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Innovative Toilet of the Future Wins Bill Gates’ Toilet Fair

Aug 16, 2012

2.6 billion people in the world don’t have a safe way to poop! Bill Gates tweeted this last Monday, in an effort to raise awareness about the sanitation problem in the world. The Bill Gates Foundation sponsored a toilet fair to inspire innovation for redesigning the concept of the toilet, a household item that many Americans take for granted.

On Tuesday, the University of Colorado Boulder scientists were awarded the $780,000 grant to fund the building of their winning design for a waterless and solar powered toilet. This toilet not only doesn’t create waste products, but it goes back into the earth for fertilizer! The toilet uses concentrated sunlight to sanitize and breakdown the toilet waste to make biological charcoal, also known as “biochar.” The biochar can be used as a fertilizer for farming, as a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers. The foundation expects to be able to test its first prototypes within the next three years.

Be thankful for your toilet! The World Toilet Organization sponsors World Toilet Day to promote awareness of the sanitation issues around the world.

Check out the video that the Bill Gates Foundation sponsored to urge scientists to get their sh*t together!

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