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Recycled Toilet Go-Cart Art

Jul 8, 2010

Recycled Toilet Go Cart So far I’ve seen toilet paper art and recycled toilet paper roll art. But this is the first time that I’ve seen any recycled toilet art!

This toilet go cart actually runs! It tops out at 35 mph. There are six toilet paper roll dispensers as well, a nice touch to the bathroom theme. Dave, the man who made this go-cart, also uses miniature cars for custom USB drives.

Recycling is a big theme here at, so we give a big two thumbs up for this recycled toilet vehicle.

Thanks to Inhabit for the photo!

Recycled Art Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Apr 30, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll ArtRecently, I found toilet paper rolls recycled into amazing art! I contacted the artist to find out how she made these beautiful toilet paper roll creations. Her name is Anastassia Elias, a 33 year old woman from Paris, France.

Anastassia Elias is a full-time artist and illustrator. Her preferred medium is paper collages and paintings. She has illustrated two children’s books and exhibited her paintings.

The toilet paper roll sculptures were inspired by the artists’ everyday observations. She cut small paper shapes that she places inside the toilet paper rolls with tweezers. Using paper that is the same color as the roll gives the illusion that the paper figures are part of the toilet paper roll. They have a whimsical quality, capturing moments in time that may otherwise be overlooked or seen as mundane in a busy world.

Toilet Paper Roll Art by Anastassia EliasQ & A with Anastassia Elias:

Q: What was your inspiration for reusing toilet paper rolls for art?

A: I have fun to find what can I do with recuperated materials. And one day I looked at an empty roll and wondered if I can do something with it. And later, with no reason, I had an idea.

Q: How long does it take to make each toilet paper sculpture?

A: I need few hours to make one piece, 2-3 hours on average.

Q: What is special about using a mundane part of every day life to create something beautiful?

A: Every day we take the same road to go working, we make the same gestures to prepare a morning coffee. All these small events of everyday go unnoticed. But it is they who make a life. So I wanted to put these neglected events on a pedestal and to show that everyday life is not boring.

Patron Saint Series Featuring Recycled CDsQ: What other recycled art sculptures (if any) have you made?

A: I used old CDs to make the series “Patron Saints”. Also I made the series “Hunger” by using rusks and different recuperated materials.

See more images from “Patron Saints” and “Hunger” on the Artist’s Blog

See more Toilet Paper Roll Sculptures

Thanks to Anastassia for sharing her work with us at!

Recycled Toilet Paper- What’s the truth?

Feb 19, 2010

Recycled, Green, Eco-Friendly- what does it all mean? With all of the “green” products flooding the market, it’s difficult for the average consumers to figure it all out.

Here’s the real facts- the EPA minimum guidelines for toilet paper are at least 20% recycled content and 20% post-consumer waste. Recycled content means it was recovered and is being used again. This can be before or after a consumer uses it. Post-consumer specifically means that this content has reached the marketplace and has been used by consumers. Many brands like Sunrise Toilet Paper by Marcal exceed these expectations- Sunrise toilet paper is made from 100% recycled content and 60% post-consumer.

(I know it’s funny to think of post-consumer content when it comes to toilet paper, but trust me, its not what you think. Any type of paper can be used.)

So if any products claim they are recycled, or green, check the stats. If they don’t meet the EPA guidelines, then you really aren’t helping the environment.

3 Easy Household Tips for Going Green

May 22, 2009

Your home, no matter where you live, is a great place to start giving back to Mother Nature. Here are some fabulous tips on how to make your living habits just a little bit greener. Not only will these tips help you save the planet. They’ll also help you save some money too. Enjoy!

Break the bottled water habit and drink tap water instead. It’s estimated that families often spend hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water. Many, if not most, of these empty water bottles are destined to end up in a landfill. Making the move to drink tap water from a reusable bottle can help you save money and aid the environment.

Switch to paper towels made from recycled paper. Over 90% of American households use paper towels, creating over 3,000 tons of waste each day. Switching to recycled roll paper towels can help cut down on all this trash.

Buy produce from local farmers markets that use organic growing methods instead of reaching for a prepackaged serving at a grocery store. You’ll be supporting local business, saving money, and helping your family eat healthier – all in one simple action.


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