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Charmin Scented Toilet Paper

Sep 15, 2014

CharminScentedCharmin recently announced that they would be launching a new line of scented toilet paper. Being on the largest producers of toilet paper, they stated that adding “Chamomile to the roll, Charmin helps create a soothing, cozy bathroom experience” and cited that there is a growing market of consumers looking for scented toilet paper.



Can’t wait for Charmin Scented Toilet Paper to hit retail stores? Try this DIY scented toilet paper tutorial:

Simple grab a roll of toilet paper, take an essential oil of choice (try lavender or lemon for a fresh scent) and add a few drops to the inside of the roll. Every time you take some toilet paper it will release a fresh scent sure to fill your bathroom.

Looking to stock up on Charmin toilet paper today? Well then, head on over to!

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Green

Nov 4, 2013

ToiletPaperWorld Blog reader submission: 10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Green (via WhiteFenceSavings)

Green Living

1) Install a Water Filter – Making sure that you and your family stays hydrated is of great importance, but there are better ways to accomplish the goal than buying disposable plastic bottles full of water. Invest in reusable water bottles for every member of the family, and spring for a water filter. You’ll keep that plastic out of rotation, and you’ll be teaching your kids a valuable lesson about stewardship.

2) Chuck the Plastic Bags – There’s no doubt that it’s easier to snag the plastic bags at the grocery store, but it’s not all that difficult to opt instead for reusable shopping bags to carry your goods back home. Instead of collecting mounds of bags that will only be thrown away, look for a few sturdy, reusable canvas or cloth shopping bags to do the same job in a much greener way.

3) Opt Out of Junk Mail – You probably won’t be able to stop the endless flood of marketing fliers that come to your mailbox, but you can make a dent in your waste-of-paper junk mail by opting out of pre-approved credit offers. look for ways to put an end to the junk mail you receive, and you’ll be doing a simple thing that has a big overall impact on the planet.

4) Donate, Don’t Dump – Kids grow out of clothes, and they fall out of style. Instead of dumping old clothes, turn those that aren’t serviceable into cloth rags for cleaning and donate the rest to a local charity. You’ll be clearing your home of clutter and doing something good for both the environment and your community.

5) Stop Buying Cleaning Products – Chemical cleaning products are not only expensive, they can also wreak havoc wit allergies, skin sensitives and asthma. They can also be manufactured under conditions that are less than healthy for the environment. Instead, find recipes you like for simple, effective homemade cleaning products. Allergy and asthma sufferers will be happier, and so will the earth.

6) Consider Cloth Diapers – The idea of dealing with a messy cloth diaper can be off-putting at first blush, to say the least. What many people don’t realize is that clothies have come a long way since they last enjoyed widespread use. Even if you only use one cloth diaper a day to supplement disposable nappy use, you’ll keep three hundred and sixty-five diapers out of a landfill over the course of a single year.

7) Skip the Paper Towels – Tearing a paper towel off the role is convenient, but it’s also wasteful. Consider moving towards those cloth rags re-purposed from old clothing and towels, and you’ll be putting an end to single-use paper products that cost money and only end up in the trash.

8) Leave Your Shoes at the Door – There’s more to keeping a green home than reducing your impact on the land; it’s also about keeping your family healthy and happy. That’s why ditching your shoes at the door is so important. Instead of tracking pesticides, chemicals and other yucky contaminants in on the soles of your shoes, you’re leaving them out of your home altogether.

9) Keep Plastic Out of the Microwave – When a piece of plastic ware says that it’s “microwave safe” all that means is that it’s capable of withstanding high temperatures without turning to molten liquid. It may still contain dangerous chemicals and substances, which is decidedly not green. One of the quickest and easiest changes you can make towards achieving a greener home is to simply bypass the plastic bowl in favor of a glass or ceramic one on your way to the microwave.

10) Landscape Carefully – When you plot out your next landscaping project, take a moment to consider your local climate. Sourcing native plants and placing them properly will ensure that they’re able to thrive with minimal intervention, which means no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides and no need to waster water by pouring it into the ground in order to sustain a plant that isn’t able to naturally survive in your area.

How Toilet Paper is Made

Oct 30, 2013

Ever wonder how toilet paper is made? Well then, check out this great Discovery Channel video, “How Toilet Paper Is Made“.

Be sure to stock up on bulk toilet paper at!

Best Ever Potty Training Tips

Oct 1, 2013

potty training tipsWe recently ran across this great article from, “20 Best Ever Potty Training Tips“, and just had to share!

Top cheats, I mean “best practices”, for successfully potty training:
– Bribes work! Two words: Mini M&M’s
– Daddy does it too!?
– Cheerio target practice
– Praise, praise, and more praise
– Softer is better

Looking to stock up on soft, comfortable toilet paper? Then head on over to to stock up on your bulk toilet paper needs today!

Fun & Easy DIY Toilet Paper Roll Project: Wall Art

Jul 18, 2013

Looking for a fun family project, or an inexpensive wall art project? Then check out this easy to follow “How-to” video and learn how to make your own Flower Wall Art out of toilet paper rolls.

DIY Flower Wall Art Toilet Paper Roll Project

Toilet Paper Tuesday: Bathroom Humor, Toilet Paper Origami

Jul 9, 2013

Toilet Paper humor_JC062013

Interested in learning how to create your own toilet paper origami? Check out these helpful sites, including tutorials.

– Toilet Paper Origami, Pinterest
– Toilet Paper Origami, Curbly
– Toilet Paper Origami, Origami Resource Center

Send us a picture of your best toilet paper origami. We may just showcase it in a future blog post.

Happy folding!

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

Dec 21, 2012


Check out this toilet paper roll wreath from Unknown Mami. Just save up your toilet paper rolls when they’re empty (finally a use for all those empty rolls!)

Use different color ribbon to dress it up or down for any holiday! You could even paint the toilet paper cardboard tubes before cutting them up for an even more festive design.

Make your own toilet paper roll wreath yourself by following the tutorial on Unknown Mami’s website.

Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Nov 8, 2012

Here at, we are so sad to see the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left behind. Many of our customers live in hard-hit areas like New York City, New Jersey and Long Island. We have donated some essential products to the victims and we encourage you to help support the recovery in any way you can. Check out Hurricane Prep and Clean Up Supplies at

You can donate to the Red Cross by visiting

You can also send product donations to the Times Square Church which will distribute items to those in need. Visit If you would like to send a product donation through, the shipping address for the church is Times Square Church 1657 Broadway, New York, New York 10019.








All victims are in our thoughts and prayers…

How to Toilet Paper a Co-Worker

Jul 31, 2012

1) Gather supplies. Obtain toilet paper rolls and tape for securing the ends of toilet paper . I like to use a nice two-ply embossed toilet tissue, for extra strength and durability.

2) Find out your co-worker’s schedule. Make sure they are gone for long enough for you to decorate and get out without being seen! If they come in really early in the morning, it’s best to do it after they leave for the day on the night before. If the co-worker stays in the office really late, come in a little early on the morning you want to pull your prank.

3) Do the deed, but don’t be destructive. After all, it is your workplace, so you don’t want people to be upset or offended by what you think is a harmless prank. Good objects to wrap in toilet paper include: staplers, tape dispensers, monitors, speakers, and chairs. Toilet papering the doorway is okay. You don’t want to make the scene look completely in disarray, just in case the employee has an early meeting or visitor. Keep it classy.

In honor of the IT Director’s 12th anniversary of working here at, we gave his office a little extra class today! Happy anniversary Dave!

Tips for Washing Linens: Use Natural Laundry Detergent

Mar 23, 2011

Using green laundry detergent from brands such as Seventh Generation or Clorox GreenWorks may help prolong the life of your linens. Natural laundry detergents are more environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and made from all-natural, plant-derived ingredients. They are gentle enough so they won’t irritate sensitive skin, but strong enough to lift out stains.

Check out the article below for more tips for washing laundry from the Holland Sentinel. Though they are specifically referring to sheets and towels, these tips can be applied to any type of laundry.

We use sheets and towels daily, but given proper care, they can last for years. And while prolonging the life of the items we own isn’t as obviously green as, say, recycling, this practice helps conserve resources and save money.

The life expectancy of your linens depends on how much use they get, says Linda Cobb, who offers cleaning advice under the name The Queen of Clean.

Putting sheets right back on the bed will cause them to wear out a little faster, says Cobb, but the tradeoff is saving time with folding, particularly those tedious fitted sheets. A few other simple steps can help prolong the life of these household staples.

1. Use the right product

Your choice of detergent certainly matters for laundry items, but also the environment.

“Harsh detergents and bleaches break down fabric fibers,” says Cobb, who personally recommends the Vaska line. She recommends using “quality, safe, natural laundry products” to extend the life of linens.

2. Read the label

Check labels and wash sheets and towels at the recommended water temperature; some items call for a gentle wash cycle or should not be bleached. Most Americans also use too much detergent, according to the Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science, especially as washers become more efficient and detergents more concentrated. Excess suds can re-deposit soiling matter on your laundry.

3. Don’t let soiling build up

Unlike blue jeans, which benefit from fewer washes, going too long between launderings for sheets and towels causes dark discoloration to build up that won’t necessarily wash out. Cobb recommends pre-treating any spots so stains don’t set in.

4. Thoroughly dry items before putting them away

Still-damp sheets and towels can harbor bacteria and mold, according to the American Cleaning Institute, formerly the Soap and Detergent Association. This is also true of damp linens stuffed in a hamper, or towels that don’t dry out fully between uses.

5. Line dry when possible

That fuzzy buildup in your dryer’s lint tray is made up of fibers that used to be part of your sheets and towels. This is normal for newly purchased items, says Cobb. But each trip to the dryer eats away, ever so slightly, at your linens. If weather and local ordinances permit, hang out your linens to dry and cut down on both energy use and wear and tear. If you do use the dryer, be sure to clean out the lint trap after every use.

Did you know?

Concentrated versions of laundry detergent and fabric softener use 15 to 50 percent less material than traditional packaging, according to the American Cleaning Institute.

If you happen to be buying new linens, Egyptian cotton is known for having a long lifespan. Organic cotton and cotton-bamboo blends are generally grown using sustainable methods.


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