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TPW Supports #TEAMUSA in the #WORLDCUP2014

Jun 26, 2014

ToiletPaperWorld is proud to support #TEAMUSA in the #WORLDCUP2014

#TeamUA #WorldCup2014

#TeamUSA #WorldCup2014

DIY Alert: Toilet Paper Craft Projects, By Season

Feb 28, 2014

Whether you’re starting your gardening early, looking for fun Easter party items, making monsters for birthdays, or decorating for the Holidays toilet paper rolls are a must have DIY project item. So regardless of the time of year, save those toilet paper rolls!

toiletpaperrollplantstarters Use toilet paper rolls to start your seedlings in. Simply fill them with dirt and insert your seeds as listed on the package. The rolls will decompose so you can bury them right in your garden and/or container pot.






toiletpaperflower This easy decoration is great for sprucing up a picnic, birthday party, or pool party! With just a little bit of paint, a pair of scissors, a stapler, and some creativity you, and your kids, can easily make these fun flowers! Cute for summertime outside weddings too!







toiletpaperbirdseedAs the leaves begin to change and before the winter winds come blowing in setting out bird-feeders is an easy way to help keep your backyard feathered friends around longer. By smearing on peanut butter and then rolling the covered toilet paper roll in birdseed you can create these cute feeders in under a minute! We’re not kidding, set the timer and give it a go!











ToiletpaperlanternsMake these quick and easy Holiday decorations beforehand or better yet, have the gang over and make a party out of it! Home holiday decorations, in our opinion, are the best decorations!

ToiletPaperWorld February Special: Custom Printed Toilet Paper

Feb 3, 2014 Specials Alert: For the month of February get a pack of 4 rolls of custom toilet paper for $10 each per roll. That’s a $16 instant savings! 

Custom printed toilet paper

Custom Printed Toilet Paper – Corporate Logos, Photos, Funny Quotes. Printed one color on 2-ply facial quality toilet paper. Great for parties and gags. Get as few as 4 rolls.

Each order is custom made. Each roll is individually shrink wrapped. For a free price quote click here.


Additional Information

Cost: 4 rolls $10 each (February special only), 10 rolls $9.75 each, 40 rolls $7.50, 80 rolls $7.00 each, 240 rolls $5.35 each, 480 rolls $4.90 each, 800 rolls $4.10 each, 1600 rolls $3.75 each, 2400 rolls $3.55 each

A setup charge for new orders is $31.25. For repeat orders, $12.50. Additional charges may apply, contact customer service for details.

Pricing includes printing on facial quality 2-ply biodegradable toilet paper. Each roll is individually shrink wrapped. Pricing is per design. Quantities cannot be combined.

Imageable Area: 3 1/2″ X 16″ (and then continuously repeated throughout roll) printed in one (1) color only.

Accepted Formats: Mac or Windows: Email, CD, DVD, ZIP, Illustrator, Photoshop, eps, bmp, ai, psd, tif, (jpg, gif: see the next line)

Image resolution MUST be at least at 150dpi at the final size of 3.5″ wide. Jpg’s & gif’s are usually very low resolution internet/web images & are worthless for printing. Please check file size of these to see if they are usable or email them to us. We can check them out for you.

Shipping Will Go Out “Best Way”: 4-80 rolls UPS; 80 rolls or more UPS or truck.

How long will it take to get my order?

Production Time after Artwork Approval is 2 – 3 weeks for 4 – 800 rolls; 4 – 6 weeks for 880 – 4800 rolls. Call ahead to make arrangements if your order is needed sooner.

Can I get a rush order?

Yes. Rush orders are available with these additional charges: 48 hour – 100% of the roll charge, 3-4 Day – 50% of the roll charge and 5-10 day – 25% of the roll charge.

For a Free Price Quote…

Please fill in the information below and click on submit. We will contact you with a price quote and answer any questions that you have.

Happy New Years! 2014 is the Year of Saving Money!

Jan 3, 2014


Happy New Years! Like most of us you’ve probably got your New Years resolution set. Great! But that’s the easy part. As we all know sticking with the resolution is the actual challenge. For those of you who have decided to go with Saving Money as your resolution we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you achieve your goal. Best of luck and may the force be with you!

From ABCnews, 5 money resolutions to consider for 2014:
1) Know where you stand financially
2) Think small
3) Pay yourself first
4) Pay down debt
5) Save more for retirement

Plus – Sign up to become a member and automatically save 5% on every order! Every penny counts, so start saving today!

Tis the Season: Elf on the Shelf ideas

Dec 17, 2013

Tis the Season… Elf on the Shelf ideas from your (and Santa’s) friends over at


 Elfy was caught toilet papering the family Christmas tree. Silly Elfy.


Elfy then decided to have a play date with Dora at her house. Looks like Dora

decided to have Elfy stay for awhile.


After a busy night of checking on all of the boys and girls in the house and reporting back to Santa Elfy decided to take a break.

Holiday Donations For Our Troops: Toilet Paper

Nov 5, 2013


Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again. The time to start planning your holiday shopping. While you’re getting your list together you may want to consider adding some donation items too. Based on customer feedback, we’d suggest checking out

In addition to snacks, entertainment, and sports items personal use items are always needed. Below is a list of the most needed and requested items:
– K-cups for Keurig machines (coffee, tea, hot cocoa)
– Powder drink mix (Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light)
– Lip Balm (Chap Stick, Carmex, Blistex)
– Shaving cream or shaving soap
Toilet paper and facial tissues
– iTunes gift cards
– Board Games
– Holiday & Seasonal decorations Discount Days: Oct 17th & 18th 2013

Oct 14, 2013

toiletpaperworld_discount Discount Days: October 17th & 18th 2013

Shop TPW on October 17th & 18th and automatically receive a 5% discount on your entire order! Don’t forget to stock up and save! Free 2-3 day shipping on orders over $75!

Discount includes TPW Customer Favorites such as: Charmin Toilet Paper, Boardwalk 2ply Bathroom Tissue, Kleenex Facial Tissue, Marcal Napkins, and many more…


Healthy Habits – Flu Control Prevention Products & Supplies

Oct 14, 2013

Healthy Habits Flu Control Supplies AdAccording to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this year, 2013-2014, is going to be an active flu season. To help stop the spread of germs and prevent respiratory illnesses like the flu, the CDC recommends the following “Healthy Habits“:

1. Avoid close contact: Avoid close contact with people who are sick, or are showing signs of being sick. When you’re sick, keep your distance from other who are healthy to help prevent them from getting sick too.

2. Stay home when you are sick: Talk to your employer before you get sick. Check to see what your company policies are on “Sick Stay”. If possible, stay home when you’re sick. Don’t go out to work, school, or to run errands when you have the flu. By staying home, and away from people, you can help prevent others from catching your illness.

3. Cover your mouth and nose: Be sure to cover your mouth when you cough, and your nose when you sneeze. Simple actions can really help to stop the spread of germs and illnesses.

4. Wash your hands: Cleaning your hands will help protect you, and others, from germs. Tip: Hum the “Happy Birthday” song while washing your hands, that should be enough time. If soap and running water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub or sanitizer.

5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth: Germ causing illnesses are often spread from person to person when you touch something that is contaminated and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Be sure to wipe down shared office equipment, such as phones, keyboards, etc.

6. Practice other good health habits: Clean, wash, and disinfect any and all frequently touched surfaces in your home, at work or school; especially when someone is sick. In addition, be sure to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of fluids, manage your stress, and eat healthy.

Buy Healthy Habits – Flu Control Products and Supplies today at! Stock up and save, plus free 2-3 day shipping on orders over $75!

Happy National Toilet Paper Day 2013

Aug 26, 2013

national toilet paper day 2013Happy National Toilet Paper Day 2013! Treat yourself to your favorite toilet paper today! Stock up on Charmin, Cottonelle, Angel Soft, Scott, Marcal, and many more at! Free fast 2-3 day shipping on bulk orders over $75!

DIY Summer Craft Idea for Kids: Toilet Paper Roll Hats

Jun 18, 2013

Looking for fun, easy DIY project ideas for kids this summer? Check out Crafts & DIY community for this, Toilet Paper Roll Hats, and other kid-friendly ideas today.

Toilet Paper Roll Hats_Kids DIY

Don’t forget to stock up on your favorite TP supplies! Browse our Toilet Paper supplies section.

Remember – Saved toilet paper rolls plus a little bit of glitter goes a long way towards easy summer fun.


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