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Eye Protection – Keeping Your Eyes Safe From Harm

Jun 9, 2011

President Obama setting the right example by wearing safety glasses.

Eye injuries are extremely common in the United States; each year 2.5 million eye injuries occur, with 50,000 of them leading to partial or full vision loss.  The unfortunate fact about these injuries is that roughly 90% of them could have been prevented by wearing eye protection.  There is a common misperception that eye injuries happen “somewhere else”, in industrial environments or sport accidents, while the truth is nearly half of eye injuries happen at home.

 So what is the top cause of eye injury?  The American Society of Ocular Trauma (ASOT) tracks eye injuries annually and ranks projectiles as the number 1 cause of injury.  Wearing ANSII rated safety glasses can prevent nearly all of these types of accidents from happening.  So during what home activities should you wear safety glasses?

 – Using a sledgehammer: Last week I was working with my father and he almost took an eye out while removing concrete.  Anytime you are using a sledgehammer while remodeling or working outside, there is a chance that the impact will cause a small piece of the object you are hitting to become airborne.  Always wear safety glasses to prevent an eye injury from this kind of projectile.

 – Woodworking and using power tools: While cutting or working with wood it is important to wear safety glasses.  Saw dust or small wood fragments can irritate or hit the eye, and safety glasses can easily prevent this type of injury.

 – Working under a car or pipes:  Anytime you have to look up at what you are working on, you should wear safety glasses.  It is very easy for dirt or debris to fall down into your eye causing an injury that could be prevented by safety goggles.

 – Mowing the Lawn: This may not seem like an activity to wear glasses on, but you never know when you might run over a piece of debris that can create a projectile.

 Interestingly, most people believe fireworks are a common cause of eye injuries.  In reality, less than 1 percent of eye injuries are caused by fireworks.

 Only half of people surveyed by ASOT reported that they wore safety glasses while doing home or yard maintenance tasks.  Do your eyes a favor, be safe, and get yourself a good pair of safety glasses.

 For more reading about eye injuries, you can visit the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Lysol Rebates- Get Up to $20/case Back!

May 16, 2011

Save when you buy Lysol cleaning products at low, bulk prices at Many cleaning products are available with manufacturer rebates, saving you more! Popular household Lysol products such as touchless hand soap systems, sanitizer spray, disinfecting wipes, and Neutra Air fabric mist are available, for keeping germs under control. Stock up on Lysol to save more with rebates!

  • Promotion dates- 4/1/2011- 6/30/2011
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  • Just mail the form to Reckitt Benckiser along with your Order Confirmation!
Rebate will be awarded by Reckitt Benckiser (the manufacturer of Lysol). View the Rebate Form on for details.

Are Air Hand Dryers Unsafe?

Apr 27, 2011

I recently visited a public restroom at a gas station, and was fine with the cleanliness and available supplies, until I was done washing my hands.

I was faced with this as my only hand drying option:

Place hands in dryer, it stated simply. That’s an awful idea, I thought to myself. Knowing that hand dryers leave bacteria on hands, I was shocked to see that I had no paper towel option for hand drying. Automatic air hand dryers are not safe usually because of lack of regular cleaning maintenance. This particular air hand dryer looked even more menacing because it was an enclosed space that the air was being pumped into and back up onto hands. Who knows what was on the surface of this hand drying cavern of doom!

So, I did what any informed person would do, I shook my hands as dry as possible and then wiped them on my clothes! I am not usually a germaphobe, considering I dared even to use a public restroom at all. But with air hand dryers leaving as much as 254% bacteria on hands, I figured I might as well not wash them at all and roll around on the floor instead.

What do you do when faced with no hand drying option except an automatic air hand dryer?

Tips for Washing Linens: Use Natural Laundry Detergent

Mar 23, 2011

Using green laundry detergent from brands such as Seventh Generation or Clorox GreenWorks may help prolong the life of your linens. Natural laundry detergents are more environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and made from all-natural, plant-derived ingredients. They are gentle enough so they won’t irritate sensitive skin, but strong enough to lift out stains.

Check out the article below for more tips for washing laundry from the Holland Sentinel. Though they are specifically referring to sheets and towels, these tips can be applied to any type of laundry.

We use sheets and towels daily, but given proper care, they can last for years. And while prolonging the life of the items we own isn’t as obviously green as, say, recycling, this practice helps conserve resources and save money.

The life expectancy of your linens depends on how much use they get, says Linda Cobb, who offers cleaning advice under the name The Queen of Clean.

Putting sheets right back on the bed will cause them to wear out a little faster, says Cobb, but the tradeoff is saving time with folding, particularly those tedious fitted sheets. A few other simple steps can help prolong the life of these household staples.

1. Use the right product

Your choice of detergent certainly matters for laundry items, but also the environment.

“Harsh detergents and bleaches break down fabric fibers,” says Cobb, who personally recommends the Vaska line. She recommends using “quality, safe, natural laundry products” to extend the life of linens.

2. Read the label

Check labels and wash sheets and towels at the recommended water temperature; some items call for a gentle wash cycle or should not be bleached. Most Americans also use too much detergent, according to the Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science, especially as washers become more efficient and detergents more concentrated. Excess suds can re-deposit soiling matter on your laundry.

3. Don’t let soiling build up

Unlike blue jeans, which benefit from fewer washes, going too long between launderings for sheets and towels causes dark discoloration to build up that won’t necessarily wash out. Cobb recommends pre-treating any spots so stains don’t set in.

4. Thoroughly dry items before putting them away

Still-damp sheets and towels can harbor bacteria and mold, according to the American Cleaning Institute, formerly the Soap and Detergent Association. This is also true of damp linens stuffed in a hamper, or towels that don’t dry out fully between uses.

5. Line dry when possible

That fuzzy buildup in your dryer’s lint tray is made up of fibers that used to be part of your sheets and towels. This is normal for newly purchased items, says Cobb. But each trip to the dryer eats away, ever so slightly, at your linens. If weather and local ordinances permit, hang out your linens to dry and cut down on both energy use and wear and tear. If you do use the dryer, be sure to clean out the lint trap after every use.

Did you know?

Concentrated versions of laundry detergent and fabric softener use 15 to 50 percent less material than traditional packaging, according to the American Cleaning Institute.

If you happen to be buying new linens, Egyptian cotton is known for having a long lifespan. Organic cotton and cotton-bamboo blends are generally grown using sustainable methods.

Spring Cleaning Sale

Mar 21, 2011

It’s only the second day of Spring and it’s already snowing again. Going to ignore the weather and celebrate Spring with a cleaning supplies sale! Everything you need to get ready for Spring on sale this week at Start Shopping for Spring Cleaning Supplies for fast shipping in 2-3 days and discounted prices.

Five Must Have Items in Your Bathroom

Mar 15, 2011

A sparkling clean, well-functioning bathroom starts with 5 essential products!

Wondering what ToiletPaperWorld’s five must-have items for a complete, well-functioning bathroom are? Shopping on a budget and looking for the most essential items? Look no further as we outline the five products you need most in your bathroom.

1)      Bathroom Cleaners – Whether you prefer items from trusted brands from Clorox, Arm & Hammer, or Scrubbing Bubbles, you need a good bathroom cleaner to help keep your bathroom clean. All purpose bathroom cleaners are the ideal choice if you are looking for a tile cleaner, grout cleaner, shower cleaner, and toilet cleaner in one. Try an eco-friendly cleaner if you are looking to be environmentally conscious. A good bathroom cleaner is essential for keeping your home lavatory spotless and its most sanitary.

2)      Paper Hand Towels – Paper hand towels are ideal for use when looking for a disposable, more sanitary alternative to traditional cloth hand towels. Paper hand towels are ideal for hand drying purposes or for use as cleaning cloths.

3)      Bathing Soap – A bathroom wouldn’t be a bathing room without a good bar soap! Try Camay soap, Dial soap, or Dove soap in your shower or bathtub to keep your skin soft and moisturized without compromising cleanliness.

4)      Bath Mat – Afraid of slipping in your bathtub or shower? Invest in a good bath mat! Complete with suction cups on the bottom to ensure it will stay in place, water will drain away easily.

5)      Toilet Brush – Imagine what cleaning a toilet would be like without a toilet brush? You probably don’t want to.  A good toilet bowl brush combined with the use of a toilet bowl cleaner or all purpose bathroom cleaner will help make sure your toilet and fixtures will remain clean and sparkling.

The use of these five products is guaranteed to keep your bathroom in its best working order! We have bathroom cleaning products as well as other bathroom essentials at ToiletPaperWorld!

Top 5 Places to Use Air Wick Air Fresheners

Mar 4, 2011

Use Air Wick Air Fresheners in all smelly areas!

We all know Air Wick air fresheners are great at getting rid of smelly odors while leaving behind refreshing scents such as Fresh Waters. But do you know the top places where you would need such an air freshening system?

Below are the top 5 places to use an Air Wick air freshener.

Restrooms – Whether public or private, restrooms can encounter some stinky situations. Having Air Wick air fresheners handy can help diffuse odors quickly at the office or during house parties or family gatherings, getting the stinky offender off the hook!

Cars – Everyone loves that new car smell, but, alas, it only lasts so long. So what do you do when you’ve forgot about your reeking sneakers in the back seat over the weekend? Perhaps your brother borrowed your car and smoked a cigarette in it, much to your nose’s dismay? Air Wick air fresheners are great for use as a car air freshener and will rid your car of malodors, replacing them with a revitalizing scent just as good as that new car smell!

Locker rooms – Locker rooms are notorious for being full of stinky football pads, soccer shin guards, and field hockey cleats, and they are always populated by sweaty people. Air Wick air fresheners are great at ridding locker rooms of even their most sweaty, smelly scents, and are great for use in the local high school or gym!

Lunch Rooms – Whether at the school cafeteria or in the office lunch room, trash can areas are always prone to smelly scents. Rotting apple cores, banana peels, and Mom’s leftover meatloaf can give off putrid fumes. Keep areas around garbage cans smelling fresh with Air Wick air freshening systems!

Laundry Areas/Hampers – Seriously smelly clothes from working out, food spills and stains, and general wear congregate in laundry rooms, closets, and other hamper areas. Air Wick air fresheners can help prevent foul odors from spreading through these areas, making laundry a more pleasant task!

Don’t be caught off guard and unprepared by a stinky situation! Use Air Wick air freshening systems for all your room air freshening needs!

Double Savings on Lysol Products with Manufacturer Rebates and Sale

Feb 28, 2011

Lysol Rebates and Sale at

Save TWICE! Sale Prices this week only from and receive up to $20 per case with Manufacturer Rebates from Reckitt-Benckiser.

Start saving today! See the sale prices and products.

Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap RefillsSome new products included on sale are Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap Systems, including dispensers and refills. These touchless hand soap dispensers automatically senses your hand and dispenses just enough soap for washing. Try these fresh smelling scented hand soaps: Cucumber Splash, Green Tea and Ginger, and Grapefruit.

Lysol® Healthy Touch™ soap kills 99.9% of bacteria as it is dispensed and is enriched with moisturizing ingredients.

Prevent the flu with Lysol IC

Dec 6, 2010

Lysol IC on Sale

Save on Lysol IC products this week at! From spray to wipes, we have everything you need to get clean!

Lysol IC products are hospital strength disinfectants, effective on HIV, staphs, E-coli and other bacteria. Kills 99% of germs in seconds.

Prevent contamination at workplaces, daycares, and other shared spaces.

Don’t forget, FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75!

Wiper and Scraper Entrance Floor Mats on Sale

Nov 15, 2010

Floor Mat Sale

Wiper and Scraper Entrance Mats on Sale this week at

Mats reduce maintenance cleaning costs by removing moisture & dirt from shoes before it enters your building.

Keep floors clean and dry inside even when it’s snowy and wet outside.

Reduce accidents and falls with wiper and scraper mat systems. Keep your employees and customers safe with floor mats.

Check out the full selection of floor mats if you’re looking for specialty mats, such as anti-fatigue mats or safety floor tread tape.


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