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DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

Dec 21, 2012


Check out this toilet paper roll wreath from Unknown Mami. Just save up your toilet paper rolls when they’re empty (finally a use for all those empty rolls!)

Use different color ribbon to dress it up or down for any holiday! You could even paint the toilet paper cardboard tubes before cutting them up for an even more festive design.

Make your own toilet paper roll wreath yourself by following the tutorial on Unknown Mami’s website.

Star Wars Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Arts & Crafts Project

Jul 30, 2012

Make your own X-wing with this toilet paper roll arts and crafts project featured on Obvious Winner.

You will need: paper towel roll, toilet paper rolls, cardboard, and tape.

And voila, a fun project for the kids at home during summer! Keep them occupied for an afternoon with some items that you would normally throw away or recycle. Put on a Star Wars film for a few hours and then when it’s over, let them create their own X-wing and decorate them with crayons and markers.

Recycled Art Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Apr 30, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll ArtRecently, I found toilet paper rolls recycled into amazing art! I contacted the artist to find out how she made these beautiful toilet paper roll creations. Her name is Anastassia Elias, a 33 year old woman from Paris, France.

Anastassia Elias is a full-time artist and illustrator. Her preferred medium is paper collages and paintings. She has illustrated two children’s books and exhibited her paintings.

The toilet paper roll sculptures were inspired by the artists’ everyday observations. She cut small paper shapes that she places inside the toilet paper rolls with tweezers. Using paper that is the same color as the roll gives the illusion that the paper figures are part of the toilet paper roll. They have a whimsical quality, capturing moments in time that may otherwise be overlooked or seen as mundane in a busy world.

Toilet Paper Roll Art by Anastassia EliasQ & A with Anastassia Elias:

Q: What was your inspiration for reusing toilet paper rolls for art?

A: I have fun to find what can I do with recuperated materials. And one day I looked at an empty roll and wondered if I can do something with it. And later, with no reason, I had an idea.

Q: How long does it take to make each toilet paper sculpture?

A: I need few hours to make one piece, 2-3 hours on average.

Q: What is special about using a mundane part of every day life to create something beautiful?

A: Every day we take the same road to go working, we make the same gestures to prepare a morning coffee. All these small events of everyday go unnoticed. But it is they who make a life. So I wanted to put these neglected events on a pedestal and to show that everyday life is not boring.

Patron Saint Series Featuring Recycled CDsQ: What other recycled art sculptures (if any) have you made?

A: I used old CDs to make the series “Patron Saints”. Also I made the series “Hunger” by using rusks and different recuperated materials.

See more images from “Patron Saints” and “Hunger” on the Artist’s Blog

See more Toilet Paper Roll Sculptures

Thanks to Anastassia for sharing her work with us at!

Easy Spring Arts and Crafts Ideas

Mar 31, 2010

Celebrate Spring with a fun craft project! These ideas for arts and craft projects can be made with a few household items.

3-D Animal Toilet Paper Roll SculpturesPaper Towel Roll Craft Chick

Print out these free templates of a bunny or a chick, or make your own. All you need to build them is a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, scissors, glue, paper, and crayons. A fun and creative way to recycle all those old toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls.

Easter Tie Dye Paper Art

If you celebrate Easter by coloring eggs, use the leftover egg dye to make tie-dye paper towel art! You can also use paper coffee filters for this project. Simply fold a paper towel or coffee filter and dip the edges into the different vibrant colors. Line the bottom of Easter baskets or centerpieces with these colorful crafts.

Toilet Paper Fun for Kids!

Mar 3, 2009

All you need is a few supplies and a child's imagination!

All you need is a few supplies and a child's imagination!

When it comes to making something out of something that doesn’t seem to exciting, leave it to kids to come
up with the best idea ever. Toilet Paper crafts, like Toilet Paper Roll puppets, can be a great way for your child to show off some creativity while using easy to find materials right at home. Here’s how to make one of your own:

Materials Needed:
Toilet Paper and/or Paper Towel Rolls
– Craft Sticks
– Glue
– Scissors
– Construction Paper
– Various Craft Supplies (felt, moving eyes, yarn, etc.)


Very simple!
Decorate the cardboard toilet paper rolls to make different people or animals. You can even cut them to different heights. Use the misc. craft supplies to make hair, clothes, mouths, etc. Use the scissors to cut out the details you want in 3-D, or add on other craft supplies. If you’re feeling really artistic, you can also paint your rolls to resemble just about anything!
Glue the craft sticks inside the bottom edge of the cardboard roll for handles, so you can have a puppet show later! Remember – be creative!


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