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Holiday Donations For Our Troops: Toilet Paper

Nov 5, 2013


Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again. The time to start planning your holiday shopping. While you’re getting your list together you may want to consider adding some donation items too. Based on customer feedback, we’d suggest checking out

In addition to snacks, entertainment, and sports items personal use items are always needed. Below is a list of the most needed and requested items:
– K-cups for Keurig machines (coffee, tea, hot cocoa)
– Powder drink mix (Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light)
– Lip Balm (Chap Stick, Carmex, Blistex)
– Shaving cream or shaving soap
Toilet paper and facial tissues
– iTunes gift cards
– Board Games
– Holiday & Seasonal decorations

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10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Green

Nov 4, 2013

ToiletPaperWorld Blog reader submission: 10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Green (via WhiteFenceSavings)

Green Living

1) Install a Water Filter – Making sure that you and your family stays hydrated is of great importance, but there are better ways to accomplish the goal than buying disposable plastic bottles full of water. Invest in reusable water bottles for every member of the family, and spring for a water filter. You’ll keep that plastic out of rotation, and you’ll be teaching your kids a valuable lesson about stewardship.

2) Chuck the Plastic Bags – There’s no doubt that it’s easier to snag the plastic bags at the grocery store, but it’s not all that difficult to opt instead for reusable shopping bags to carry your goods back home. Instead of collecting mounds of bags that will only be thrown away, look for a few sturdy, reusable canvas or cloth shopping bags to do the same job in a much greener way.

3) Opt Out of Junk Mail – You probably won’t be able to stop the endless flood of marketing fliers that come to your mailbox, but you can make a dent in your waste-of-paper junk mail by opting out of pre-approved credit offers. look for ways to put an end to the junk mail you receive, and you’ll be doing a simple thing that has a big overall impact on the planet.

4) Donate, Don’t Dump – Kids grow out of clothes, and they fall out of style. Instead of dumping old clothes, turn those that aren’t serviceable into cloth rags for cleaning and donate the rest to a local charity. You’ll be clearing your home of clutter and doing something good for both the environment and your community.

5) Stop Buying Cleaning Products – Chemical cleaning products are not only expensive, they can also wreak havoc wit allergies, skin sensitives and asthma. They can also be manufactured under conditions that are less than healthy for the environment. Instead, find recipes you like for simple, effective homemade cleaning products. Allergy and asthma sufferers will be happier, and so will the earth.

6) Consider Cloth Diapers – The idea of dealing with a messy cloth diaper can be off-putting at first blush, to say the least. What many people don’t realize is that clothies have come a long way since they last enjoyed widespread use. Even if you only use one cloth diaper a day to supplement disposable nappy use, you’ll keep three hundred and sixty-five diapers out of a landfill over the course of a single year.

7) Skip the Paper Towels – Tearing a paper towel off the role is convenient, but it’s also wasteful. Consider moving towards those cloth rags re-purposed from old clothing and towels, and you’ll be putting an end to single-use paper products that cost money and only end up in the trash.

8) Leave Your Shoes at the Door – There’s more to keeping a green home than reducing your impact on the land; it’s also about keeping your family healthy and happy. That’s why ditching your shoes at the door is so important. Instead of tracking pesticides, chemicals and other yucky contaminants in on the soles of your shoes, you’re leaving them out of your home altogether.

9) Keep Plastic Out of the Microwave – When a piece of plastic ware says that it’s “microwave safe” all that means is that it’s capable of withstanding high temperatures without turning to molten liquid. It may still contain dangerous chemicals and substances, which is decidedly not green. One of the quickest and easiest changes you can make towards achieving a greener home is to simply bypass the plastic bowl in favor of a glass or ceramic one on your way to the microwave.

10) Landscape Carefully – When you plot out your next landscaping project, take a moment to consider your local climate. Sourcing native plants and placing them properly will ensure that they’re able to thrive with minimal intervention, which means no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides and no need to waster water by pouring it into the ground in order to sustain a plant that isn’t able to naturally survive in your area.

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How Toilet Paper is Made

Oct 30, 2013

Ever wonder how toilet paper is made? Well then, check out this great Discovery Channel video, “How Toilet Paper Is Made“.

Be sure to stock up on bulk toilet paper at!

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Toilet Paper: Your DIY Halloween Must Have

Oct 23, 2013

toilet paper halloween customes

Halloween 2013 is quickly approaching… Still not sure what you, or your family, will be dressing up as? We’ve got some ideas… DIY of course.

Cute (and easy) kids costumes, including: Knight, Judge, Rocket man,  Chef, Turtle, etc

Recommended supplies: toilet paper, toilet paper rolls, paint, glue, glitter, scissors, plastic milk jugs, chop sticks, etc

Do-It-Yourself adult and kids costumes, including: mummies, Katniss from the Hunger Games, Zombies, Batman & Robin, Raggedy Ann (TPW staff favorite!)

Recommended supplies: toilet paper, toilet paper rolls, sweat pants/shirts, paint, beanie hats, etc

Toilet Paper Monsters_Halloween

Looking to add some Halloween DIY crafts into the fold? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
Recommended supplies: toilet paper, toilet paper rolls, tape, glitter, glue, paint, and snacks!

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Oct 14, 2013

toiletpaperworld_discount Discount Days: October 17th & 18th 2013

Shop TPW on October 17th & 18th and automatically receive a 5% discount on your entire order! Don’t forget to stock up and save! Free 2-3 day shipping on orders over $75!

Discount includes TPW Customer Favorites such as: Charmin Toilet Paper, Boardwalk 2ply Bathroom Tissue, Kleenex Facial Tissue, Marcal Napkins, and many more…


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Healthy Habits – Flu Control Prevention Products & Supplies

Oct 14, 2013

Healthy Habits Flu Control Supplies AdAccording to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this year, 2013-2014, is going to be an active flu season. To help stop the spread of germs and prevent respiratory illnesses like the flu, the CDC recommends the following “Healthy Habits“:

1. Avoid close contact: Avoid close contact with people who are sick, or are showing signs of being sick. When you’re sick, keep your distance from other who are healthy to help prevent them from getting sick too.

2. Stay home when you are sick: Talk to your employer before you get sick. Check to see what your company policies are on “Sick Stay”. If possible, stay home when you’re sick. Don’t go out to work, school, or to run errands when you have the flu. By staying home, and away from people, you can help prevent others from catching your illness.

3. Cover your mouth and nose: Be sure to cover your mouth when you cough, and your nose when you sneeze. Simple actions can really help to stop the spread of germs and illnesses.

4. Wash your hands: Cleaning your hands will help protect you, and others, from germs. Tip: Hum the “Happy Birthday” song while washing your hands, that should be enough time. If soap and running water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub or sanitizer.

5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth: Germ causing illnesses are often spread from person to person when you touch something that is contaminated and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Be sure to wipe down shared office equipment, such as phones, keyboards, etc.

6. Practice other good health habits: Clean, wash, and disinfect any and all frequently touched surfaces in your home, at work or school; especially when someone is sick. In addition, be sure to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of fluids, manage your stress, and eat healthy.

Buy Healthy Habits – Flu Control Products and Supplies today at! Stock up and save, plus free 2-3 day shipping on orders over $75!

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Fan/customer favorite: Marcal Pro 100% Premium Recycled Toilet Paper

Oct 8, 2013

Marcal Pro Premium Recycled Toilet PaperFan/customer favorite: Marcal Pro 100% Premium Recycled Toilet Paper

Nancy C. shared “Between kids, grandkids, and friends our house is always full. So I make sure to stock up on toilet paper, because honestly, no one wants to run out of that! Over the years we’ve pretty much tried all the different types of toilet paper there are: 1ply, 2ply, soft, strong, recycled, etc. Some have been more loved than others, but thankfully they all suite their purpose. Recently my daughter-in-law brought over a package of the Marcal Pro 100% Recycled Toilet Paper and I have to say, I love it! When I found out you could buy it in bulk at I did. Now we shouldn’t have to worry about running out for awhile. Customer suggestion: Stock up now for the Holidays! You’ll be happy you did.”

Product highlights:
– 60% post-consumer and 100% total recovered material
– Meets EPA CPG requirements
– No dye or fragrance added.
– Whitened without chlorine bleaching
– Septic and sewer safe

Stock up today, and receive free 2-3 day shipping on orders over $75!

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Best Ever Potty Training Tips

Oct 1, 2013

potty training tipsWe recently ran across this great article from, “20 Best Ever Potty Training Tips“, and just had to share!

Top cheats, I mean “best practices”, for successfully potty training:
– Bribes work! Two words: Mini M&M’s
– Daddy does it too!?
– Cheerio target practice
– Praise, praise, and more praise
– Softer is better

Looking to stock up on soft, comfortable toilet paper? Then head on over to to stock up on your bulk toilet paper needs today!

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Back by popular demand – Where did all the colored toilet paper go?

Sep 19, 2013

RIP Pink Toilet Paper, Cherished Friend, Companion, and Always There When You Needed It Most; 1950-?

RIP Pink Toilet Paper, Cherished Friend, Companion, and Always There When You Needed It Most; 1950-?

We’re bringing this one back from the archives… Originally posted Jul 16, 2009 – “Where did all the colored toilet paper go?”

Think about it for a second – When was the last time you reached for some TP and saw anything but the standard white roll?  Probably around the same time tie dyed t-shirts and Birkenstocks were still in style, right?

30 years ago colored toilet paper wasn’t the rarity it is today.  Introduced in the 50’s and popular throughout the 70’s, many manufacturers produced a variety of colors including pink, blue, yellow, lilac, tan, and black.  Homeowners loved matching the color of their toilet paper to the color of their bathrooms (it was the 70’s after all!).  So besides the obvious reason that what was hip in the 70’s isn’t anymore, where did all the colored TP go?

According to the King of Toilet Paper, two major events occurred which  hurt sales and thus led to the downfall of the colored toilet paper reign:
–    Doctors started warning colored toilet paper could lead to skin irritation.  As pretty as we once thought it looked, no one wants to deal with that!
–    Ecologists also began warning the dye in the colored toilet paper rolls was harmful to the environment.

With an increased cost of production (it costs more to produce colored than white toilet paper) and a decrease in sales, manufacturers began to produce less and less.  Up until 5 years ago (now 9), Scott was one of the last remaining manufactures to still produce our old friend in beige, blue, and pink.  However, they have since cut production all together.

RIP Colored Toilet Paper – From the bottoms of our bottoms, we thank you for the service you have provided us over the years.  We’ll miss you.

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Zingers & Fun Facts from the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia

Sep 16, 2013

Great one liners & funny comments about everyone’s favorite necessity item!

Jerry Seinfeld_toilet paper “Maybe they should have a toilet paper museum. Would you like that? So we can see all the toilet paper advancements down through the ages. Toilet paper in the Crusades: The development of the perforation. The first six-pack.”  Jerry Seinfeld





Toilet Paper Statistics & Quick Facts

Question: What is the average number of toilet tissue sheets a person uses in one day?
Answer: On average, consumers use 8.6 sheets per trip – a total of 57 sheets per day. That’s an annual total of 20,805 sheets!

Do It Yourself (DIY) Toilet Paper Projects

DIY_Toilet Paper Roll OwlsDIY toilet paper roll owls

Project materials needed: toilet paper rolls, paint, paint brush, googly eyes, scissors, color markers, glue gum. Optional materials: glitter, color tissue paper.

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