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Kimberly-Clark responds: Scott Toilet Paper is Smaller

Dec 8, 2010

In the past year, we have covered the phenomenon of shrinking toilet paper.

Though Chimp’s toilet paper (a blogger from Planet of the Chimp) has grown smaller, he still has remained loyal to his toilet paper brand- Scott. He wrote to Kimberly-Clark asking why the toilet paper is smaller and received this response:

Thanks for your e-mail about SCOTT® bathroom tissue. We are sorry that you were disappointed with your recent purchase and appreciate the opportunity to respond.

We recently increased the strength of our tissue and aligned the roll width to match other tissue products on the market. SCOTT 1000 bathroom tissue remains committed to always delivering 1000 sheets on each roll, while giving our consumers the quality of product they expect.

We appreciate your interest and would like to send you some cost-saving coupons through the mail. If you are interested, please send us a follow-up e-mail with your mailing address. Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

Consumer Services, Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Lead the world in essentials for a better life.

Chimp continues to buy Scott toilet paper, stating that, “it still seems to last longer than the “soft” tissues…Don’t like the real soft ones as I feel the harsher ones clean better.” He also uses moist wipes at home.

Do you continue to buy the same toilet paper although it is smaller?

Next week, we will be posting our office’s results on a toilet paper survey. Employee bathrooms were stocked with two different toilet papers, and they were rated on quality, strength, softness and absorbency. Stay tuned!

Check out the Use and Choose Toilet Paper Survey Results.

Kimberly Clark Toilet Paper Goes Tube Free

Oct 27, 2010

Scott Tube Free Toilet PaperNext month, Kimberly-Clark is unveiling a new product for retail stores. Coreless toilet paper in household roll sizes!

Of course, there are already coreless toilet paper rolls sold, generally wholesale for businesses and high volume toilet paper dispensers.

Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper will be sold at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the Northeast.

Why go coreless?

An estimated 17 billion cardboard tubes are thrown away each year, enough to circle the Earth’s equator more than 45 times, as reported in USA Today. Some people use the cardboard tubes from toilet paper for arts and craft projects, but most end up in the trash. The new tube free toilet paper may appeal to environmental groups.

Our own Toilet Paper King, Kenn Fischburg, said that some toilet paper cardboard tubes actually end up flushed down the toilet. In an interview with AOL News, he said,

You’d be surprised at how many people clog up toilets with the cardboard tubes. You run out of paper and, out of anger, shove the tube in the toilet, or people will do that as a prank.

The tube free toilet paper rolls will retain their shape without the core and still fit on standard toilet paper dispenser spindles.

Are you going to go coreless? Or do you reuse the cardboard for other uses?

Scott Toilet Paper Mystery Question

Aug 20, 2010

We recently got this toilet paper related question from one of customers and haven’t been able to come up with an answer. We thought that our readers might be able to help! Here’s the question:

I have a old roll of Scott toilet tissue. The name on the front of the roll is spelled with only 1 T (Scot).
Do you know how old this roll of toilet tissue is? I tried to get in touch with the Kimberly Clark Corp, but no answer back from them.

Do you have any clue when this roll of toilet paper may have been made? Leave your comment below to help solve the mystery!


Kimberly Clark has responded that this toilet paper was produced in 1915! Wow! That’s an old roll!

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

Apr 28, 2010

Toilet Paper Dress Contest 2nd Place Winner (2006)The Wedding Contest 2010 as sponsored by Cheap Chic Weddings is an annual event. Contestants enter pictures of their toilet paper wedding dresses online. Some of the previous winners have such beautiful dresses, it’s amazing that they were made from toilet paper!

The rules state that contestants may only use toilet paper, glue, tape, and a needle and thread to assemble the wedding dress.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest 2010 Prizes

Grand Prize $1000

Second Prize $500

Third Prize $250

Contest ends May 15th, so there is only a limited amount of time to get your toilet paper wedding dress done! Photos of toilet paper dresses need to be submitted to See contest rules for more details.

You can buy bulk toilet paper rolls from to make your dress! Consider recycled toilet paper for an eco-friendly toilet paper wedding dress. Toilet Paper World has fast shipping and top toilet paper brands like Charmin, Kleenex Cottonelle, Angel Soft, and Scott.

What brand of toilet paper do you think would make the best toilet paper dress? 2-Ply or 1-Ply?

What is Septic Safe Toilet Paper?

Apr 12, 2010

Scott Rapid Dissolving Bath TissueScott Bath Tissue is known for being safe for use in septic systems. Many people who have septic systems are concerned with what type of toilet papers are safe to flush. Over 20% of housing units are served by septic systems, according to a 2007 survey by the Office of Wastewater Management. That’s more than 26 million housing units using septic systems!

Choose Scott Brand Bath Tissue when you’re looking for a septic safe toilet tissue. For those looking for an even faster, more rapidly dissolving toilet paper, is now offering Scott Rapid Dissolve Toilet Paper.

This fast-dissolving 1-ply toilet paper dissolves four times faster than a normal bath tissue!

Don’t hassle with plungers and overflowing toilets anymore! Prevent plumbing problems, clogged toilets, and septic tank overflows by using Scott Rapid Dissolve Bathroom Tissue. This toilet paper can also be used in low flow or no flush circumstances, such as in RV and boat bathrooms. If you have a septic system, or an older home, you may be at a higher risk of toilet paper clogging.

Prevent clogs with Scott Rapid Dissolve Bath Tissue

Additional Tips for Preventing Overflows!

Only flush toilet paper. Post signs in public bathrooms to dispose of wipes and feminine products in the proper receptacles.

Keep other items away from the toilet. Don’t leave items on the back of the toilet where they could fall in easily during flushing.

Clean toilets frequently for maximum flush power. Poke a wire coat hanger into the water flow holes under the rim to rid the toilet of blockage.

Win a Year’s Supply of Toilet Paper!

Oct 5, 2009

Scott's 130 birthdayIn the fall of 1879, Scott Paper Company was launched by two brothers, E. Irvin and Clarence Scott, in Philadelphia.  Since then, Scott has become a billion dollar brand with a long-standing history of common sense.  They have continually supplied us with innovative paper products – toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and much more!

In honor of Scott’s 130th Birthday, is giving away A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF 2-PLY SCOTT TOILET PAPER! All you need to do is place your order as usual between 10/5 – 10/11 and you will automatically be entered into the drawing.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT – and thank you for 130 years of excellence and high quality products.

** Winner will receive 2 cases (160 rolls) of Scott 2-Ply Toilet Paper. Winner will be randomly selected by the IT department and winner will be notified on 10/12. **

Where did all the colored toilet paper go?

Jul 16, 2009

RIP Pink Toilet Paper, Cherished Friend, Companion, and Always There When You Needed It Most; 1950-?

RIP Pink Toilet Paper, Cherished Friend, Companion, and Always There When You Needed It Most; 1950-?

Think about it for a second – When was the last time you reached for some TP and saw anything but the standard white roll?  Probably around the same time tie dyed t-shirts and Birkenstocks were still in style, right?

30 years ago colored toilet paper wasn’t the rarity it is today.  Introduced in the 50’s and popular throughout the 70’s, many manufacturers produced a variety of colors including pink, blue, yellow, lilac, tan, and black.  Homeowners loved matching the color of their toilet paper to the color of their bathrooms (it was the 70’s after all!).  So besides the obvious reason that what was hip in the 70’s isn’t anymore, where did all the colored TP go?

According to the King of Toilet Paper, two major events occurred which  hurt sales and thus led to the downfall of the colored toilet paper reign:
–    Doctors started warning colored toilet paper could lead to skin irritation.  As pretty as we once thought it looked, no one wants to deal with that!
–    Ecologists also began warning the dye in the colored toilet paper rolls was harmful to the environment.

With an increased cost of production (it costs more to produce colored than white toilet paper) and a decrease in sales, manufacturers began to produce less and less.  Up until 5 years ago, Scott was one of the last remaining manufactures to still produce our old friend in beige, blue, and pink.  However, they have since cut production all together.

RIP Colored Toilet Paper – From the bottoms of our bottoms, we thank you for the service you have provided us over the years.  We’ll miss you.


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