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Swiffer Duster – 21st Century Dusting

Jul 9, 2009

The Swiffer Duster with Extendable Handle

The Swiffer Duster with Extendable Handle

When I was a kid, “dusting” was always an interesting concept. Every week I would “clean” the dust off of picture frames, counter tops, and various other places with a feather duster, and then have to go back and do the same thing all over again the next week. Really all I was doing was moving the dust around, putting it back into the air, and thus affecting my allergies.

I can now stop wasting my time thanks to the Swiffer Duster. Theses dusters work great because the fabric actually traps the dirt and dust, instead of just moving it around with feathers. I like to use the extendable handle version to get high areas, such as dusting off cabinet tops and ceiling fans. The handle is also bendable so you can lock it at an angle to get hard to reach spots (I use this feature when cleaning cabinet corners and baseboards.) Then when you’re all done, simply toss the Swiffer refill away and pop a new one on.

Thanks you Swiffer for making my life easier once again!

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