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Don’t Microwave Toilet Paper

May 16, 2013


Don’t put your toilet paper in the microwave. Even if you dropped the last roll in the toilet when you were trying to put it on the dispenser and you really need it dry so you can use it RIGHT NOW because you have a phobia of using public restrooms. Even if there are no tissues, napkins, or any other paper-like substance left in your entire house or apartment. I can only imagine that this was the emergency situation that led to putting a wet roll of toilet paper in the microwave, according to this article in the Arizona Daily Star. The toilet paper roll in the microwave left several hundred dollars worth of smoke damage and a visit from the fire department.

Just don’t microwave your toilet paper! What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever tried to microwave?

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7 Responses to “Don’t Microwave Toilet Paper”

  1. Douglas Brent - May 20th, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    I tried to microwave my daughter’s teddy bear once…. needles to say it was a mistake. :)

  2. private investigators - May 21st, 2013 at 3:44 am

    That’s great. I never think about as this. It helps me use my oven as well.

  3. Vivian Calhoun - May 26th, 2013 at 9:35 pm

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  4. Caravan Dealers Uk - June 19th, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    Yeah something that you don’t here quite often. Never heard of such thing either is this being practiced by people ?

  5. Dallas Private Investigators - October 23rd, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    Can’t believe people need to be told this, just a little common sense would go far in this world.

  6. Sarah belcher - October 28th, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    Omg, I just found this article today… Right after my grandpa did the same thing. Lol crazy

  7. Sheogorath - July 16th, 2014 at 7:46 am

    That’s why I only use my microwave for food in microwave-safe dishes. Simples!

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