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TPW Blog Contest: Which Toilet Paper is Best?

Jan 31, 2014

What’s your favorite toilet paper, and why? Let us know for a chance to win!

Here’s the skinny:

– Comment below to enter the contest.
– Please keep it clean and family friendly.
– One lucky contributor will win a gift pack including some of our favorite toilet papers.
– Open to continental US customers only.
– Contest ends Feburary 28th 2014.

Be sure to check out the Ultra Toilet Paper Guide, and treat yourself today! xo, the team

Ultra Toilet Paper Guide 2014

Happy Thomas Crapper Day!

Jan 27, 2014

A little history lesson for all you curious readers out there… Straight from the world-famous Toilet Paper Encyclopedia:

Just who was Thomas Crapper, and why do we celebrate him today? Well it all begins with the toilet…

thomas crapperSo who actually invented the flushing toilet?
The flushing toilet was invented in 1596. Most people believe it was invented by Sir Thomas Crapper, however, its actual inventor was Sir John Harington. Harinton, a British nobleman and godson of Queen Elizabeth I, invented a valve that when pulled would release water from a water closet. Sir John recommended flushing the toilet once or twice a day, although with our modern technology, we know that is probably not sufficient.

Did Thomas Crapper invent the modern toilet?
Well, no. Although from 1861 to 1904 Crapper did have a successful career in the plumbing industry, holding nine patents for plumbing-related products in England, he did not invent the toilet. Albert Giblin holds the 1819 British Patent for the Silent Valvless Water Waste Preventer, a system that allowed a toilet to flush effectively. Gilbin worked for Crapper as an employee and the most likely scenario is that Crapper bought the patent rights from Giblin and marketed the device himself.

Toilet Paper Encyclopedia: Modern History 101

Jan 24, 2014

Straight from the Funny Toilet Paper Stories section of the world-famous Toilet Paper Encyclopedia:

How did late-nighter Johnny Carson attribute to the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 1973

It all actually started as a joke. Johnny Carson was doing his typical NBC Tonight Show monologue on December 19, 1973. His writers decided to include a joke based on Wisconsin congressman Harold Froelich’s quote which they had heard earlier that day. Froelich claimed that the federal government was falling behind in getting bids to supply toilet paper and “The United States may face a serious shortage of toilet tissue within a few months”.

Johnny Carson’s quote: “You know what’s disappearing from the supermarket shelves? Toilet paper. There’s an acute shortage of toilet paper in the United States.”

The next morning, many of the 20 million television viewers ran to the supermarket and bought all of the toilet paper they could find. By noon, most stores were out of stock! Carson later apologized for scaring the public, and retracted his quote. (NY Useless Information)

Timmy The Talking Toilet Paper Roll

The following is a story that was submitted by Laura Shanley, a children’s book author, to “” on July 4th 2000:

Timmy was born on a hot summer day in a toilet paper factory in Boise, Idaho. Originally, he was rather plain looking, but shortly after birth he was dyed a lovely shade of yellow. After an exciting ride on a conveyor belt, Timmy was perfumed and packaged along with eight other rolls, and put into a box to be shipped to the grocery store.

Tushy, Timmy’s best friend, curled up next to him and tried to get some sleep but something was bothering him. “I’m worried,” Tushy said, “I’ve heard rumors about what happens to some rolls of toilet paper.” “What kinds of rumors?” Timmy asked, anxiously. “Well… I heard someone say something about a slow, watery death. You don’t think that could happen to us, do you, Timmy?” said Tushy. “Of course not,” replied Timmy, “We’re two-ply, the best of the best. We got nothing to worry about.”

Soon Timmy and Tushy found themselves on the grocer’s shelves. Day after day they watched shoppers walk by – ladies with babies, old men holding onto their carts to keep from falling over, little kids who knocked things off the shelves. Then one day a man picked up Timmy’s package. “Hooray! Hooray!” all the rolls shouted.

Timmy laughed as he rode in the shopping cart. It felt just like the conveyor belt. When the man got home he put Timmy and the others in a dark closet and closed the door. Timmy was very sad.

But the next day the main took out he package, opened it up, and took Timmy out. He carried Timmy in the bathroom and put him on the toilet paper holder. Around and around Timmy went. “Wheeeeee!” Timmy yelled. He never knew life could be this fun. What happened next  is too sad to write about in a story for children. We’ll just say that Timmy went swimming.

The end.


Moby Dick Toilet Paper, eBay Auction

Jan 17, 2014

212,758 words make up  Herman Melville’s literary masterpiece Moby Dick. For those of you who prefer to do your reading on the abode this Ebay auction may be right for you. For only $999.95 you can own the epic tale of Captain Ahab’s  pursuit of Moby Dick, a great white whale, on six rolls of toilet paper.





Bathroom Humor Series Continued…

Jan 8, 2014

ToiletPaperWorld Bathroom Humor

Ha. Right on!

Happy New Years! 2014 is the Year of Saving Money!

Jan 3, 2014


Happy New Years! Like most of us you’ve probably got your New Years resolution set. Great! But that’s the easy part. As we all know sticking with the resolution is the actual challenge. For those of you who have decided to go with Saving Money as your resolution we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you achieve your goal. Best of luck and may the force be with you!

From ABCnews, 5 money resolutions to consider for 2014:
1) Know where you stand financially
2) Think small
3) Pay yourself first
4) Pay down debt
5) Save more for retirement

Plus – Sign up to become a member and automatically save 5% on every order! Every penny counts, so start saving today!


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