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Funny Ferret and Toilet Paper Video

May 30, 2013

Check out this funny toilet paper video of a ferret from Petsami!

Adulting: How to Store Your Toilet Paper so You Will Actually Change the Empty Roll

Jan 28, 2013

Kelly Williams Brown, the girl who proved that buying in bulk is better on her blog, is back on ToiletPaperWorld again! Her book Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps comes out in May, you can pre-order it here. Today she provides some quick and easy advice for storing your toilet paper once you have purchased your case of 72 rolls.

If you’re guilty of leaving an empty roll, you can get a free roll of toilet paper with our Tweet for Toilet Paper Campaign! Just tweet a picture of your empty roll with hashtag #tp911 @toiletpaperking and send your shipping address to me For details and restrictions click here.

outhouse-toilet-paper-storageI’m willing to bet that you spend little-to-no time thinking about toilet paper storage, ever. It’s OK. Toilet paper storage is not necessarily one of the highly engaging, crucial issues in the average person’s life.

But here is the beauty of toilet paper storage: You can think about it literally once, for 10 minutes, and then never again.

Up until recently, I utilized the ‘squishing excess rolls, still in their big bag, next to the toilet’ method. What this method boasts in, um, ease, it lacks in style and flair. Also, “Just put that pile of things wherever!” is not a great interior decor strategy.

So last week, I got a cute little toilet paper holder. I happened to get mine for $6.99 at Ross Dress For Less, but I am reasonably certain that every single store in the entire world that sells any home goods has them. Here’s what three minutes’ worth of Googling gave me: A sleek, minimalist number! A shabby-chic one! A natural, basket-y one! You could even have a tiny, homemade outhouse-like one! (pictured at right, sold by Miss58 on Etsy). Anyway, if you want to personally page through all the Google Shopping results, be my guest. The world is yours, friends. At least when it comes to toilet paper storage.

The beauty of these, of course, is that it makes it really, really easy to change the roll. Because all your rolls are right there. No more waddling awkwardly around the house, ever. That peace of mind is surely worth $6.99.

Are You Guilty of Leaving an Empty Roll?

Oct 12, 2012

empty toilet paper rollIt’s Get to Know Your Customers Day on Thursday, October 18! We’re always trying to get to know our customers better. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments for us! Call Customer Service at 1-877-402-6537.

Are you Guilty of Leaving an Empty Roll of Toilet Paper on the dispenser? Answer below, and see who else is leaving the toilet paper roll empty! We never condone not replacing the toilet paper in the bathroom, because we always encourage stocking up on wholesale toilet paper. Keep your bathroom happy with a full roll of toilet paper on your dispenser, and store your extra toilet paper close by for the victims of those empty roll offenders.

Are you Guilty of Leaving an Empty Roll?
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National Toilet Paper Day Celebration Continues at GoodNCrazy

Sep 6, 2012

Last year, we sponsored a toilet papering of a grandma, and it seems like we started a tradition at! This year, Carissa from GoodNCrazy organized an indoor toilet paper prank on a friend that was out of town. Here’s a preview of what they did.

These ladies went all out! I’m particularly impressed with the toilet papering of the area rug, and the makeshift toilet paper window treatment. Looks like it was a more ambitious endeavor than toilet papering a co-worker!

Moral of the story is, be careful whom you ask to housesit and/or to whom you give out extra keys to your humble abode. What will these crazy ladies think of next?


Hello Kitty & Kiss Crossover Toilet Paper

Jul 18, 2012

Joint “Hello Kitty” and “Kiss” fans have to wait no longer, for the debut of the crossover plush toys and toilet paper.

Sanrio’s most popular character, Hello Kitty, is featured as the four members of KISS from the Dynasty album cover on the bathroom tissue and facial tissue. Are you a Hello Kitty fan? What do you think of this new household bathroom product?

Send Valentines from on Facebook

Feb 10, 2012

Forgot to get your Valentine something for the big day? Or do you want to send your friends on Facebook a fun Valentines message? We made it easy- visit on Facebook to send Valentines.

1) Choose the image for your Valentine.

2) Choose the friend you want to send it to.

3) Personalize it with a message.

4) Finally, post it on their wall!


I Love You Custom Toilet Paper for Valentines Day or Anniversary

Feb 2, 2012

Check out this I Love You toilet paper from JustPaperRoses. This custom printed toilet paper roll is a great gift for the not-so-romantic partner. Or give as a first wedding anniversary gift– which is normally the paper gift. Either make your partner laugh or cry because they love/hate this gift!

Are you the type to give a funny gift or do you go more the traditional route? Share your stories in the comments below! The first 5 people to comment will receive free toilet paper!

Check out toilet seat covers for Valentines Day! Interested in making custom toilet paper? Click here for a free quote from!

Freedom Camper in New Zealand Discovered by Matching Toilet Paper Roll

Jan 12, 2012

Don't leave your toilet paper behind in the beautiful New Zealand wilderness!

A freedom camper in New Zealand left behind tell tale toilet paper when illegally going to the bathroom in the wilderness.  Freedom camping, camping outside of campgrounds with bathroom facilities, in New Zealand has been prohibited in certain areas because of a growing human waste and litter problem.

The camper denied that she had gone to the bathroom, but the toilet paper on the ground matched the roll of tissue hanging out the back of her van. An officer confronted the offending camper.

Thames Coromandel District Council spokesperson Craig Birkett told the Waikato Times, “The officer said, ‘You can’t really deny it now can you?’ And she said, `Well, I guess not’.”

While freedom camping is not prohibited everywhere in New Zealand, there are certain areas of restriction. All illegal campers staying overnight in prohibited locations now could be fined $200.

Moral of this story: Don’t leave your toilet paper behind! endorses the responsible disposal of toilet paper.

Hedgehog stuck in a toilet paper roll

Nov 7, 2011

This cute hedgehog stuck in a toilet paper roll makes my day. Hope that you enjoy this funny clip by amandablaize.

Toilet Paper Loses to Canned Goods – Funny Guest Post From Adulting Blog

Sep 21, 2011

Kelly Williams Brown recently posted a funny infographic on her about how you always need toilet paper, so you might as well buy in bulk. We featured it in our post, Proof that Buying Toilet Paper in Bulk is Better.
We loved how her use of visuals make her hilarious points even more funny, so  we asked her to guest post on our blog! Kelly writes the Adulting blog, which chronicles the step-by-step process of becoming an adult (Step One: Make your fricken bed.)

Toilet Paper Faceoff

After I posted about the ongoing necessity of toilet paper on my blog, it got me thinking about life’s other durable goods and how they stack up. There was but one way to settle this, and that is an NCAA March Madness™-style bracket. I do not have time to think up 64 things, so it was a relatively small tournament. But still! These you-may-as-well-buy-a-bunch-because-you-will-eventually-use-them goods waged a fierce battle for my heart and mind.

Round One: No. 1 seeded Toilet paper easily knocked eighth-seed Staples out of the contention, because no one goes out in a snowstorm for staples. In the round’s only upset, Dish Soap (7) edged out Lightbulbs (2), because it’s better to be in the dark than have food poisoning from improperly cleaned dishes.

Canned goods (full team title: Pinto Beans and Other Canned Goods That Can Be Eaten After The Apocalypse) beat Chapstick (6). Even though having dry lips is really and truly awful, it does not compare to having no food, even if it’s just humble Pinto Beans. Fourth-seed Underwear ultimately prevailed over Q-Tips (5), mainly because I know it’s laundry time when I run out of underwear, whereas Q-Tips have no such pull on my actions.

SEMI-FINALS: Toilet Paper knocked out Dish Soap based on the fact that I’ve never bought more than one thing of dish soap at a time, and that just seems weird, while Canned Goods earned a very slight victory over Underwear, on account of that whole eating-is-necessary thing.

CHAMPIONSHIP: Toilet paper and canned goods clashed mightily, and each held the lead (in my mind, where this tournament is happening) for good stretches. On an emotional level, I prefer toilet paper. But ultimately, the Red Cross doesn’t recommend you have toilet paper in your emergency kit, and no one ever has toilet paper drives (*editor’s note – ToiletPaperWorld recently donated to a toilet paper drive, featured on Daytime TV), or gives you $2 off admission to an event with donation of two toilet paper rolls. CANNED GOODS WIN!


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