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How to Toilet Paper a Co-Worker

Jul 31, 2012

1) Gather supplies. Obtain toilet paper rolls and tape for securing the ends of toilet paper . I like to use a nice two-ply embossed toilet tissue, for extra strength and durability.

2) Find out your co-worker’s schedule. Make sure they are gone for long enough for you to decorate and get out without being seen! If they come in really early in the morning, it’s best to do it after they leave for the day on the night before. If the co-worker stays in the office really late, come in a little early on the morning you want to pull your prank.

3) Do the deed, but don’t be destructive. After all, it is your workplace, so you don’t want people to be upset or offended by what you think is a harmless prank. Good objects to wrap in toilet paper include: staplers, tape dispensers, monitors, speakers, and chairs. Toilet papering the doorway is okay. You don’t want to make the scene look completely in disarray, just in case the employee has an early meeting or visitor. Keep it classy.

In honor of the IT Director’s 12th anniversary of working here at, we gave his office a little extra class today! Happy anniversary Dave!

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