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Fan/customer favorite: Marcal Pro 100% Premium Recycled Toilet Paper

Oct 8, 2013

Marcal Pro Premium Recycled Toilet PaperFan/customer favorite: Marcal Pro 100% Premium Recycled Toilet Paper

Nancy C. shared “Between kids, grandkids, and friends our house is always full. So I make sure to stock up on toilet paper, because honestly, no one wants to run out of that! Over the years we’ve pretty much tried all the different types of toilet paper there are: 1ply, 2ply, soft, strong, recycled, etc. Some have been more loved than others, but thankfully they all suite their purpose. Recently my daughter-in-law brought over a package of the Marcal Pro 100% Recycled Toilet Paper and I have to say, I love it! When I found out you could buy it in bulk at I did. Now we shouldn’t have to worry about running out for awhile. Customer suggestion: Stock up now for the Holidays! You’ll be happy you did.”

Product highlights:
– 60% post-consumer and 100% total recovered material
– Meets EPA CPG requirements
– No dye or fragrance added.
– Whitened without chlorine bleaching
– Septic and sewer safe

Stock up today, and receive free 2-3 day shipping on orders over $75!

Did You Know… Marcal Paper Products

Sep 10, 2013

Marcal Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Did you know… Marcal paper products (including toilet paper and paper towel) contain 100% recycled material, minimum 60% post-consumer, and exceed EPA standards? The majority of the products also contain no dyes or fragrances. Making these environmentally friendly products ideal for sensitive skin use.

Stock up on Marcal toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissues at today! Bonus: Free 2-3 day shipping on orders over $75.

Happy National Toilet Paper Day 2013

Aug 26, 2013

national toilet paper day 2013Happy National Toilet Paper Day 2013! Treat yourself to your favorite toilet paper today! Stock up on Charmin, Cottonelle, Angel Soft, Scott, Marcal, and many more at! Free fast 2-3 day shipping on bulk orders over $75!

Marcal Recycled Paper Products Sale For Arbor Day

Apr 25, 2011

Save trees & save on Marcal Recycled Paper Products

In celebration of Arbor Day, this Friday April 29, we are putting Marcal Recycled Paper Products on sale!

There are recycled paper napkins, facial tissue, paper towels and toilet paper on sale this week. Sale  prices are valid until 5/2/11. Save trees and shop recycled paper products today!

What toilet paper does use?

Jul 29, 2009

A Bathroom Stall at Toilet Paper World Headquarters - What? Doesn't everyone have 3 toilet paper dispensers?

A Bathroom Stall at Toilet Paper World Headquarters - What? Doesn't everyone have 3 toilet paper dispensers?

Great question! I’m glad you asked!

Here, at Toilet Paper World Headquarters, we generally stock Kleenex Cottonelle or Marcal Sunrise Recycled Toilet Paper in our dispensers.

However, we’re constantly testing different lines and brands so we can continue to bring you the best advice. Right now each stall has 3 different dispensers in it so we know which ones work well and which ones well… don’t. If we get frustrated using them, we would hate for our customers to experience the same frustration.

Have a toilet paper or another product you’d like to see reviewed?  Never hesitate to email me here .

New, Greener Papers from Marcal

Jun 25, 2009

According to the Environmental Paper Network, half of the planet’s forests have already been burned or cleared and 80% of the forests that remain has been seriously degraded. Deforestation is a huge problem on our planet and helps to contribute to a wealth of other issues, including loss of animal habitat and erosion.

Already known for using high amounts of post consumer recycled content in its Sunrise toilet paper line, Marcal is committed to helping to reduce the impact of the 800 pounds of paper the average American uses per year. This reduction of paper could help to sustain better homes around the globe, with less of an impact on the forests our planet so desperately needs.

The new line of Marcal products, known as Small Steps, offer an alternative to papers made from virgin fibers. Instead, these are made from 100% recycled paper. According to the company website, Marcal uses recycled paper gathered from communities in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New England. Old magazines, junk mail, office paper and newspapers are turned into paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, and napkins in the brand new line. Plus the manufacturing process is free of chlorine bleach, dyes, and fragrances – making it safer for our planet and for those with allergies.

The best part: they’re just as strong, soft, and absorbent as other popular brands. No scratching, irritation, or thin construction. Just greener paper goods for you and your family.


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