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Bathroom Criteria for Reviews from the Jazz Toilet Blog

Jun 1, 2012

Today we are featuring a guest post from the blogger, Joyce Kwon who reviews NYC bathrooms at jazz clubs and publishes them on her blog JAZZ TOILET.

JAZZ TOILET is a blog on toilets and other extramusical considerations in New York City jazz clubs. To release our issue of Tuesday Toilet Talk on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, I go on assignment to a new venue in the week or two leading up to the publication date with another correspondent, my Ken doll. While I take a more holistic approach in assessing restrooms and don’t necessarily adhere to a checklist, below are a handful of things I note:

  •  Is the door clearly marked?
  • What kind of lock is on the door?
  • Is the ceiling high enough for tall people?
  • Is the bathroom large enough to be comfortably used?
  • Are there seat covers available?
  • Is there soap in the dispenser?
  • Are there paper towels and/or a hand dryer?
  • Is it wheelchair accessible?
  • Are they unisex or divided according to gender?
  • Is it one single room or comprised of multiple stalls?
  • Is the room well-lit?
  • What is the quality of the toilet paper?

I’m always deeply impressed if the restroom has thick, soft, cushy toilet paper, as a small luxurious detail like that can elevate the venue to a different level in my perception. An informal jam session at a seedy site or a headliner at a legendary club – no matter the setting, the bathroom factors into the overall experience of a place for all involved and deserves more attention than it’s given.

When not writing about toilets, Joyce Kwon, the founder of, writes music and sings. She also spends time comparing various brands of hand soaps and generally gravitates toward green produce-scented soaps, as well as the foamy kind. Visit to view her complete portfolio of writing, singing, eating and more and follow JAZZ TOILET on twitter for the latest in toilet news.

Are Air Hand Dryers Unsafe?

Apr 27, 2011

I recently visited a public restroom at a gas station, and was fine with the cleanliness and available supplies, until I was done washing my hands.

I was faced with this as my only hand drying option:

Place hands in dryer, it stated simply. That’s an awful idea, I thought to myself. Knowing that hand dryers leave bacteria on hands, I was shocked to see that I had no paper towel option for hand drying. Automatic air hand dryers are not safe usually because of lack of regular cleaning maintenance. This particular air hand dryer looked even more menacing because it was an enclosed space that the air was being pumped into and back up onto hands. Who knows what was on the surface of this hand drying cavern of doom!

So, I did what any informed person would do, I shook my hands as dry as possible and then wiped them on my clothes! I am not usually a germaphobe, considering I dared even to use a public restroom at all. But with air hand dryers leaving as much as 254% bacteria on hands, I figured I might as well not wash them at all and roll around on the floor instead.

What do you do when faced with no hand drying option except an automatic air hand dryer?

Charmin Restrooms Opened by Kim Kardashian

Nov 29, 2010

Charmin Restrooms take their usual spot on 142 West 42nd Street in New York City this holiday season. Kim Kardashian helped debut the restrooms this year.

“With my recent transition to New York, I’ve been checking out all the gifts the City has to offer visitors and New Yorkers alike,” said Kim. “During the holiday shopping season, I’m happy to join Charmin as they give the gift of the Restrooms near Times Square.”

To help holiday shoppers with a place to go to the bathroom, Charmin offers restrooms to the public. With 15 serviced bathrooms available, you will be able to “enjoy the go” without worrying about cleanliness or rushing. Each restroom is decorated in a different state theme.

If you use the Charmin Restrooms this holiday season, be sure to let us know about your experience! Hope that you “enjoy the go” and have a safe and happy holiday.

Kimberly Clark Jumbo Toilet Paper’s 25th Birthday

Nov 10, 2010

Today is the 25th birthday of the Kimberly Clark innovation, Jumbo Roll Tissue (JRT) Toilet Paper. This is significant because jumbo toilet paper has contributed to restroom culture, found in airports, restaurants, stadiums and movie theaters. These extra big rolls of toilet paper reduce the need for servicing bathrooms to replace supply.

When the jumbo-sized roll was first introduced in 1985, most public restrooms only offered single toilet paper rolls, similar to what people use at home. JRT changed all that by providing the equivalent in length of 10 standard toilet paper rolls in one giant roll.

To celebrate, Kimberly Clark unveiled a jumbo toilet paper cake at the ISSA/Interclean trade show in Orlando (shown left).

Stock your restrooms with toilet paper dispensers and rolls at for big savings and fast delivery!

Restroom Hygiene Studies

Oct 21, 2010

Hey TPW Readers!

Looking for studies on restroom hygiene? Here’s a blog that has compiled a lot of recent information about bathroom habits and hygiene. Learning about the germs in public and private restrooms may change how you use them! Includes stats on hand washing and more ways to protect yourself.

Check out our selection of hand soap and hand sanitizer to stock your bathroom. Keep it clean!

Public Restoom Hygiene

Oct 8, 2010

Public Restroom StallsMany people have aversions to using public restrooms. Who knows how many people are using these toilets and sinks? At least, at home, you know who you are sharing germs with!

If you must use a public bathroom, there are some important things to remember! Some of recommendations for using a public bathroom include avoiding air hand dryers, using touchless dispensers. Carrying a hand sanitizer with you might also be a good idea, in case you do pick up any germs on door handles or faucets.

Check out this blog by Joseph Morris that discusses Public Restroom Statistics. You might be horrified by these public bathroom facts!

Public Restroom Signs and Access Restored

Sep 10, 2010

Ever have to go to the bathroom and can’t find a public restroom? recently ran a story about how the Provincetown Art Association and Museum tried to discourage use of their public restrooms by removing town signage. Public works employees have restored the restroom signs.

After a summer resident was denied bathroom access, a complaint letter was sent to the town. The Water and Sewer board warned the museum that they were violating their sewer permit and to fix the problems.

Other Provincetown public restrooms are in town owned buildings. The museum’s executive director Chris McCarthy complained that a non-profit organization shouldn’t be included in the town’s public restroom system without funding assistance. He estimated that 8,000 people in the summer season came to the museum only to use the restrooms, costing $1,100 annually for maintenance and supplies.

If you need a public bathroom anywhere, check out the Charmin sponsored website Should organizations like museums be mandated to provide public restroom access? Do you think the restroom signs should have been restored?

Good Restroom Hygiene- Provide Hand Sanitizer

Jul 9, 2010

Public restrooms might be dirty places, but there are many ways to stay clean when using the bathroom. Previously, we recommended using paper towels versus air hand dryers to spread less bacteria onto hands. Touchless dispensers also cut down on the spread of germs.

Check out this video stating how to properly place hand sanitizers in restrooms. The more that others use hand sanitizers, the less germ will spread. It is better to have hand sanitizer readily available for patrons and employees, reminding them to use them and encouraging better hygiene. offers a variety of hand sanitizer dispenser systems for your business or workplace. Buy them to start promoting hygiene in your restrooms and bathrooms today! Your Secret to the Best Bathroom

Mar 25, 2009

When you’re on the road or on the go, shouldn’t it be easier to find a clean public restroom to do your business in? Well to simplify the task, the beloved Charmin Bears are acting as a guide.

There’s a new website called that helps travelers find clean public restrooms. The site, hosted by Charmin’s owner, Procter and Gamble, is an interactive web page and mobile application that depends on publicSit or feedback to identify where clean, comfortable restrooms are. Originally based off of a smaller, personal blog, may just change the way that you, well, go.

According to the official About Us page, is a site that is “dedicated to telling you where the closest place to relieve yourself is and whether or not that place is worth even sitting or squatting (or standing) at. We all find ourselves needing a public restroom every once in a while, whether it’s walking down a city block or driving on a highway with a few whining kids in the backseat.”

The site can be personalized for each member based on their needs and preferences in bathroom usage based on several criteria. A member is also able to create a list of their favorite toilets as well as share them with their friends, so that going to the bathroom moves beyond a private matter and now becomes an interesting topic for discussion. As time goes by and more data is recorded, the site will continue to get more accurate in ratings as well as more options in places to go – an essential for the busy traveler or picky public bathroom user.

Do your hiney a favor and add it to your mobile phone or bookmark it as a favorite website. Trust us – it’s worth it.


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