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Vintage Charmin Toilet Paper Commercial, Circa 1984. (Why we love Charmin)

Jul 30, 2013

Let’s take this one back, way back… to the days when Van Halen was rocking the stadium, the Boston Celtics were NBA champs, and Mr. Whipple was promoting Charmin toilet paper at your local grocery store. The year was 1984, and it was a good year indeed.

In today’s world of Justin Bieber and pro-athletes looking at a lifetime ban (ahem Mr.Rodriguez), it’s comforting to still have atleast one friendly reminder of the good times. So thank you Charmin. Thank you for your years of comfort and clean. We appreciate it. Don’t forget to stock up on Charmin today at!

TPblog Celebrity Profiles: The Kardashians

Jul 25, 2013

The famous family has a toilet paper connection that can’t be missed.

Whether it’s Kris’ use of black toilet paper in her house, which daughter Kim apparently isn’t a fan of, or Khloe and Kris bonding while toilet papering Kim’s house, the Kardashians are helping to bring the household necessity item to the main stream media.

Kim Kardashian_Charmin Toilet PaperNot ones to miss out on a monopoly opportunity (or an endorsement deal), the Kdashs are also in the market of promoting toilets. In 2010 Kim partnered up with Charmin to promote the launch of their new restrooms in NYC.

While more recently Kim and babydaddy Kanye West dropped more than $750,000 on solid gold toilets for their home.

Talk about flushing money down the toilet.

Green Classroom Cleaning Supplies & Tips

Jul 23, 2013

We have several retired/transitioned teachers on staff at and we recently asked them to compile a list of tips for creating a Green Classroom.

In addition, they put together their “wish list” of green classroom cleaning supplies which we’ve conveniently listed at Green Cleaning Supplies.

 Tips for creating a Green Classroom 


– Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… and Upcycle! Think twice before throwing anything away.

– Be selective with what you print, and what you require your students to print. Emails, presentations, and conversations are all easy alternatives to printing.

– Turn off, Shut down, and Tune in. Turn off classroom lights when students aren’t in the room, at the end of the day, during heat waves, etc. Completely shut down computers, printers, and chargers nightly. Talk to your students about Green best practices.

– Only use Eco-Friendly products, ie BiodegradableRecycled materialsRenewableCompostable, etc

Fun & Easy DIY Toilet Paper Roll Project: Wall Art

Jul 18, 2013

Looking for a fun family project, or an inexpensive wall art project? Then check out this easy to follow “How-to” video and learn how to make your own Flower Wall Art out of toilet paper rolls.

DIY Flower Wall Art Toilet Paper Roll Project

Pet Cleaning Supplies & Tips from the Experts

Jul 16, 2013

Old Man Tips

Old Man Tips, TPW Manager Jessica Corkhill’s 6yr Adopted Pup

We all love our pets, which is why when they have an “accident” we don’t get upset (much), we just clean. And then clean some more.

Like most of us, you probably spend just as much time cleaning up after your pets as you do playing and cuddling with them.

So the next time you’re on the hunt for pet cleaning supplies and tips remember to check out TPW’s Pet Cleaning Supplies. Whether you’re looking for stain cleaners, odor neutralizers,  air fresheners, or heavy-duty cleaning supplies TPW has got you covered. 

Toilet Paper Tuesday: Bathroom Humor, Toilet Paper Origami

Jul 9, 2013

Toilet Paper humor_JC062013

Interested in learning how to create your own toilet paper origami? Check out these helpful sites, including tutorials.

– Toilet Paper Origami, Pinterest
– Toilet Paper Origami, Curbly
– Toilet Paper Origami, Origami Resource Center

Send us a picture of your best toilet paper origami. We may just showcase it in a future blog post.

Happy folding!

Limited Time Offer – Lysol Rebate on

Jul 1, 2013

For a limited time only (July 1st – Sept 30th 2013) earn up to a $300 rebate on select Lysol products at! See the Lysol Rebates page and Rebate form for details.

Lysol Wipes

Rebate Information:

1) Just mail the rebate form to Reckitt Benckiser Inc along with your Order Confirmation!

2). Rebate will be awarded by Reckitt Benckiser Inc (the manufacturer of Lysol).

3). View the rebate form for more details.

4). Promotion valid on purchases made 7/1/2013 – 9/30/2013.

Bookmark the ToiletPaperWorld Blog and be sure to check back for future rebates, special offers, etc!


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