paper Towel Thursday

Sep 20, 2012


Free Catalog from

Sep 17, 2012

Can’t get enough of online? Request a free catalog, makes great bathroom reading! Remember, all orders from are delivered fast with free shipping on orders over $75!


National Toilet Paper Day Celebration Continues at GoodNCrazy

Sep 6, 2012

Last year, we sponsored a toilet papering of a grandma, and it seems like we started a tradition at! This year, Carissa from GoodNCrazy organized an indoor toilet paper prank on a friend that was out of town. Here’s a preview of what they did.

These ladies went all out! I’m particularly impressed with the toilet papering of the area rug, and the makeshift toilet paper window treatment. Looks like it was a more ambitious endeavor than toilet papering a co-worker!

Moral of the story is, be careful whom you ask to housesit and/or to whom you give out extra keys to your humble abode. What will these crazy ladies think of next?


Purell Hand Sanitizer Giveaway

Sep 6, 2012

Leave your comment on where you would like to see Purell Hand Sanitizer provided below to enter. It could be the grocery store, daycare center, gas station, or maybe no place because you don’t use it, or you carry your own! Additional chances to win include following on Twitter and Facebook. Tweet about the giveaway for an additional entry!

No purchase necessary. 1 winner will receive a Purell TFX Dispenser and 1 Green Certified Purell Hand Sanitizer Refill! 4 Additional winners will receive an 8-oz pump bottle of Purell. Giveaway ends Monday September 17 at 12:01 EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win a Year Supply of Charmin Toilet Paper in Instant Win Game

Sep 5, 2012

Enter the Charmin Instant Win Game and you might win a prize instantly! No need to like Charmin on Facebook, just vote for either Charmin Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong, then enter the giveaway afterwards! 1200 prizes available, including a 1 Year Supply of Charmin bath tissue, t-shirts, hats, coupons and much more. Enter the Instant Win Game daily until 10/20/2012.

What would you do with the money you save from a year supply of Charmin toilet paper? How much would your year supply of toilet paper be? According to the blog, Food Storage Made Easy, you can easily calculate the amount of toilet paper you use in a year as well as how much storage space you will need.

The question of how much do you need is easily answered. When you go to the store to buy because you are out, buy 3 times what you would normally and store 2 of them. When you need it again, repeat. After 6 months you’ve stored a year’s supply (twice what you used in 6 months!) Works for anything. You can shorten or lengthen the time it takes as your budget dictates by changing the multiple you buy. Twice as much as usual will take a year, 4 times as much will take 4 months, etc.

Of course, you could always buy toilet paper in bulk from, and store it in its convenient case. As many as 96 rolls come in one case, so you should be set for at least 6 months unless you have really high traffic bathrooms!



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