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Q&A with The Toilet Paper King: Moist Wipes vs. Toilet Paper

Aug 30, 2010

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion over the benefits of moist wipes vs toilet paper. One study has shown that some moist wipes may cause an allergic reaction, but many people find that they enjoy the convenience and added sanitation of moist toilet paper.

We sat down with the Toilet Paper King Kenn Fischburg, author of the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia for a little Q & A on the subject.

Q. Do you prefer moist wipes over traditional toilet paper as a part of your bathroom routine?

A. Yes, if the situation calls for it. Moist wipes will do the best cleaning for sure. But in the end the regular tissue leaves my skin dry and comfortable. For very sanitary minded individuals using both is the best. You just need to spend a little more time. (In my interview with Howard Stern about this subject he was enthusiastic about utilizing moist wipes as part of the final cleansing procedure).

Q. Do you only use either toilet paper or moist wipes alone, or do you always use both together?

A. The moist wipes are great on their own but I prefer using them with regular dry tp to finish the procedure.

Q. Why is there discussion over moist wipes vs. toilet paper?

A. The question of which tp is preferred helps me understand customer needs. It is common for users to try to save money but when it comes to this subject money is not the issue. The best tp may be only pennies more per application and is well worth the extra small cost. Adding high quality premium moist wipes into the equation is like having dessert.

Q.  Does this ever come up in everyday conversation?

A. The subject can be entertaining and informative. It can also be intimidating for some to speak about. Because I am known for my expertise in this area I am often drawn into this type of discussion. I try to avoid uncomfortable conversations with customers and business people unless they are in the industry.

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