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Paper Towel Thursday

Sep 20, 2012


Boardwalk Paper Towel Sale

Jul 30, 2012

Check out the Boardwalk paper towels on sale this week at! Huge discounts on paper towels, stock up for the upcoming school year for cleaning up after projects and kitchen messes. Paper towels are great for commercial bathrooms and restrooms. Provide a sanitary hand drying option for public bathrooms to protect patrons and employees from spreading germs


Clearance Sale At

Jun 4, 2012

Clearance Sale at! Huge savings on brand name toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue and trash bags this week only. Start shopping to save today. Sale prices valid through 6/11/12.

Bathroom Criteria for Reviews from the Jazz Toilet Blog

Jun 1, 2012

Today we are featuring a guest post from the blogger, Joyce Kwon who reviews NYC bathrooms at jazz clubs and publishes them on her blog JAZZ TOILET.

JAZZ TOILET is a blog on toilets and other extramusical considerations in New York City jazz clubs. To release our issue of Tuesday Toilet Talk on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, I go on assignment to a new venue in the week or two leading up to the publication date with another correspondent, my Ken doll. While I take a more holistic approach in assessing restrooms and don’t necessarily adhere to a checklist, below are a handful of things I note:

  •  Is the door clearly marked?
  • What kind of lock is on the door?
  • Is the ceiling high enough for tall people?
  • Is the bathroom large enough to be comfortably used?
  • Are there seat covers available?
  • Is there soap in the dispenser?
  • Are there paper towels and/or a hand dryer?
  • Is it wheelchair accessible?
  • Are they unisex or divided according to gender?
  • Is it one single room or comprised of multiple stalls?
  • Is the room well-lit?
  • What is the quality of the toilet paper?

I’m always deeply impressed if the restroom has thick, soft, cushy toilet paper, as a small luxurious detail like that can elevate the venue to a different level in my perception. An informal jam session at a seedy site or a headliner at a legendary club – no matter the setting, the bathroom factors into the overall experience of a place for all involved and deserves more attention than it’s given.

When not writing about toilets, Joyce Kwon, the founder of, writes music and sings. She also spends time comparing various brands of hand soaps and generally gravitates toward green produce-scented soaps, as well as the foamy kind. Visit to view her complete portfolio of writing, singing, eating and more and follow JAZZ TOILET on twitter for the latest in toilet news.

Toilet Paper & Paper Towel of the Week on Sale

May 11, 2012

New Weekly Feature: Toilet paper and paper towel of the week. Check back every week for new products on sale at!

Paper Towel Thursday Sale – 7 Ways to Save!

Feb 9, 2012

One Day sale of Paper Towels at Start shopping now, sale prices only valid today 2/9/12. Check out brands like Wausau, Boardwalk, and Kleenex folded hand towels and roll paper towels.

Happy Paper Towel Thursday! Discounts on Bulk Hand Towels

Oct 27, 2011

ONE DAY SALE ON PAPER TOWELS! Click to Shop Now for huge discounts.

Stock up on paper towels for your centerpull paper towel dispensers and industrial paper roll towel dispensers. Try Kleenex Slimfold dispensers and hand towels for a small bathroom, such as dentists offices and small businesses.

We also have brand name paper towels like Bounty Household Roll Towels available for cleaning up messes at home. Try using Bounty paper towels for everyday household tasks, and you’ll be impressed with the quality and absorbency. From draining bacon, cleaning up greasy spills, to dusting furniture or cleaning bathroom fixtures, Bounty paper towels are a great disposable paper towel. Individually wrapped rolls are easy to store without getting dirty. Buy Bounty paper towels today for fast delivery in 2-3 days. Don’t wait, shop the Paper Towel Thursday Sale today only!

Paper towels have an interesting history. Read about the invention of paper towels, towels your don’t have to wash, on our blog.

Are Air Hand Dryers Unsafe?

Apr 27, 2011

I recently visited a public restroom at a gas station, and was fine with the cleanliness and available supplies, until I was done washing my hands.

I was faced with this as my only hand drying option:

Place hands in dryer, it stated simply. That’s an awful idea, I thought to myself. Knowing that hand dryers leave bacteria on hands, I was shocked to see that I had no paper towel option for hand drying. Automatic air hand dryers are not safe usually because of lack of regular cleaning maintenance. This particular air hand dryer looked even more menacing because it was an enclosed space that the air was being pumped into and back up onto hands. Who knows what was on the surface of this hand drying cavern of doom!

So, I did what any informed person would do, I shook my hands as dry as possible and then wiped them on my clothes! I am not usually a germaphobe, considering I dared even to use a public restroom at all. But with air hand dryers leaving as much as 254% bacteria on hands, I figured I might as well not wash them at all and roll around on the floor instead.

What do you do when faced with no hand drying option except an automatic air hand dryer?

Air Hand Dryers leave 254% more bacteria on hands

Nov 9, 2009

airdryerFor most of us, we are slightly disappointed to see air hand dryers in public restrooms after washing our hands. Environmental friendly factors set aside, those air dryers are just not as effective as old fashioned paper towels at getting our hands dry.  According to a  study by Effect Measure, an independent group of senior public health practitioners, you may have one more reason to be disappointed to see those dryers – every time you use an air dryer, the amount of bacteria on your hands increases by 254% and on the finger pads by 194%.

Additionally, most of the older hand dryers in use (and even some of the newer ones) have an internal screen that should be changed every 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately, most are lucky if they are changed every 1-2 years. This sad reality is not only is a waste of energy, but also keeps more bacteria, germs, and viruses trapped in the dust on the screens, which then is blown directly onto our hands when we dry them.

With the flu epidemic continually gaining momentum, the safety of hand dryers became a major concern at many universities, schools, and other densely populated facilities. At the schools where outbreaks occurred, they became a big enough concern that health department officials ordered them removed and replaced with paper towel dispensers.

If a restroom you use still has a dryer, public health practitioners recommend to wash your hands, skip the dryer, and then dry your hands with napkins, paper towels, etc. in the vicinity.

Who invented paper towels?

Oct 19, 2009

We can thank the Scott Paper Company for inventing "Towels You Don't Have to Wash"

We can thank the Scott Paper Company for inventing "Towels You Don't Have to Wash"

While it may seem like a rudimentary question, the answer is quite interesting.  Paper towels were invented thanks to a incorrect shipment, a school teacher’s unique approach to fighting her students’ colds, and a man full of innovative ideas.

It all started when a delivery to the Scott Paper Company was incorrect – the paper shipment (a whole railroad car full of it!) was too thick to use for toilet paper. Arthur Scott, in charge of the company at the time, was faced with a serious dilemna – send the paper back or find an alternative use for it.

Meanwhile, a teacher in the Philadelphia School District knew her students were exchanging unnecessary germs every time they went to get toilet paper to blow their nose. To help eliminate this problem, she started giving them soft paper so they wouldn’t have to keep touching the roller towel in the toilets.

Scott had learned about this situation prior to the deliver of the too-thick paper and saw the defect paper as a chance to market a product similar to the teacher’s solution. He sold the paper as small, perforated towel-sized like sheets, calling them disposable paper towels. The product was such a success, Scott was soon selling his invention (renamed as the “Sani-Towel”, short for the Sanitary Towel) to restaurants, hotels, and railroad stations for their public bathrooms.

Later, in 1931, Scott saw an expanded use for his Sani-Towel in the kitchen, so he officially introduced the world’s first “paper towels” – a sheet a perforated, soft paper, on a roll in sheets of 13” x 8”.

And while we can’t imagine our life today without this essential household product, it surprisingly took a while before the generation popular took a liking to paper towels. People had a hard time grasping the concept of “Towels you don’t have to wash”.

So there you have it – a railroad car, a school teacher, and a true innovator led to the invention of paper towels in 1931.


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