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Adulting: How to Store Your Toilet Paper so You Will Actually Change the Empty Roll

Jan 28, 2013

Kelly Williams Brown, the girl who proved that buying in bulk is better on her blog, is back on ToiletPaperWorld again! Her book Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps comes out in May, you can pre-order it here. Today she provides some quick and easy advice for storing your toilet paper once you have purchased your case of 72 rolls.

If you’re guilty of leaving an empty roll, you can get a free roll of toilet paper with our Tweet for Toilet Paper Campaign! Just tweet a picture of your empty roll with hashtag #tp911 @toiletpaperking and send your shipping address to me For details and restrictions click here.

outhouse-toilet-paper-storageI’m willing to bet that you spend little-to-no time thinking about toilet paper storage, ever. It’s OK. Toilet paper storage is not necessarily one of the highly engaging, crucial issues in the average person’s life.

But here is the beauty of toilet paper storage: You can think about it literally once, for 10 minutes, and then never again.

Up until recently, I utilized the ‘squishing excess rolls, still in their big bag, next to the toilet’ method. What this method boasts in, um, ease, it lacks in style and flair. Also, “Just put that pile of things wherever!” is not a great interior decor strategy.

So last week, I got a cute little toilet paper holder. I happened to get mine for $6.99 at Ross Dress For Less, but I am reasonably certain that every single store in the entire world that sells any home goods has them. Here’s what three minutes’ worth of Googling gave me: A sleek, minimalist number! A shabby-chic one! A natural, basket-y one! You could even have a tiny, homemade outhouse-like one! (pictured at right, sold by Miss58 on Etsy). Anyway, if you want to personally page through all the Google Shopping results, be my guest. The world is yours, friends. At least when it comes to toilet paper storage.

The beauty of these, of course, is that it makes it really, really easy to change the roll. Because all your rolls are right there. No more waddling awkwardly around the house, ever. That peace of mind is surely worth $6.99.

Empty Roll? Tweet for Toilet Paper!

Jan 18, 2013

Tweet @toiletpaperking Toilet Paper Emergency #tp911 for a Free Roll of Toilet Paper

1) Tweet @toiletpaperking Toilet Paper Emergency #tp911 with a picture of your Empty Roll
2) DM @toiletpaperking Your Mailing Address* Info
3) Get a free roll of toilet paper delivered to you!

*Only available for mailing addresses in the continental US, deliverable by UPS. No PO Boxes. Limit 1 roll per household.

Purell Giveaway & Flu Season Sale!

Jan 14, 2013

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Purell hand sanitizers help protect patrons and employees from spreading sickness including colds and flu viruses. Reduce absenteeism and increase employee productivity by offering hand washing supplies such as antibacterial soap, paper towels for hand drying, and a hand sanitizer to follow up.  Instant hand sanitizers kill 99.99% of germs and keep sickness from spreading in schools, hospitals, and other shared facilities. Try Purell Hand Sanitizer on your desk at work, in your shared bathrooms at schools, and keep cold and flu season at bay!
Giveaway Guidelines:
No purchase necessary. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget above. Create a log-in or use your Facebook log-in to record your contest entries. 1 Winner will receive a Purell TFX Brushed Metallic Dispenser, 2 will win a Green Certified Purell Hand Sanitizer 8-oz Pump Bottle, 2 will win Purell Cottony Soft Sanitizing Wipes. Must have a shipping address in the US to win. Winners announced via e-mail on Monday January 21st.

Giveaway ends Monday January 21st at 12:01 AM EST


Don’t miss Cold and Flu Season Sale at! Lysol, Puffs, Kleenex, Purell & Clorox at huge discounts to protect from cross contamination. Sanitizing shared areas helps kill germs and viruses. Hand sanitizers and hand washing stop germs from getting you sick! Sale ends January 28, 2013, start shopping to save today!


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