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Cottonelle Toilet Paper – Toilet Paper of the Week

Nov 17, 2009

If it's soft enough for him, its soft enough for me!

If it's soft enough for him, its soft enough for me!

And the winner of this week’s Toilet Paper of the Week goes to ….. Cottonelle Toilet Paper!  Cottonelle Toilet Paper has been awarded this highly regarded honor for its superb quality.  Born as a spinoff of Kleenex tissues, this premium toilet paper is comparable to the softness of their namesake’s tissues.

Why we love Cottonelle Toilet Paper

The softness of Kleenex Tissues, in the comfort of a roll of toilet paper
Anyone that has ever had a cold can attest to the fact nothing is more soothing than a soft tissue.  Now imagine the softness from the leading brand of premium tissues, rolled up in a roll of toilet paper. That’s exactly what you get with Cottonelle Toilet Paper – every sheet feels as if the manufacturers lined up a roll of tissues and stitched them together.

Premium quality toilet paper means less waste
While Cottonelle Toilet Paper may only be 1-ply, it has the softness and strength of a 2 ply roll.  This level of quality means your costumers will need half the amount of toilet paper as compared to private label brands, so you’lll end up saving money in the long run (and pleasing your costumer’s behinds!)

Space optimizing and zip-off case packaging

Its no secret we sell our toilet paper in bulk. One frustrating element for our customers is sometimes the storage of these bulk cases. Well the packaging experts at Cottonelle got it right when they designed these cases – the zip off top & individually wrapped rolls protects the rolls in storage and the entire cases is designed for space –saving.  Now all you’ll have to worry about it keeping your secret from your competitors!

Ready to experience the premium softness of this outstanding toilet paper? Visit for discounted rates off of our already reduced bulk prices on Cottonelle Toilet Paper. Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee you won’t become addicted!

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    LOL.. It is really look cute. The dogs is very wonderful with the toilet paper..

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