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Don’t Microwave Toilet Paper

May 16, 2013


Don’t put your toilet paper in the microwave. Even if you dropped the last roll in the toilet when you were trying to put it on the dispenser and you really need it dry so you can use it RIGHT NOW because you have a phobia of using public restrooms. Even if there are no tissues, napkins, or any other paper-like substance left in your entire house or apartment. I can only imagine that this was the emergency situation that led to putting a wet roll of toilet paper in the microwave, according to this article in the Arizona Daily Star. The toilet paper roll in the microwave left several hundred dollars worth of smoke damage and a visit from the fire department.

Just don’t microwave your toilet paper! What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever tried to microwave?

Sibling Rivalry Over Last Roll of Charmin

May 15, 2013


A fight over the last roll of Charmin toilet paper led elderly siblings to call 911, according to a NYPost article. Bernice Meltzer, 72, and her brother, Howard, 67, were both arrested after they called the cops for violating mutual orders of protection.

Are you guilty of leaving an empty roll of toilet paper? We’ll send you a free roll! Just

1) Tweet @toiletpaperking Toilet Paper Emergency #tp911 with a picture of your Empty Roll
2) DM @toiletpaperking Your Mailing Address* Info
3) Get a free roll of toilet paper delivered to you!

*Only available for mailing addresses in the continental US, deliverable by UPS. No PO Boxes. Limit 1 roll per household.

As for chronic offenders, stock up on bulk toilet paper and never run out again!

Beyonce Wants Red Toilet Paper and a New Toilet Seat

May 2, 2013


Among Beyonce’s Tour demands are a new toilet seat for her dressing room bathroom and red toilet paper, according to E!

I must agree, she is genius for requesting a new toilet seat. That would get rid of the disposable toilet seat cover issue.

Red toilet paper is hard to find in the US, but you can buy it online. Colored toilet paper is not sold in regular stores anymore because of a decrease in sales and rising costs of production. Read more about colored toilet paper here.

Do You Use Disposable Toilet Seat Covers in Public Bathrooms?

Apr 30, 2013


Do you use a disposable toilet seat cover in public bathrooms? I prefer to use the hover method, myself. But it is nice to have them available in the bathroom, it gives at least an illusion of cleanliness.

The bathrooms at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT have an automatic moving toilet seat cover that always freaks me out just a little bit. It’s a great idea to provide a toilet seat cover that you don’t have to touch, although you do need to touch a button (you can also wave your hand over the motion sensor, but I am notorious for having issues with these).

But how do I know where the toilet seat cover is coming from? It seems like it potentially could just be going around in a circle, providing a different part of the cover, like an infinite towel loop that bathrooms used to have (ick!)


Upon further research, I discovered that there is actually a clean side coming from one side of the toilet and the used toilet seat cover is collected on the other side, so it can then be disposed of. So hey, infinity toilet seat cover, you’re pretty smart!

Funny Video: Toilet Paper Rolls on Highway

Mar 18, 2013

Check out this funny video of toilet paper rolling all over the highway! This video was taken by A WUSA 9 photographer’s dashboard cameras.

Maybe it was a toilet paper fairy? What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever seen toilet paper??

Bulk Toilet Paper Buyers Beware of Arrest

Sep 25, 2012

A woman from Texas, 41 year old Tara Mauney, was recently arrested and faces jail time for allegedly helping middle school students buy toilet paper for a prank, (come on you know she did it).  The damage the middle school students caused amounted to almost $6000, including removing graffiti from the house written with permanent marker.

FoxNews reported that the woman was caught on surveillance tapes with a group of eight kids buying three 36-packs of toilet paper at Wal-mart. While we always encourage buying bulk toilet paper, we do not condone destructive toilet paper pranks at!

What type of woman brings eight kids to Wal-mart? Kind of hard to deny that the toilet paper was for a prank, but Mauney insists that she is innocent of any crime.

Mauney’s lawyer states,

I don’t think we’ve got a big enough prison in Texas if we’re gonna incarcerate everyone that bought toilet paper.


Check out the video for more details on the story:

Dallas News |

See below on how to toilet paper without getting arrested:

How to Toilet Paper A Co-Worker

How to Toilet Paper  a Co-Worker

Indoor Toilet Paper Prank

Indoor Toilet Paper Prank

Win a Year Supply of Charmin Toilet Paper in Instant Win Game

Sep 5, 2012

Enter the Charmin Instant Win Game and you might win a prize instantly! No need to like Charmin on Facebook, just vote for either Charmin Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong, then enter the giveaway afterwards! 1200 prizes available, including a 1 Year Supply of Charmin bath tissue, t-shirts, hats, coupons and much more. Enter the Instant Win Game daily until 10/20/2012.

What would you do with the money you save from a year supply of Charmin toilet paper? How much would your year supply of toilet paper be? According to the blog, Food Storage Made Easy, you can easily calculate the amount of toilet paper you use in a year as well as how much storage space you will need.

The question of how much do you need is easily answered. When you go to the store to buy because you are out, buy 3 times what you would normally and store 2 of them. When you need it again, repeat. After 6 months you’ve stored a year’s supply (twice what you used in 6 months!) Works for anything. You can shorten or lengthen the time it takes as your budget dictates by changing the multiple you buy. Twice as much as usual will take a year, 4 times as much will take 4 months, etc.

Of course, you could always buy toilet paper in bulk from, and store it in its convenient case. As many as 96 rolls come in one case, so you should be set for at least 6 months unless you have really high traffic bathrooms!


Innovative Toilet of the Future Wins Bill Gates’ Toilet Fair

Aug 16, 2012

2.6 billion people in the world don’t have a safe way to poop! Bill Gates tweeted this last Monday, in an effort to raise awareness about the sanitation problem in the world. The Bill Gates Foundation sponsored a toilet fair to inspire innovation for redesigning the concept of the toilet, a household item that many Americans take for granted.

On Tuesday, the University of Colorado Boulder scientists were awarded the $780,000 grant to fund the building of their winning design for a waterless and solar powered toilet. This toilet not only doesn’t create waste products, but it goes back into the earth for fertilizer! The toilet uses concentrated sunlight to sanitize and breakdown the toilet waste to make biological charcoal, also known as “biochar.” The biochar can be used as a fertilizer for farming, as a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers. The foundation expects to be able to test its first prototypes within the next three years.

Be thankful for your toilet! The World Toilet Organization sponsors World Toilet Day to promote awareness of the sanitation issues around the world.

Check out the video that the Bill Gates Foundation sponsored to urge scientists to get their sh*t together!

Toilet Shaped Public Restroom Entrance

Jun 5, 2012

LUCAS, KANSAS – A new public bathroom at the Bowl Plaza debuted this past weeked in Lucas, Kansas with the help of a state grant. The entrance is shaped like a toilet tank and then the door has the shape of a toilet seat lid around it. Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the new restrooms, with a day of toilet seat toss and the Tubular Olympics with empty toilet paper rolls. Thanks to KSAL for the picture!

Can’t afford your own toilet paper? Now that’s Jerseylicious

Mar 16, 2012

Five days ago we at ToiletPaperWorld all waited with bated breath to see if the great state of New Jerseywould be able to resolve its budget.  Apparently, they had severe problems balancing their office supply budget and were dangerously close to running out of toilet paper.  This battle began back in November when a $42,000 order was not approved because it had $4,000 worth of cups, which was over the cup budget and ended up holding up the entire order.  Part of the hesitance to approve the whole order have been suspected occurrences of stolen toilet paper – for which Jumbo toilet rolls are a viable solution.

In a dramatic twist, PETA stepped in as the deadline was nearly up and offered to donate a six month supply of toilet paper which New Jersey has apparently accepted.

The caveat of this is the toilet paper will be printed with the message “Slaughterhouses are so filthy that more than half of all meat is contaminated with fecal bacteria. Wipe cruelty from your diet. Go vegan. PETA.”  On the bright side, I doubt anyone would steal this toilet paper unless they did so for novelty purposes.
Nothing against PETA, but I think I would be annoyed enough by toilet paper propaganda to bring my own toilet paper into work from home.  Read the full story at Fox News.


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