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New Consumer Report about Toilet Paper

May 5, 2009 has just released a new, comprehensive report on Toilet Paper. They tested many of the biggest national and store brands to look at strength, softness, price, quality, and disintegration.

In terms of price, you can save over $100 dollars a year by purchasing store brand toilet paper from places like CostCo and Walmart, if you don’t mind sacrificing strength and softness.

In terms of softness, Charmin, Cottonelle, and Quilted Northern are still the choice of most consumers. The amount of plies doesn’t matter so much anymore, since innovative technology means that Charmin technically only has 1-ply, but the same thickness as a 3-ply toilet paper.

Marcal Sunrise Toilet Paper

Flush-able wipes have become very popular, but they might not be so popular in your septic system. These flush-able wipes performed very poorly in their disintegration tests and may damage or back up your sewer or septic system. The advice is to throw them in the trash after you use them (but here at we think that sounds pretty gross…)

Lastly, they tested the top recycled toilet papers again- Marcal Sunrise and Seventh Generation. Last year they performed horribly on softness but have since been reformulated. The tests concluded that although both are a inexpensive green alternative, they don’t hold up against the traditional favorites in terms of softness or strength. However, a little bit of sacrifice on your bum might be worth it to save the trees. You can see the rest of our eco- friendly products at

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2 Responses to “New Consumer Report about Toilet Paper”

  1. Autohjælp - August 10th, 2010 at 4:15 am

    I allow only the finest toilet paper near my bum :)

  2. Treadmill Traci - February 2nd, 2011 at 10:08 am

    Personally I like the idea of flushable wipes but if they don’t really “flush” thats a problem.

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